How To Get Coaching Clients Fast In 10 Steps

How To Get Coaching Clients Fast

Building a new business can be challenging, and if you are a doer like me you might be wondering how to get coaching clients fast.

It doesn’t have to take years or months to start acquiring coaching clients.

I was a marketing professional for over 8 years before I finally quit my full time job and branched off on my own. As a marketing professional, much of my career was spent helping 7-figure and 8-figure companies and individuals grow, while struggling to grow my own income.

I felt proud of my career – but the only significant raises I received involving leaving one job for another. And even then, anything more than a 10% raise, even when changing jobs for a better opportunity, was a big reach.

Right before I quit my full time job and replaced my income entirely with my coaching business, I hired a business coach that helped me flip some switches in my brain.

One of those? Was putting myself out there on social and making sure people knew exactly how I hep them.

And as uncomfortable as this made me…

It turns out that there was a long list of people who had been waiting for me to do this for years. I signed 13 people into my first beta launch with only 2 posts on Facebook. And a couple months later with an audience of only 300 people, I had my first 5-figure month.

(But some clients using my strategies are having 5-figure months within weeks…)

The Key To My First 5 Figure Launch

You don’t need a huge email list to have a successful launch.

You also don’t need:

  • A ton of Facebook groups
  • A lot of traffic
  • A large email list
  • A huge advertising budget

The key was extreme focus, which I’ll get into in a minute.

Before I dive into the specifics of getting clients… Let’s cover some keys as to what we are looking for with fast coaching sales, and why my launch was so successful with such a small list.

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Creating Visibility & Awareness

If you asked your friend what you did for a living, would they be able to tell you?

If the network that already exists in your life does not know what you do or what you have to offer, they cannot use your services. And they certainly can’t recommend you.

One of the things that helped me was that I had a practice of sharing what I do online. When I learn something, I like to teach it to others. And over time, this created visibility and awareness about my marketing expertise.

I know it can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there, but if you want to know how to get coaching clients fast you need to start telling people who you are NOW.

It does not have to be weird or salesy or pushy. Celebrate your successes with a Facebook post. Post a photo of your business cards that just came in.

Start practicing openness open about what you do. This way people will know who to come to for help when they need you.

Build Trust With Your Audience

When I launched, a lot of people were buying the product that I was selling. It was really valuable and helped kickstart a ton of people’s online businesses.

But a lot of those people that purchased during my first launch to my coaching business audience weren’t buying what I was selling.

They were buying me.

They were investing in my skills because they trusted my abilities. Did they trust me because I have worked with them before? No. They trusted me because of what they have seen over a period of time of how I present myself, my personality, my branding.

Everything you do, whether you see it or not, is ultimately building your brand.

Though my coaching was new, my online presence was not. And I had successfully established the know-like-trust factor with my audience so that as soon as I was selling they were ready to buy.

This doesn’t mean you need to brand yourself for years – it simply means that if you’re new, you need to build that know-like-trust factor quickly using some of the tips below.

Offer Legitimate Help & Genuine Interest

If your aim is to learn how to get coaching clients fast but you are not passionate about your client, your business will not be sustainable.

To have a valuable, profitable, lasting business you need to have a clear message with depth and weight that addresses your audience’s pain points in a personal way.

Ultimately people do not want the thing, whatever the thing is. They want what the thing does for them. What transformation and change do they experience?

So as coaches we are not selling goods and services, but results. People are interested in the transformation, not fluff and filler.

  • Legitimate help: Like a doctor diagnosing an illness, you want to ask questions and make sure that the solution you provide is both relevant and helpful. There are people you’re more suited to help than others, and there are people best served elsewhere, and that’s ok.
  • Genuine interest: If you post online only for a sale, or start a conversation and chat about your services before someone asks – you’ll lose the ability to help someone. Not only that, but you may deter someone who can benefit from your work later. Make sure your conversations always start with a genuine interest in someone. This sets a solid foundation.

10 Steps On How To Get Coaching Clients Fast

My experience after pivoting my niche and having my first $14k month taught me a lot.

Before then, I spent years paying thousands in ads, selling something I didn’t care about but just knew about. So I thought it was the way to go.

But the route I was going before I quit my very first coaching business was never going to work. Because I was not passionate about what I was doing.

When I pivoted, I began focusing more on people who were like me: content creators, marketers and creative experts who might have made some money, but struggled to get really meaningful traction. Other driven people who bought other courses and programs that provided insight – but no real help regarding implementation. This seems common, and felt like a huge frustration for me. And I easily found others with the same struggle.

I was not only deeply aware of how my new niche suffered, but I was uniquely qualified to get them out of the rut fast.

So, these are my top 10 tips on how to get coaching clients fast:

Establish Authority

You’ve heard it before: in order to sell your offer, you have to build authority. But what does that mean?

You don’t necessarily have to have years of experience to build authority. Personal success and success in your career both lend themselves for building authority. But other authority builders involve: confidence, a unique position, clear messaging and more.

The next few items provide more guidance on building authority quickly:

1. Build Know-Like-Trust

You can start doing this immediately by simply showing up. While you want to be personable and help others get to know you, building the know-like-trust factor mainly involves a deep connection to your potential customer.

Having conversations is always important in your coaching business, but early on, I would have as many as possible so you can get to know your avatar.

The content you post online should focus on storytelling in a few key areas:

  • Inspiration: Inspire your audience
  • Education: Educate your audience
  • Aspiration: Help your audience envision the future

Inspiration: Coaching always begins the moment you have your first exchange with your avatar. Even before they pay you, your job is to convince them that they can succeed, and that what they want is possible for them. That is why inspiration is so important.

Education: The exact instructions of your methods are always gated behind a paywall. But before someone buys from you, there are plenty of things you can teach that are genuinely valuable, but don’t give away the details of the HOW. Educating people is a huge authority builder.

Aspiration: Use stories from both yourself and clients (or case studies from others if you have nothing personal to draw from) to show your avatar where they could be if they took action.

2. Niche Down

In blogging, business and coaching you will hear this over and over again. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to niche down your business focus. It may seem counter intuitive to narrow your audience when you are trying to learn how to get coaching clients fast.

But when you niche down, you are specialized.

This means a few things.

  1. Your services your more premium and higher quality because they are specialized and specific
  2. You will be more memorable and useful to potential clients when they need your specific services
  3. You have less competition because your offer isn’t for everyone, it’s for a specific person that is under-served

For example:

You can say you’re a copywriter – but what does that mean? What kind of copy do you write, and for who?

Instead, what if you were a social media copywriter for accounting, banking & finance companies? Every company should use social media, and this way you can specialize your expertise by also becoming a known expert in a specific space.

3. Be Intimately Aware Of How Your Customer Struggles

You should not just know a lot about your industry.

You have to be passionate about the people in it.

It will change the way that you work, the way you see your avatar, your motivations and how you handle your business.

I was intimately ware of how my potential coaching clients suffered because I spent years in that pain, as well, trying to make this work. Taking all the right courses, following directions and still feeling like a failure.

Part of why my first coaching business struggled because even though I was a real estate expert, I wasn’t an agent or investor myself and didn’t have a passion for it. I build a program my avatar NEEDED (and I knew they needed it, because I knew the industry), but it wasn’t what they WANTED.

4. Have A Powerful Solution

People don’t really care what you are selling. They do not care about the physical thing or the list of bonus materials. What they really care about is a real transformation. They want what you are selling to change or improve their lives.

Bonus materials are great and all, but they need to be rich and valuable and not just used to make something *appear* more valuable. Knowing how to get coaching clients fast relies on you being able to provide what your client needs to improve their life.

Establish Visibility

If your audience cannot find you, they cannot buy from you. So if you want to know how to get coaching clients fast, the first thing you need to do is make sure people know how to find you.

Your website should be on your social media profile, you should have share links on your blog and you should be showing up consistently online to remind people “Here I am!”

5. Consistently Nurture Your Audience

While you are showing up online, don’t forget about that oh so precious email list you have. Algorithms change, but your email list will always be yours. This ownership makes your list your most valuable tool.

Do not neglect them. Come up with a schedule, a plan or regular campaigns that you can schedule. People get a million emails a day. If you want to be seen in their inbox, you need to show up a lot and consistently. Get them used to seeing your name and waiting to see what you have to say.

If you have a Facebook group, make sure you are consistently nurturing your audience there as well. We will talk more about social media in a second.

6. Go Where Your Clients Are

If you have identified your niche, then you know where they hang out. Don’t just bring people to you. Go to where you know they are and meet your clients there.

If your clients are more professional, you’re going to be on linked in. If your business has a visual component, Instagram might be where your potential clients are skimming for photos of what you do. Get on Quora and answer questions that you have knowledge on, and join Facebook groups where your niche is.

7. Show Up On Social Media

Ok, back to social media. You do not have to show up and put your brand out there on every platform. Pick one or two social media platforms that suit your brand best to show up and be consistent on.

Right now as a blogging coach I get most of my clients from Facebook outreach and my Facebook group. It’s a small but tight knit group with regular engagement and members who feel like they are truly getting something out of being involved and present.

Know Your Brand

Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is going to make your business more valuable. I know you want to know how to get coaching clients fast, but if you just get a bunch of terrible clients you’re going to hate your life.

You want clients fast, but you also want a successful business, repeat customers and those kinds of things.

8. Convey Your Brand And Be Consistent

You want your brand to be identifiable. Be consistent, and not just with colors and fonts, but with your messaging. What kind of person are you, and what kind of people does your audience consist of? What do they care about?

Think about the way you speak and write, the language that you use and the values that you and your audience share to guide you in your messaging and what you choose to share online.

9. Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Some people are difficult to work with. As a coach you get to make these decisions. But I have made the choice of working with people outside of who my ideal client is ,any times, and it usually ends up in some frustration, extra work and dreaded deadlines.

Stick to the person you are passionate about, first of all. You already identified this person earlier. They are kind of like a past version of yourself before you experienced your transformation story.

Now sit down and write out the traits your ideal client has. You can list things like, “pays invoices on time, is kind, is flexible” or stick to professional or personality traits. But know who your ideal client is so you can make the best, most profitable decisions for yourself.

10. Turn People Down

In a blog about how to get coaching clients fast, this probably seems insane. But if you take on the not-ideal client you might have to turn down the one that really suited you better. Someone you could have helped more effectively, in better timing and taken on another client.

Learning how to be successful and how to get coaching clients fast sometimes involves being able to say no to do what is best for your business.

Do not miss the ideal client for the one you were afraid to lose that wasn’t meant for you.


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