Why I Quit My First Coaching Business

Seeing my success today, you may be wondering why I quit my first coaching business.

It took me a couple of years to really figure out who I am and who I want to be in my business. The reasons I quit my first business have a lot to do with me discovering my identity as a coach. I had to learn my niche and my full potential.

I had been working in an industry that stressed financial freedom, and I thought that was the way to go. And I made some mistakes getting out of that mindset.

Here is why I quit my first coaching business and started over.

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Before I Quit My First Business

Back in 2017, long story short, I started coaching mostly out of financial fear.

I had a full time job. My husband and I were really focused on paying off debt and getting caught up financially.

Then we hit a major roadblock in our finances. It was scary and devastating.

And I needed to make some changes.

I had been in the real estate category with my full time job for several years. I thought that real estate was the way to make big bucks fast, and I started pursuing that. So I started seeking a real estate license and took classes. I started educating myself to find financial freedom.

And I realized…

Real estate is not as cut and dry as I hoped. And oftentimes it required considerable up front funds that I just did not have. This was not for me.

But most importantly, I wasn’t passionate about it.

Seeing What I’m Great At

After almost getting my real estate license, I fell back to what I know I’m great at…

I realized what I wanted to do, which was marketing.

I was really good at it and I seriously enjoyed it. After being in real estate for so long, it was a natural choice to decide to coach and market for real estate agents.

I ended up hiring what I thought was a coach. They ended up being more of a service provider. He provided tons of value and launched my service in a short amount of time.

But I made some mistakes.

First off I was throwing money at a problem. The problem was my financial insecurity and my lack of knowledge of how to start a successful coaching business.

It did not fix the problem, and I was working in an industry I was not passionate about (real estate).

Secondly, I made the mistake of putting my success in someone else’s hands. Instead of taking responsibility, I wanted them to fix all of my problems.

If I couldn’t pitch well or if things did not work I got resentful at them because I paid them money and I thought they should fix everything.

It caused a lot of anxiety, frustration and negative energy.

I ended up making money, but it was stressful. It was all about money. I over delivered and I did not know my value yet. Focused on the dollar sign. I knew providing a service people needed was part of marketing, but I hadn’t found out who I could best help yet.

So I kept looking for the best coach for me.

And eventually I found one that changed my life.

Finding My Passion – Why I Quit My Coaching Business

The great thing about making mistakes is learning valuable painful lessons. Every dollar I spent was not wasted. Today I consider it the cost of my education to help people like me.

People who want to quit their first business. People who are trying to find their niche.

I want to help people that are passionate, knowledgeable, and amazing but need help executing. Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand and bloggers looking to monetize their hard work.

Moms who want to stay at home with their kids. Burned out over achievers who have been making money for someone else their whole lives.

People like you wanting to break the cycle.

I am an amazing coach and marketer.

Today I am successful because I found what I am passionate about inside my skill set. I love what I do, and I truly help people execute their vision.


What’s your vision?

Discovering your vision and what you’re passionate about isn’t always easy.

I see this all the time: multi-passionate entrepreneurs who get stuck in analysis paralysis. Bloggers are a great example: many have a hard time niching down because they don’t know which path is correct.

Sometimes, you have to go down a path (like I did) to see how it feels and how it does.

And other times, hiring a coach can help you realize your passion, refine the message and where to share it,  and then monetize it.


Why I Quit My First Coaching Business

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