About Alison Reeves


I have been marketing businesses online since 2011 through content strategy, authority building, social media, paid advertising, blogging and search engine marketing.

My Story

After making a lot of money for everyone but myself, I decided to formally start my own business in 2017. I began coaching real estate agents in 2017 on how to double their business by building their authority…

I LOVED coaching, but I quickly burned myself out. I also didn’t HAVE a coach, so there was no one to hold me accountable or make me push through the pain of a new business.

After about a year, I took a break and turned my attention towards my personal blog. I knew people made money from blogging and decided to give it a try. Long story short: my blog was making money in just a few weeks and I realized. I returned to coaching, sold out my beta program in 2 days, and the rest is history. 

I’m on a mission to help other entrepreneurs shorten their path to success by using my full stack marketing knowledge. 

My mission: monetization.

Where To Find Me Online

I do a bunch of things on a bunch of platforms. 

Personal Blog: AlisonsNotebook.com

Coaching Biz:

My Instagram handle is the name of my personal blog. And even though I use it for business purposes, I may never change the Instagram handle because to me, Alison’s Notebook is who I am. Its where I started, I claimed it heckin’ everywhere many years ago, and I like it. And I’m sorry if its confusing! Haha.