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I’m a multi passionate online business consultant, AND also a somatic healing coach…

…So yeah it can be confusing to figure out what the heck I’m doing and why you might care if you’re new to my world!

Below you will find all my current free and paid offers, arranged into 2 categories, and then by price:

  1. Online Business
  2. Mindset & nervous system

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Featured Program: Holistic
Art of Attraction

Ready To FINALLY Reach The Dreams You Thought Were Out Of Reach?

You’re struggling to manifest everything you want, and this is why 🧡

Online Business

The Holistic Approach To FASTER Business Success, That Won't Have You Hating Your Life. Download And Learn...

The #1 thing leading you to lack of confidence and self sabotage, How to make more money ASAP, How to avoid burnout for good, and the most important factor for keeping your success and increasing it exponentially.

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Want to know what income streams are most aligned for you, and how you might stack them together for multiple streams of income and recurring revenue?

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The Starter Bundle For Content Creators And Creative Experts Ready To Serve Clients At A Higher Level...For Higher Prices

1. Learn EXACTLY how to get your first coaching sale with a few simple steps

2. Use a dossier template to send prospects information without having a website or complex sales page

3. Serve clients well with 53 powerful coaching questions to get conversations started.


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Fifty three powerful coaching questions you can ask to guide clients on calls.


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An epic low priced course to help you accelerate your audience for free through audience borrowing. Includes collaboration directory and outreach scripts.


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I teach live monthly workshops that combine marketing and mindset. These are $49 standalone, $33 monthly in the membership and free twice a year.


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  1. Learn the right mindset to creating and selling courses
  2. Come up with your course topic
  3. Learn how long it takes to create a course, and recommendations for creating it
  4. How to choose a course platform and create your curriculum
  5. How to organize a beta launch and find more buyers!


→ Get the Course Marketing Manual course.

GROW YOUR INCOME MORE RELIABLY With More Ease & Less Stress By Creating, Selling and Eventually Scaling Your Own Offers


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A collection of tools and courses to help you write and create faster for marketing and sales.

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Build your WordPress weekend in a website, and start building your email list ASAP!

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Learn how to get high ticket sales, even if you have no audience or email list and a brand new offer.


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Income stacking intensive for bloggers, to help you decide what to create and/or how to monetize with multiple streams of income coming from your blog. Comes with $700 in bonuses.

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Let's strategize and implement your next system - together - in 4 weeks or less. Two 1:1 calls, with support and optional course content to implement your next system together.

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Become unapologetic about what you actually want in your life and business, and then actually receive it. Mindset and business coaching that includes both 1:1 and group calls, and an all access pass to every course and program I launch.

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Coaching with me 1:1 to help you reach your goals regarding your business(es). Book a call to learn more and we can both see if it's a fit.

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Mindset & Nervous System

Answer six questions to find out your biggest money mindset blocker, and what to do about it starting today.

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Ready to expand what you think is possible? Get this free collection of tools to improve your mindset.

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Download a PDF version of this powerful blog post including exercises mentioned in the post.

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A monthly membership with tools to expand your business and mindset while healing your nervous system.

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Ready to elevate your mindset so you have create the life of your dreams? Get this powerful collection of workbooks and tools!

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Video, workbook and audio series to help you harness and develop your intuition so you can easily turn ideas into gold.

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Video training, workbook, and two meditations all geared towards helping you live your life by asking, "What does abundance say?"

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An 8 module program to learn and embody a holistic, soul fulfilling approach to creating the life of your dreams. 

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A 4 week exploration to find your fire and inspiration again in your business.

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Need to Recenter And Get Back Into "Alignment" When You're Freaking Out? 8+ Tools for nervous system regulation, resilience and calming down.


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Boundaries Bliss: a course + community to help you discover,
create and keep boundaries that will expand your space.

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Coaching with me 1:1 to help you reach your goals faster regarding wealth, health or finances. NOT business or marketing consulting or coaching. This is a beta price as I spread my life coaching wings 🙂 Book a call to learn more and we can both see if it's a fit.

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