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The mindset and emotional side of your business is just as important as the practical strategies you use. 

But so often, we get trapped in a loop of shiny object syndrome, where we’re only focusing on what we sell and how we sell it; and not why we’re selling it and how it feels.

In a thriving business, you honor both.

As someone who has been marketing online since 2011, consulting since 2017, and has a somatic coaching certification, I understand this struggle and what it feels like to be stuck on a hamster wheel without the growth you want. 

It’s time for you to become hero of your business and learn to lead yourself again!

The offers below skillfully address the practical business and strategy side of things, AND also the woo woo heart centered side of business, emotions and trauma. 

Below you will find all the current free and paid offers available, arranged into 2 categories, and then by price:

  1. Online Business
  2. Mindset & nervous system

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Embodied Abundance Book!

A holistic approach to money mindset and manifesting. Book launch tour in progress – request me to speak.

Online Business

Aligned Wealth Roadmap (Free)

The Holistic Approach To FASTER Business Success, That Won’t Have You Hating Your Life. Download And Learn…

The #1 thing leading you to lack of confidence and self sabotage, How to make more money ASAP, How to avoid burnout for good, and the most important factor for keeping your success and increasing it exponentially.

→ Get the guide.

Revenue Revolution Blueprint (Free)

A free masterclass on how to add $10k recurring revenue to your business in 60 days or less (for service pros and coaches)

→ Watch the masterclass

Income Stacking Quiz (Free)

Want to know what income streams are most aligned for you, and how you might stack them together for multiple streams of income and recurring revenue?

→ Take this quiz.

30 Things to Do Your First Year of Blogging PDF (Free)

This PDF can be accessed by entering your email on the form inside this blog post below!

→ Go to the post to get the PDF.

10 Steps to Get Your First Coaching Client (Free)

The Starter Bundle For Content Creators And Creative Experts Ready To Serve Clients At A Higher Level…For Higher Prices

1. Learn EXACTLY how to get your first coaching sale with a few simple steps

2. Use a dossier template to send prospects information without having a website or complex sales page

3. Serve clients well with 53 powerful coaching questions to get conversations started.


→ Get the guide.

53 Coaching Questions PDF (Free)

Fifty three powerful coaching questions you can ask to guide clients on calls.


→ Get the PDF guide.

Audience Accelerator ($9)

An epic low priced course to help you accelerate your audience for free through audience borrowing. Includes collaboration directory and outreach scripts.


→ Get the course.

Lite Launches ($9)

Training + resources to help you launch more often, with less effort.


→ Get the course.

Minimalist Marketing Plan Workshop ($27)

An epic low priced course to help you put together your 2024 and beyond marketing plans. Includes 75-minutes of bite sized training, template and additional training and workbook resources.


→ Get the course.

Course Marketing Manual ($77)
  1. Learn the right mindset to creating and selling courses
  2. Come up with your course topic
  3. Learn how long it takes to create a course, and recommendations for creating it
  4. How to choose a course platform and create your curriculum
  5. How to organize a beta launch and find more buyers!


→ Get the Course Marketing Manual course.

Fast Offer Frameworks ($97)

GROW YOUR INCOME MORE RELIABLY With More Ease & Less Stress By Creating, Selling and Eventually Scaling Your Own Offers


→ Learn more.

Copywriting for Cash Bundle ($97)

A collection of tools and courses to help you write and create faster for marketing and sales.

→ Learn more.

Website in a Weekend ($147)

With Website in a Weekend, you’ll build your WordPress website in a weekend (literally), and start building your email list ASAP!

→ Learn more.

Transform En Treinta ($197)
Elevate Your Online Marketing Strategy with a 30-Minute 1:1 Power Call

→ Learn more.

Small Audience Sales System ($997)

Learn how to get high ticket sales, even if you have no audience or email list and a brand new offer.


→ Learn more.

Blog Income Stacking Intensive ($997)

Income stacking intensive for bloggers, to help you decide what to create and/or how to monetize with multiple streams of income coming from your blog. Comes with $700 in bonuses.

→ Learn more.

Systems Sprint ($997)

Let’s strategize and implement your next system – together – in 4 weeks or less. Two 1:1 calls, with support and optional course content to implement your next system together.

→ Learn more.

VIP Day ($1500)

Let’s Implement Your Marketing Together In ONE Day.

→ Learn more.

Sage Services ($2222)

Group mentorship program on how to fill and scale your service-based business.

1. Develop effective marketing strategies to attract and retain ideal clients.
2. Streamline business operations and improve overall efficiency.
3. Create scalable systems to handle increased demand without sacrificing quality.
4. Enhance client communication and build long-lasting relationships.
5. Increase revenue and profitability by optimizing pricing strategies.
6. Expand service offerings and diversify income streams for long-term sustainability.

→ Learn more.

Mindset & Nervous System

#WealthWound Quiz (Free)

Answer six questions to find out your biggest money mindset blocker, and what to do about it starting today.

→ Take the quiz.

Allow Your Success Bundle (Free)

Ready to expand what you think is possible? Get this free collection of tools to improve your mindset.

→ Get the bundle.

Coping with stress strategies PDF (Free)

Download a PDF version of this powerful blog post including exercises mentioned in the post.

→ Download the PDF in the blog post.

Creative Intuition Kit ($49)
Video, workbook and audio series to help you harness and develop your intuition so you can easily turn ideas into gold.

→ Learn more.

Abundance Says Workshop ($49)
Video training, workbook, and two meditations all geared towards helping you live your life by asking, “What does abundance say?”

→ Learn more.

Abundance Mindset Bundle ($55)
Ready to elevate your mindset so you have create the life of your dreams? Get this powerful collection of workbooks and tools!

→ Learn more.

How To Deal With Trauma From Your Business ($67)
Why trauma happens in business, what to do about it, and journal prompts. Includes 40-minutes of bite sized training, slides, and action items.

→ Learn more.

Pursuit of Play ($197)
A 4 week exploration to find your fire and inspiration again in your business.

→ Learn more.

Aligned and Affluent CoCreated Course ($197)
A course I coordinated with 23 other experts on mindset, manifesting, energetics and the nervous system.

→ Learn more.

Calm the Fck Down Frameworks ($197)

Need to Recenter And Get Back Into “Alignment” When You’re Freaking Out? 8+ Tools for nervous system regulation, resilience and calming down.


→ Learn more.

Holistic Art of Attraction: A new paradigm of reality creating ($333)
An 8 module program to learn and embody a holistic, soul fulfilling approach to creating the life of your dreams. 

→ Learn more.

Success Mindset Mastery ($444)
Ready to remove mindset blocks and Re-engineer Your Thoughts in 4 weeks or less? → Learn more.
Boundaries Bliss ($444)
Boundaries Bliss: a course + community to help you discover,
create and keep boundaries that will expand your space.

→ Learn more.