What would it feel like if your business and life got to be playful again?

If you’re here, I bet I have some ideas on what you want…

You want to play.

You want your business and even your life to feel playful and expansive, without so much pressure.

You’ve heard all the advice.

You’ve purchased programs, seen ads, maybe even had some coaching, and you still question yourself.

You crave space.

You want more space, energy and freedom to be yourself in your business.

You love to create.

You want to create things, without it feeling like a chore.

You have success.

You love making money, but hate having your back against the wall.

You love to relax.

You want to able to take time off, forget about all the “should”‘s, and really fully enjoy the time you set aside for you.

And I get it, I wanted those things too.

I would love to share with you...

A 4-Week Exploration to Find Your Fire Again

Entrepreneurship is wonderful...

...And also terrible. (Lol)

Celebrations. Disappointments. Massive wins. Unexpected lows. Complete joy. Followed by fear.

The beautiful thing is: is all gets to be here.

Good news: it can feel FUN again, even if right now things feel like you’re trudging through mud.

“Bad news”: you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done, and while they’re not hard, they might be uncomfortable.

But stepping out of this comfort zone that’s keeping you stuck will result in some pretty wonderful things!!

Imagine feeling...

Peaceful, less stress, and more joy in your work.

More meaning again, because you have the freedom to engage with your audience and in your life the way you want.

Like the life you’ve been dreaming of gets to be here NOW, instead of somewhere unknown down the road.

Free, and like a thriving life.

Excited, because you’re deeply aware of all of the miracles that happen every day.

Abundant, because you got to enjoy the process of the thing you love, even though you might have lost touch with it for a while.

Wildly successful, because you’re aligned with your goals to live a peaceful and stress-free life.

That's what you'll feel after Completing the Pursuit of Play.

Who Am I And Why Does It Matter?

If you know me from my blog or social media, you may or may not know that I struggled with consistency in my business.

Sure: the money came in.

I had my first 5-figure month with a community of only 300 people, had my first $20,000 month just a few months later, and grew over 300% year over year for four consecutive years.

But, one of two things kept happening at each new level:

1. Crushing anxiety would eventually cause a drop in income
2. Expenses would keep me from getting ahead

In fact, after making over $260,000 in revenue one year, the following year I had to reduce my take home pay by two thirds because I didn’t feel safe with money.

To be honest: that’s just one of several cycles I had with money that kept me on the struggle bus.


Until one day, I Woke Up

After a couple months of terrible sales and unexpected expenses, I hit a bottom. I fell into a depression, and chose to ride the wave instead of fighting it.

And in the midst of my lowest spot: I started feeling gratitude.

I had an epiphany that I wasn’t a victim. I had the intuition that I actually had the answers all along, and ability to change my life.

And I finally took responsibility.

It wasn’t easy to admit.

And the best part (or the worst)

Getting out of these cycles had nothing to do with what I should DO…

…And it had everything to do with addressing who I AM.

Traditional mindset training tells us to change our thoughts, then we beat ourselves up when it doesn’t work. 

I'm Here to Tell You...

Traditional mindset falls short, and it’s not your fault.

Mindset work is great, but in my experience, it’s just the FIRST step to improving self belief. (And self belief is NOT optional when you’re scaling to 7-figures and beyond.)

When we first start an online business, we’re obsessed with “the how”.⁠

– How to build a site⁠
– How to write great content⁠
– How to become visible⁠
– How to monetize⁠
– How to grow⁠
– How to build funnels⁠

And it makes sense that we focus on these things, because while “mindset” is important, it doesn’t help much if we don’t also take the ACTION to reach the goals we’re striving for.⁠

But at some point we have to address “mindset”. Because if you don’t believe it will work = then it won’t.⁠

If you don’t address your mindset and self belief, then we tend to self sabotage and spin our wheels.⁠

But even after that, there’s a lot that “the gurus” didn’t tell me about up-leveling, and it might be because even THEY didn’t know how to verbalize it.⁠

✖️Sometimes saying more affirmations aren’t the answer.⁠
✖️Sometimes pushing through “the suck” doesn’t work.⁠
✖️Sometimes the data isn’t telling you the full story.⁠

And here’s the truth:⁠

“Mindset” work doesn’t always work, and it’s not your fault.⁠

…You NEED to know the action steps to do things.⁠
…You NEED to work on your mindset so you follow through.⁠

But as you grow and expand, there’s a deeper level of work you need to do.⁠

What's Inside Pursuit of Play

a 4- week exploration to find your fire again


Leverage my exclusive money mapping system (usually reserved for mastermind clients) to get clarity on what happened that allowed you to lose yourself, so you can clear space and make way for your business to be beautiful.


Tap back into power inside of you by leveraging creativity, and practicing how to balance and utilize feminine energy in a world that prioritizes masculine action, which can keep you stuck in your head, and suck the fun out of your business over time.


Learn how to tap into your subconscious for answers and decisions, and feel confidence in yourself, your decisions and your vision. Practice tapping into your subconscious on a consistent basis.


Learn how to clear space for pursuing play regularly, instead of waiting for burnout or pre-burnout before taking action. You'll get practical strategies and training on both creating systems and feeling confident about new ways to optimize your schedule.

How We Will Do This

Four Modules + Bonus Videos

This program will be delivered live initially, but the replays will be available for life. To catch the program live, make sure to enroll in this first launch.

Optional Private Community

Commiserate with other colleagues during the program in a temporary popup group. Use this group for accountability, sharing insights, and asking questions.

Weekly Funwork

Enjoy a minimum of at least one funwork assignment after every live training to make sure you feel empowered to implement everything you learn, as many times as you want.


Meditations to inspire joy, practice self forgiveness, and help you visualize succeeding in your goals.

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