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Ready To DIY Your Own WordPress Site In A Weekend?

Go from overwhelmed and lost to DIY'ing your own site from scratch in 2 days or less

Stop hiring developers and outsourcing your business, and start feeling competent and empowered in growing your business – your way. 


Can you relate to any of these challenges online entrepreneurs I've coached experienced as they tried to market their business online?

And is it possible that you...

Are ready to get started marketing yourself better online, but just need to know where to start!

tayler banes

The [program] was everything I wanted... One of my favorite pieces of the coaching was the strategic homework you assigned that allowed me to make real progress towards my goals.

Tayler Banes

Finally having clarity, confidence & direction is exciting.

What if you could learn...

  • How to DIY your own entire website in as little as 2 hours
  • How to turn your website into a lead generation machine Online marketing basics
  • How to get consistent, free traffic to your website, regardless of your niche
  • How to feel empowered and in control of your business!

That's exactly what you get In This Simple But Powerful Curriculum

  • Businesses who can sell online will be at the forefront of a massive movement
  • ​You can’t afford to “wait it out” until quarantine is over – you need to take control of your business now
  • ​This program will demystify how successful companies drive revenue consistently using their websites and online marketing
  • ​Learn exactly how to stand out, even in a crowded niche
    ​Be empowered to serve your clients from anywhere while increasing your income


The simple, but robust curriculum and bonuses that will help you create and design a site - without overwhelm.

Through this unique course focused on technical implementation and online marketing, you'll replicate a beautiful but simple website to make sure your business is present and legitimate from the start. You'll also learn online marketing basics. Perfect for online entrepreneurs ready to get moving and finally feel empowered.

DIY Website in a Weekend

Learn how to build a beautiful and powerful – but simple – website from scratch, even if you’re technologically challenged.

Lead Attraction Training

Learn how to actually leverage your new website to start driving leads to your business, so you can market to people over and over again.

Free Traffic for Beginners

Learn free traffic strategies, so you can start becoming more visible online.

Website in a weekend Curriculum

Massive Value In the Curriculum + Bonuses

Website Creation

Creating your own WordPress site from scratch


​Hosting recommendation, what THAT even means, and complete walk through

Tech Basics

​Tech basics and walk through of the plugins (additional functionality) you need on our site

Creating Pages

​Creating beautiful, simple pages without needing a developer

Email List & Templates

Creating & ​Implementing a form and connecting it to your email marketing tool + Email marketing templates

Special Bonus #1:

Customer Journey

​An introduction to the online customer journey and what that means

Special Bonus #2:


​Setting the stage for being found online
felicia bates

I made more progress on my website and business in the last 3 weeks than I did in the prior 2 years. This course is exactly what I needed to move forward!

Felicia Bates

With all this exclusive content & curriculum and How Much Money You'll Save, we could easily charge $1,000 or more but you can...

Get It For Only $147

The Curriculum Includes:

  • Website Creation: $599 Value
  • Hosting: $99 Value
  • Tech basics: $99 Value
  • Creating pages: $99 Value
  • Page design: $99 Value
  • Email list building: $299 Value
  • Email templates: $99 Value
  • Customer journey training: $299 Value
  • Free traffic training: $199 Value

$1,792 Value

Get It For Only $147

For the first time in forever I feel like I have a genuine strategy in place that is going to help grow my traffic, blog and biz! Alison taught me so much in such a short space of time!

Samantha Darby

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After I connected those dots, I began teaching others, and now I want to help you move towards the freedom I created for myself.

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