Let's Implement Your Marketing Together In ONE Day

Only $999 for the next 4 people! Then increase to $1499

Whar They're Saying...

This is a brand new offer, so there’s no testimonials. But here’s some other success I’ve had helping people!

What's Included...For Just $999

One Full Day Of Support and implementation

Up to three hours of meeting together in one day, with Voxer messaging support throughout the day to review content, ask questions, etc. Up to one hour of support, which can include voice messages back and forth, texting back and forth, or content review. Or 4 hours of meetings without Voxer messaging if you prefer.

You can use our call time for discussion, or we can also use it for coworking where I do some of the work FOR you. (Tech, copywriting, website support, or design.) 

Immediate Recording of the call

You’ll get on demand access to the call recording, so you can have it for implementation immediately after we talk. 

This is possible because we will ue Streamyard via YouTube unlisted, so the video is published without any processing time. 

Templates and content

You’ll get access to any templates or course content I have to support in taking the fastest action possible. 

Additionally, we may create custom templates for you during the VIP day as we are making and implementing your plan. 

One Week of email support

I’ll answer questions after the VIP day in up to two back and forth email exchanges. 

Only $999 for the first 5 people! Then increase to $1499

You might be wondering...

What can we get done in a VIP day? We can done one of the following, a combo of the following, or something else entirely: 

  • Marketing plan and implementation: we can outline your marketing plan for 2024, and begin creating content for it. This could be writing some of your pillar content, creating social media posts, deciding on launches and creating landing pages, etc. While we probably won’t create every single asset you need, we will create the plan and enough of the assets for you to not have to think about your marketing much in 2024. 
  • Website and social media build: we could create a brand new website from scratch, including creating loose visual branding, and getting social media accounts started for the new brand (including getting your first followers.)
  • Multiple funnel build: we could create your next free lead magnet, tripwire, and signature sales funnels. Depending on how many assets you already have, we can do all or part of all three of these funnels. (For example, if you already have a proven paid signature offer, it’s realistic to implement all of these in the vIP day. If you don’t have a proven paid offer yet, we can create the lead magnet and tripwire and plan a low energy launch to test your offer idea.)
  • Create an absolute heck-ton of content: Already know what you want to do in 2024? We could use the day to co-create content and designs together. Think: multiple long form blog posts, social posts, email newsletters, etc.


When can I schedule the VIP day? The VIP day will likely need to happen on a Monday. I might also be able to do a Tuesday or Thursday. As a last resort I could do a weekend, but it would need to be a more limited time frame in a morning. I will not be able to do any Wednesdays, or Fridays. 

Can I split up the VIP day into multiple days? Yes, you can split up the VIP day into multiple days, but would lose the optional week of email support. The two 90 minute to 2-hour calls need to happen within one week of each other. 


What’s included

  • Three to four hours of call time to map out and implement your 2024 marketing plan, create your next brand, strategize and implement your next funnel, or something else entirely. 
  • Voxer messaging support
  • Immediate on demand recording
  • Templates and content, including new custom templates if needed
  • One week of email support