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Alison Reeves is the down to earth, warm educator for entrepreneurial audiences, blending substantive marketing training material with mindset and embodiment.

She uses real case study examples, teaching and storytelling to create an engaging blend of education and connection. She has become a true innovator for creators. 

With her extensive background in corporate marketing, solopreneuer businesses and somatic healing, she is the easy-breezy speaker event planners love to work with.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership
  • Somatic healing certification, ICF accredited
  • Blogging: since 2011, up to 2 million monthly impressions on Pinterest, sold personal blog in 2019
  • Coaching: since 2017, consecutive multiple six figure years and client results as high as $200k months
  • Marketing professional in management 2013-2020, both local marketing and extensive digital marketing experience. Doubled the business for a multimillion dollar SAS company, and helped real estate company grow to over 300 transactions per year


  • Trauma informed manifesting
  • Money mindset #wealthwounds and their antidotes
  • Self leadership and healing through somatics
  • Regulating your nervous system as an entrepreneur
  • Scaling to multiple six figures and beyond holistically
  • Small audience sales
  • Stacking your income as an entrepreneur

Example Presentations

  • Make More, Work Less, And Enjoy Your Life Again
  • 4 Step Framework for Aligned 6-Figure Income
  • Money mindset #wealthwounds archetypes and antidotes
  • Regulating Nervous System During a Launch
  • Money Making Content Workshop
  • Systems That Scale For Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Revolution of Receiving
  • Marketing Magic
  • Copywriting Frameworks for Cash
  • The Anxious to Abundant Entrepreneur

How Can I help?

  • Retreat speaker 
  • Conference speaker
  • Workshop speaker
  • Podcast guest
  • Guest writer for blogs or other publications

speaking Examples

The Problem With Avoidance

It was never about the money

Regulating Nervous System When Manifesting

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Can I write a guest post on your blog? We do not currently accept guest posts. 

Will you review my product and post about it? I only review products I’m already interested in. I would consider reviewing a product and writing about it as a disclosed sponsored post only, starting at $500.

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