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Embodied Abundance

a holistic approach to money mindset and manifesting

”I believe “Embodied Abundance” has the potential to make a real difference in your life, just as it has for so many others. It’s not just about changing your thoughts; it’s about rejuvenating your whole being to truly embrace abundance and joy. I, personally, can’t wait to dig in, and if you feel like you’ve been stuck at a plateau in your wealth journey, this might be the right move for you too!”
“I was fortunate to have the chance to read Alison’s book ahead of publication. Loves, it is so good. Not only will you learn about common wealth wounds (I’m avoidance and scarcity…but I’m healing) but Alison gives you practical, easy steps to overcome your wounds and get into alignment with your desired abundance.
Many of us can attract abundance, but how many of us can sustain the energetic vibration so that we can hold onto that abundance? So that abundance is a lifestyle and not anomaly?
If you want to increase your skills of attraction (which isn’t only about money, it can be about love, soul fulfillment, anything) I highly recommend buying Alison’s book.”
I don’t remember when I started following Alison, but I have purchased many of her programs and offers. After years of feeling intense anxiety about (the lack of) money and wealth, it was only through her mentorship that I started becoming aware of my own “money blocks”—limiting beliefs I have had since childhood that have affected my ability to receive abundance that is every person’s universal right.
I love the way Alison teaches because she doesn’t pressure anyone to think the way she does, nor force us to see the way she sees things. 
I’ve been able to give myself the grace I need to look at wealth and abundance in a different light, and not in the anxiety-ridden way that culture, history, and society have pressured us into.
– Camyl Besinga
“Today, my coach Alison Reeves has released her book, Embodied Abundance: A Holistic Approach to Money Mindset and Manifesting…This isn’t an affiliate link, I’m not get paid some big bucks to pitch this to you…In fact – I believe in it so much, that I am offering FREE access to my Affirmations and Subliminals Workshop if you purchase in the next 24 hours. Just send me a screenshot of your order, and I’ll send it your way.”

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“This manifesting approach focuses less on force and controlling outcomes, and more on holistic development, peace, coming home to myself, and allowing success to flow as I intentionally curate it—while I relax. In addition to what you might have learned about manifesting, a holistic approach also includes mindset, your nervous system, and energetics.”

– from Embodied Abundance

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly chasing after success, yet something always seems to hold you back? Maybe you’ve done the mindset work, dove into personal development, and even bought a course or two on manifesting. But there’s still a nagging worry in the back of your mind, especially when it comes to money. It feels like a never-ending cycle of striving for more while fearing you’ll never have enough.

For Alison Reeves and many of her clients, the struggle with manifesting was real.

Despite their efforts to align their thoughts and energies with their goals, the fear of not having enough money loomed large. But this worry became a self fulfilling prophecy. It created a barrier to manifesting, blocking the flow of abundance and joy into their lives. What’s the balance between experiencing reality, and feeling grateful at the same time, without having to feel gaslit through toxic positivity?

Manifesting requires deeply felt experiences, yet many people live increasingly disembodied lives. A holistic, trauma-informed approach to manifesting demands more than a mindset shift; it calls for complete nervous system rejuvenation.

In Embodied Abundance, Alison Reeves reveals her manifesting journey, the law of attraction, and why they weren’t working for her. She offers potent remedies and presents her holistic approach to the law of attraction by engaging the nervous system to spark genuine, joyful transformation. She uncovers core money mindset issues, which she terms #WealthWounds, based on her own experience, those of clients, and thousands of readers.

Alison wants every reader to reclaim their self-trust and cultivate an inner sense of security that radiates to their outer world.

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