Entrepreneur Coach: Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Coach: Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs: Are you a woman looking to start or grow your own profitable business? Then you might be be curious about getting a business coach that focuses on female entrepreneurs. In this post, I’ll cover:

  • what an entrepreneur coach for female entrepreneurs is
  • different types of coaching they might do
  • how I can help
  • and different coaching packages.


What Does a Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs and Female Leaders Do

The next steps for small businesses making a decision regarding an entrepreneur coach involves getting more details on what coaches help with.

Some business coaches help small business owners focus on their online business, and some prefer to work with brick and mortar or in person. In either case, their goal is to help your business venture become a business success.

(Need a blogging coach specifically? Go here to read more about blogging coaches.)

Below, I’ll cover what coaches do, how they work with creatives, business growth coaching, business consulting, business strategy coaching. Then I’ll briefly talk about how marketing coaching is different.

What Does a Business Coach For Women Do?

  • 1: Create Actionable Plans: Listens, processes information, and then creates actionable plans for clients.
  • 2: Keep Clients Accountable: Business coaches also keep clients accountable to taking action and moving forward towards their goals.
  • 3: Remove Block or Barriers: This last bullet is my strong opinion, but I also expect that a small business coach for women will remove barriers or connect clients with resources.


What does a business coach for female entrepreneurs do?

Business Growth Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

The main goal for most online business owners is growth of the business to the next level. However, that isn’t always the case. Other focuses and specialties include…

  • Team building
  • Annual planning
  • Organization optimization
  • Leadership development


So before hiring anyone, decide what your business goals are, and ensure that they are equipped to help you with your specific goals.

Need more information on what this type of coaching might mean for you? Check out this article I found on four ways to define business growth.

With this type of coaching, we’ll identify sustainable and repeatable systems to help you grow your business – whether you are thinking about the next month, or the next 20 years.

Small Business Coach for Women and Consulting

A different form of online business coaching involves business consulting.

What’s the difference?

With this type of business coaching for women, the focus is on what women business owners are already doing well in their businesses, providing solutions to opportunities identified during the process, and helping female entrepreneurs capitalize on their strengths.

A women’s business coach usually walks your journey with you to some degree. They meet with you regularly, hold you accountable, and remove barriers (as we talked about above).

A consultant for female entrepreneurs on the other hand usually performs a detailed audit of your business or a business operation, gives the business owner detailed instructions and information based on the audit, and then sends you on your merry way.

In other words: coaching, compared to consulting, is a more collaborative experience.

How a business coach can fast track your business growth.

Online Business Strategy Coaching

Business strategy coaching is where women entrepreneurs are able to explore their different options, define goals, and set out a plan for achieving those goals.

This kind of coaching is for people who are really looking for a unique approach to focus on their business plan, revenue projections, digital marketing strategies, or year-long plans.

Coaching for Creatives

Another form of business coaching for female entrepreneurs is focused on creative coaching for female entrepreneurs.

If you identify as a creative entrepreneur or writer, there are coaches who can help you through different processes including copywriting, book development, and project planning.

Want to learn more about creative business coaching? Go here to read the blog on creative business coaches.

Branding Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Another aspect of your business you might need coaching on is your branding. When do you need a branding coach for female entrepreneurs? In my opinion, branding isn’t a huge priority early on for online businesses. For brick and mortar, however, it definitely is. It’s hard to start an in-person business without a visual identity. Whereas for an online business, you’re relying more on content and copy to start growing an audience.

Another consideration is whether you have a personal brand where YOU are the identity, or whether your brand is more product based.

All of that said, you still only need to hire a branding coach if you really want to keep your branding “in house” (DIY). What I recommend instead is simply to hire someone to create your visual identity (logo and brand assets) and then learn how to use an image editing and design tool like Canva. For your messaging, I think you’re better of early on in business hiring a marketing coach rather than a branding coach. That’s my $0.02!

Coach Versus Consultant for Women Entrepreneurs

The roles of a business coach and a business consultant have distinct differences in their approaches, objectives, and the services they offer:

Business Coach:

  • Role: A business coach primarily focuses on guiding and supporting business owners, executives, or individuals in achieving their personal and professional goals. They often concentrate on the individual’s personal development, leadership skills, and mindset.
  • Methodology: Coaches use a variety of techniques, such as asking powerful questions, active listening, and offering guidance to help individuals unlock their potential, set goals, and devise strategies for growth.
  • Objective: Their primary goal is to help clients self-discover solutions, improve decision-making, and develop their skills to achieve better results. They might work on personal development, leadership, time management, and overall self-improvement within the business context.
  • Focus: The focus of a business coach is more on personal development, behavioral change, and enhancing leadership skills rather than on specific business strategies or operations.


Business Consultant:

  • Role: A business consultant provides expert advice and solutions to businesses seeking to improve their performance, solve specific problems, or implement strategic changes. They often work with an organization as a whole rather than focusing on individuals.
  • Methodology: Consultants bring in specialized knowledge, industry insights, and best practices to analyze problems, identify opportunities, and offer recommendations. They might also assist in implementing those recommendations.
  • Objective: Their primary goal is to offer actionable advice, implement strategies, and solve specific business problems or challenges. Consultants often delve into operations, strategy, marketing, finance, or other areas to optimize business performance.
  • Focus: Business consultants are more focused on addressing particular challenges within a business, be it operational inefficiencies, market positioning, financial restructuring, or any specific area that needs improvement.


In summary, a business coach primarily focuses on individual development, providing guidance and support to enhance leadership skills and personal growth. On the other hand, a business consultant concentrates on offering expert advice, problem-solving, and implementing strategies to improve overall business performance and address specific issues within an organization. Both roles can be valuable in their respective areas, depending on the needs and goals of the business or individual seeking assistance.

When Do You Need an Entrepreneur Business Coach?

So having a sense of what a coach for female entrepreneurs does, when is it time to hire one? The answer to this varies per person and depends on your goals and financial situation.

In many cases, entrepreneurs may want to hire someone before they even get started. This helps people get started on the right foot, avoid wasting time, and hopefully shorten the runway to establishing a profitable business.

However – short term profit, even with a coach – isn’t a guarantee. For this reason, some entrepreneurs wait to hire a coach until they start their business and have gotten their feet wet as far as how they want to make money. This approach often takes longer for entrepreneurs without previous business and marketing experience, but it’s one way to keep overhead costs lower while starting out.

That said, it CAN become limiting if you decide not to invest in your business until it’s making money. It takes guidance, tools, persistence and accountability, and investing in your business even before it’s profitable is the best way to shorten your timeline to success.

Below are some examples of when you might hire an entrepreneur business coach…

Startup Phase

Hiring a coach when you’re starting out can be a great way to speed up getting clarity. They mentor women-owned businesses with business, monetization, strategy and mindset; and also with the technical side of building a business. Startups have unique challenges, which is why it’s common to hire coaches at this phase for practical advice and an action plan.

Growth Phase

Many entrepreneurs choose to hire a female entrepreneur business coach after they’ve started to make SOME money in their business. In the business world, it can feel more comfortable to invest when you’ve proven to yourself that you can make money. Coaching in the growth phase is focused on helping successful businesses with strategic planning and investing focused on growth.

Scaling Phase

After different levels of success, different struggles and roadblocks arise. For example, under $50,00 months in your entrepreneurial journey, most problems with business success relate to either lead generation or mindset. After $50,000 months, entrepreneurs need to prioritize hiring, staffing and systems. Understanding your roadblocks at each level and how to scale can be a powerful way to leverage a coach when you find the right coach.

Mindset and Energy

Not all women’s business coaching revolves around marketing and monetization. Throughout the lifetime of your business, you’ll experience many roadblocks not just in your mindset, but in how you manage your energy. This is another common reason to work with a coach, specifically a mindset or a business mindset coach.

Life Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

While a lot of business coaches ONLY focus on strategy, there are some (like me!) that also serve as a life coach for female entrepreneurs. The life coaching industry focuses on personal development as a part of a holistic approach for creating a thriving business. As a coach with many years of experience, I know that as your business is growing, your self care need to grow too. What is a rich life if you’re only rich in part of it?

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What an entrepreneur coach can do for your business.

Marketing Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs

And then there’s marketing! Marketing coaches help female entrepreneurs in a few different ways.

Marketing coaches help with content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, or email list building.

And that’s an important aspect of business coaching for female entrepreneurs too! As the saying goes: you’re only as good as your network. And when it comes to growing your profitable business in this day and age, that is entirely true.

Marketing coaching is different than business coaching for female entrepreneurs. Marketing coaches usually help with specific tactics like SEO optimization, creating social media ad campaigns, or writing emails to build your list. (And then focus on the results of those activities – conversions).

Entrepreneur coaches, on the other hand may or may not be able to assist as much with implementation. Having a marketing coach can have a huge impact on the health of your  business. Female business owners should seek a great coach who has hands-on experience with the kind of business or marketing skill set they might need.

How to Work With Alison Reeves Entrepreneur Coach

Coaching sessions are not surgery – there are no one-size-fits all “big reveal” solutions.

So how can you work with an entrepreneurship coach if you already have expertise in your industry?

Here’s the deal: every female entrepreneur I’ve worked with already has expertise! They’re just looking for someone to hold them accountable, help them see what they can’t see, and identify the best opportunities for growth to their unique next level of successful business.

What’s the process involved with working with me as a entrepreneur coach?

Every female entrepreneur is different, but I usually have a conversation with them about their goals and what they want to accomplish through coaching. Then I give them options for the best ways to work together based on their goals and my availability.

Coaching Packages

Looking to hire a business coach for female entrepreneurs?

Go here to book a call and learn more about my coaching packages.


The best fit for you to to grow 6-figure businesses and beyond is to find a coach or coaching program that helps you forge your own unique path. Choose a coach with success and valuable insights that relate to what you want to accomplish in your DREAM business.

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