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What happens on this call

If you’re not making the type of money you want to make, or you’re making it in a way that doesn’t feel good: it means your offers or business is structured in the wrong way. But the hard part is knowing what needs to change to bring your business into alignment and how you want to feel.

You can’t see what’s out of alignment when you’re IN it. Let me help you 🧡 Here’s what happens on the call…

  • We’ll talk for roughly 45 minutes, where we’ll map out your 6-figure or multiple 6-figure action plan.
  • We’ll look at your offers, pricing, packaging, and business model to determine the opportunities you have right now to increase your revenue, and leverage your time more powerfully.
  • We might uncover discover mindset opportunities, identify areas in AND out of alignment, help you see what to focus on, and how a regulated nervous system will help. 
  • You’ll leave the call with value, and I may make an offer to work together on the call if it’s a good fit, but there’s no guarantee I’ll make this offer.

To be eligible for a session:

  • You must have a business that has made some sales
  • You’re ideally a service provider, coach or content creator
  • You must have a desire to grow your business and an interest in learning more from me

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