Get Coaching Clients: 7 Top Tips

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As a business coach, many clients come to me to learn how to get coaching clients. Below are my tips!

How do you find the right people that need your help?

Getting more coaching clients feels like an uphill battle for many types of coaches.

You know your niche. You’ve estimated what you have to offer. You know how you want to help people…

But where are they?

You can’t make money without clients.

Let’s discuss some ways you can get more coaching clients. These are easy ways to look for the people you want to help.

7 Ways to Get Coaching Clients | Client Getting Strategies

1. Facebook Groups Help Get Coaching Clients

Facebook is still a huge tool for me when it comes to acquiring more clients as a coach. You have to meet people where they are.

Join groups your potential clients are in and get involved. Be seen, get to know people and make connections.

And you better have your own Facebook group as well. Creating a community around yourself will help people get excited. It’s also a great authority marketing strategy to establish yourself as the leader of a group. This is huge in acquiring more clients as a coach.

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2. How to Get Coaching Clients with Instagram

Instagram is not only a great place to find potential clients. It’s equally useful for networking.

It’s an easy way to start building a community of people around what you’re offering the public and acquiring more clients as a coach. Mix up your personal life with your professional value and let people get to know you. People are interested in people.

Use the function of Instagram to introduce shareable concepts in short blips that will hook people quickly and interest them in more.

Want to learn more about getting coaching clients from Instagram? Go here.

3. Networking

Not everyone who finds you is going to be your ideal client. Finding a great coach wasn’t enough for me. I had to find the right coach for my specific needs, and I had to identify my needs.

This is where networking with other coaches comes in. Get coaching clients by building relationships with other coaches.

If you are truly motivated by offering value and helping people, taking money from people you can’t help is less than ideal. But maybe you know a coach better suited for their needs.

Network with other coaches. Promote each other and make useful referrals to best help the client.

4. Free Challenges Can Help You Get Coaching Clients

Free challenges help tease your value when acquiring more clients as a coach.

It’s also going to kick start the client into establishing some of their needs. It will prepare them for what you will be asking of them.

It gives you the opportunity to introduce your coaching strategy in a valuable way. During the challenge you should be offering tidbits of free coaching to guide participants along the way. Let them sample your value.

Want access to more tips like this? Join my group for hours of training videos!

5. Live Videos

Once again, people love people. Coaching is a personal relationship with a stranger.

Live videos give people an opportunity to connect with you as a real life person beyond a sales video, a Facebook post, a photo or a blog. Being real is going to help you get coaching clients.

Utilize live videos during challenges. Answer questions and be a resource of support and information. Let people see you!

6. Blogs

Blogs are still an unmatched way to offer a library of info to potential clients.

The information you provide helps establish you as a resource- vital in authority marketing.

Your blog is a place for your community to find you and cultivate. It is a place for you to offer endless free value and knowledge. It is a place for you to be personable as well

If you have a website the best way to increase traffic is to build content, and a blog is how you’re going to do that.

7. Build Your List To Get More Clients As A Coach

Building your email list sets you up for success. Social media platforms can change and become challenging to find your audience. But your email list will always be yours.

Communicate with your audience. Engage people with challenges and useful info. Offer freebies, downloads and discounts. Promote new products. Engage people during special events or holidays.

Your email list is critical and easy to overlook. For tips on building your email list, check out my blog!

Acquiring new clients as a coach can be challenging. Use the community around you.

Find your clients where they are. And be sure to network with other coaches to optimize value to clients. The best way to monetize is to truly help people that need YOU.


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