How to get coaching clients with a blog.

How to Get Coaching Clients Through a Blog

How does it work to get coaching clients from a blog?

If you’re a coach and looking for innovative ways to get more leads and build massive trust, a blog might be just the thing you need!

In this blog post I cover:

  1. basics to get traffic to your blog
  2. utilizing social sales by using your blog
  3. how to use your email list from your blog to nurture trust
  4. and, something I specially recommend.

how to get coaching clients through a blog.

1. What are some basics to get traffic to your blog?

Use Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization), email newsletters and Facebook ads depending on where you are in your business’s process.

If you have yet to have a proven offer, in other words you haven’t sold high-ticket offers very often, then I would not recommend using Facebook Ads just yet. Facebook Ads should be used after you’ve really dialed in on your messaging so that you don’t waste any money on ads, then you can dive in to gaining traffic to your blog and services.

The first few steps of bringing in traffic to your blog is to refine your messaging, put a great lead magnet in (something free you offer in exchange for your avatar’s email address) in place, and using Pinterest SEO which will provide your quickest wins.

2. Utilize social sales to get coaching clients.

Social sales involve using storytelling on social media through both your personal and business page to drive trust and ultimately inbound sales.

The trust factor for high-ticket sales is vital to actually make sales!

Social sales should be prioritized above other sales tools if you are focusing on high-ticket offers. For low-ticket offers, it will take much more time to build up using your personal and business pages, which is also completely fine!

Using social sales and a blog gives you a great advantage: being able to use the blog as the foundation of all of the content you will create and repurpose. I will tell clients to post 5x a week, and they would ask, “well what do I post?” Having a blog allows you to repurpose all the topics and subtopics in your blog posts for your social sales content!

Using a blog on its own also helps you build trust with your readers. If you can provide valuable information on the front-end, then people will know what you know what you’re talking about! This is critical to getting coaching clients.

3. How to use your email list from your blog to nurture for trust.

Strongly leverage email!

The thing with coaching, generally at a higher-ticket offer, is that you have to gain a lot of trust before somebody will spend X amount of dollars on your offer. Over time you will have to nurture your email list for trust, which will eventually lead you to the sale.

Think about long-term campaigns or long-term strategies to nurture your avatar. One thing you can do is to provide an automated newsletter that will send out over a span of X amount of months.

Another option would be to use a strategy of doing a repetitive thing X amount of times a month, whether that is email newsletters, live videos, social selling or podcasts.

4. Highly recommended to get coaching clients: take sales calls!

Don’t start with pushing people into an automated funnel.

Talking to your avatar during sales calls allows you to really understand your avatar and what they need. You will have firsthand information about why a client may be hesitant about buying.

Try to have a great questionnaire prepared so you can get the most insight possible.

Need more support?

If you need anymore information on getting high-ticket clients either through a blog or through social sales, book a chat with me at: AlisonReeves.Co/strategy-call

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