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Attract Coaching Clients With Pinterest

Have you ever thought about how to attract coaching clients with Pinterest?

I used Pinterest to grow several blogs for both myself and clients. But when I originally launched my coaching business, I used Facebook, Instagram and ads to get more clients.

After my self care Pinterest account got suspended (a common #bloglife struggle) I began wondering…

Can I use Pinterest to attract coaching clients, too?

The answer is: heck yes!

Why Do I Love Pinterest?

I LOVE Pinterest. Its fun. It’s creative. It’s free.

I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it over the years for my personal life, and in 2018 when I started using it to make money with my self care blog? It was a total game changer.

I went from almost zero monthly page views to over 5,000 monthly page views in about 30 days.

Within 10 months I was up to 50,000 monthly page views, hadn’t written a new blog post in ages, and celebrating passive income from a passion project.

Coaches, entrepreneurs and course creators can use Pinterest to…

  • Build authority by getting eyeballs on you solution-based content (like I’m doing right now by the way…)
  • Build the “know, like and trust” factor quickly through personality and traffic
  • Increase your visibility faster and with less stress than Facebook ads or agencies
  • Build your email list for free, every single day

Steps To Attracting Clients On Pinterest

Create Boards That Address Needs Your Clients Have

If you want to use Pinterest to attract coaching clients, start by creating boards on Pinterest that address the needs your clients have.

Get creative, but don’t go too far outside your niche.

For example, as an Intentional Living Coach I surely will have some clients who are into fitness. But fitness is far outside of the realm of my interest, so I’m not going to create boards about that. On the other hand, my idea clients ARE looking for: self care ideas, minimalism tips, capsule wardrobe tutorials, etc.

So, start by brainstorming a list of problems your idea client faces and create a few boards on those topics to start pinning to. Choose your keywords carefully – and use them!

Create Boards In Your Area Of Expertise

Additionally, create boards about your area of expertise that relates to your services.

For example, I have boards about coaching, social media, Pinterest, Facebook ads, funnels and more.

These are things I can help my clients with, and having boards helps position myself as a person of authority on these topics.

Make sure to pin relevant pins regularly to these boards.

Create Pins That Link To Your Solution-Based Content

Next, make sure you have pins that actually link to YOUR website. Claim your website on Pinterest, enable Rich Pins, and start creating content!

If you have a blog, link to individual blog posts. Or if you have informative pages on your site, you can link to those instead. You can also create pins for YouTube videos and podcast episodes.

Pinning others’ pins helps build authority and impressions, but at the end of the day, you want eyeballs on your own content.

Want access to more tips like this? Join my group for hours of training videos!

Create Pins For Your Offers

After making sure you have pins going towards your content in general, don’t forget that you can create pins towards your actual *offers* as well.

I wouldn’t expect many purchases without people going through your funnel and getting to know you, but part of sales is building awareness. People have to see an offer 7 or more times before they buy! So, create pins for your paid offers.

You’ll also want to create pins for all of your free offers / opt-ins.

I’ve had great luck promoting free offers on Pinterest!

Follow Like-Minded Pinterest Accounts

To help continue building authority, make sure you follow like-minded Pinterest accounts. People who do the same thing or similar to what you do.

This helps Pinterest know what you’re interested in, but it also gives you a better idea on what established competitors do that is already working.

Don’t copy, of course!

Follow Potential Clients

Lastly, consider following potential clients on Pinterest if you’re really clear on your avatar.

For example, one of my clients is a mental health professional and she has a product for moms called “Mom Bod Boot Camp” where she teaches moms about loving their bodies. She could follow moms on Pinterest to gain some awareness around her product.

Use Pinterest To Attract Clients

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