How To Find The Right Business Coach

how to find a business coach

The following is a guest post by Ron of Osborne Digital Marketing.

There are a lot of business owners in search of a good coach or mentor in 2022. But how do you find the RIGHT business coach? There are a lot of coaches out there that have self-proclaimed business experience. If you have a new business, you need to find a business coach that best works for you and is the right fit.

What Does A Small Business Coach Do?

Small business coaches will typical help you identify the weaknesses in your business and help you develop a strategy to overcome them.

A small business coach can help you in a number of ways, including:

  1. Helping you develop and refine your business idea
  2. Helping you create and implement a business plan
  3. Providing advice and guidance on financial matters
  4. Helping you market and sell your products or services
  5. Helping you manage and grow your business

How Small Business Coaching Services Save Time

If you feel like you’re constantly working but getting nothing done, you need to develop better time management skills. A small business coach can assist you in finding the optimal balance between focusing on your business and handling day-to-day responsibilities.

You will also learn how to systematize your firm to increase its productivity. Systematizing will free up time in your schedule so that you may concentrate on more vital responsibilities.

Better time management may seem like a minor adjustment, but it may have a major influence on your business. When you accomplish more in less time, you will be able to increase revenue and expand your firm more quickly.

Find The Right Coach With Industry Experience

Although there may be certain things that you need coaching for that are universal across industries, we recommend finding a coach who has experience coaching someone through what you need in an area comparable to yours. In any case, managing a high-growth technological business that is preparing to obtain a round of funding is vastly different from managing a well-established franchise that seeks to innovate and develop new revenue streams. There may be an overlap in the areas in which you want instruction. But if you don’t believe the coach knows what you’re going through because your challenges are industry-specific, you will likely lack the trust necessary for success.

You Avoid A Lot Of Pain And Stress When You Hire A Business Coach

A small business coach can help you avoid a lot of pain and stress by teaching you how to effectively manage your time, set goals, and delegate tasks. They can also help you troubleshoot problems and offer suggestions on how to improve your business. In addition, a coach can provide support and accountability to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Places To Look For A Coach

When you are trying to locate a coach, you should look to friends and family first. If you know of someone that had help from a business coach, it might be worth considering reaching out to the coach that helped them.

However, if you can’t locate anyone with the above method, start with the following:

  1. Google. Look at the coach’s reviews and they should have past clients and reviews on their site. Google will help you find a local or online small business coach.
  2. Noomii is a great online directory for all types of business consultants and coaches.

Questions An Entrepreneur Could Ask To Ensure They Found The Right Coaching Service

1. How does the business coach interact with clients?

Does this business coach provide individual or group programs? Is it virtual or physical? How many phone calls do you receive every month? Do you receive assistance between calls? (This may be particularly useful if you have questions or concerns between scheduled meetings.) Do you gain access to resources or anything else through collaboration?

2. What sorts of customers does this business coach commonly serve?

Business coaching is not standardized. All businesses are different. You should ensure that the business coach you employ has expertise in assisting companies in your field. You will want to work with a business coach who supports coaches, etc. if you are a coach.

3. What are the values of the business coach?

Shared values can facilitate an effective working relationship. Consider your values and which ones are most important to you in a coaching partnership. Is open communication important? Transparency? Honesty? Responsiveness? Accountability? Share this with your potential business coach to determine compatibility.

4. What results do customers of this business coach typically achieve?

While each client is unique and client results are extremely subjective, a business coach should help their clients reach certain goals or objectives. Many business instructors are simply interested in sharing their best outcomes. However, you are curious about the most usual outcomes. Be careful to check about the current status of their former clientele to get a sense of the results they can produce. You need to ensure that your coach will help you achieve business success.

5. What characteristics does this business coach want in a client?

Yes, this is a crucial point! The optimal coaching relationship is one in which both the client and coach say “yes.” You might inquire with the business coach about the sorts of customers they enjoy working with to determine whether you fit their client profile. This is a partnership, and like all relationships, it requires the commitment of both parties for its success.

6. When will this business coach begin accepting new clients?

It might be disappointing to learn on a consult call that a coach is not accepting new customers for the next three to six months. Whether you want to begin immediately or next month, make sure to share this information with your potential business coach to see whether they can begin working with you.

How much does a business coach charge?

The cost of a business coach will vary based on location, experience, subject matter, and your individual requirements. Some charge between $100 and $1,000 per hour, while others offer $50 monthly plans. Some coaches may also take a cut of the earnings.

Remember that greater costs do not always indicate superior quality. Look for coaches who are transparent about their fees, capabilities, and expected outcomes.


Employing the services of a business coach can help you cut down the time required to find success. However, you need to ensure you locate the right coach, and you can do that by asking other business owners and utilizing online services like Google or Noomii.


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