How to Make 10K a Month

How to make 10k a month - consistently.

How to make 10K a month – consistently.

In order to get to 10K months or even 8K months in your own business, which is your first six figure year, there’s only three things you need.

And while three is not very many things, there’s a lot of different ways you can accomplish each of those things. So we’ll dive into that too – as well as why, if it’s so easy to get to 10K months, why everybody isn’t doing it

The only three things you need in order to make 10K a month

1. A really good offer

An offer is the thing that you’re selling. In other words, you need to start with a great business idea.

Great Business Idea

We call your great business idea an offer. Instead of just a product, is because “offer” encapsulates the intricacies of sophistication. I can sell a checklist for decluttering, but if I’m going to sell a program where I’m going to work with you one on one to help you declutter so that you never have a cluttered house ever again, that’s a much more sophisticated offer.

2. Leads

What you’re selling is going to inform how you’re getting leads. That’s why your offer is the most important thing in this equation.

3. Sales

Sales involves the ways and the mechanisms which you using to get sales. And again, the way that you’re getting sales is going to be heavily informed by the thing that you’re selling.

The 2 main ways to make money as an online entrepreneur

The two things I focus on most and help clients with are:

  1. content creators with a volume-based business.
  2. coaching, consulting and service-based businesses.

These two business ideas encapsulate most online businesses. The only thing I’m not covering is physical products, which can go into the content creator volume-based bucket, unless you’re doing high cost physical products.

So we have these two buckets, these two ways to make money online.

One of them is going to be low-cost products, which means that in order to get to 10K months, you need high volume. Then, we have coaching, consulting and service-based businesses. And on that side, we have less need of volume.

When I have a client who tells me they’re interested in coaching, consulting or services, I always want to push them in that direction because the bottom line is that mathematically it’s easier to get to 10K months when you’re selling higher-cost offers.

In my course, Small Audience Sales System, which I also sell as a coaching program, we can use a small audience sales system to sell anything from $10 to $20,000 or more.

But when we are working with a small audience, if you want to get 10K months as soon as possible, and you are selling a $5 course, what’s the math on that? How many $5 things do you have to sell to get to $10,000?

That’d be 2000.

So if I want to sell 2000 things, that means I have to have a pretty large audience. You can get sales with a small audience for a $5 product.

But if you’re looking to get to 10K months as soon as possible, you probably want to lean into something that costs at least a few hundred dollars. So, instead of selling a decluttering checklist, why not sell some kind of coaching or consulting or mentorship package, or even a high-cost course where I walk you through a customized process of not just decluttering, but making sure that as a mom with kids, your house is never cluttered again?

And then, we also work on decluttering your mind or whatever. That’s a lot more sophisticated. We could charge a lot more than $15 for that.


Whether you have a low-cost or high cost offer, that’s going to inform how you’re getting your leads.

I recommend choosing two platforms to generate leads and traffic and visibility over time.

One of them should be conversation based, and the other volume based.

What do I mean by that?

You need to choose and prioritize a social media platform that is good for having conversations.

More reading: Online Visibility: Tips to Be Seen

So what platforms are good for having conversations?

Facebook and Instagram are very good for this.

TikTok is hit or miss for conversations, because you can’t really DM people unless you’re following each other. You can’t comment back and forth. Just like on YouTube, you can comment back and forth, but there’s no direct message, intimate conversations on YouTube or TikTok as they exist today. But there are on Facebook and Instagram.

So when you’re looking at leads and growing visibility, you want to choose one platform for trust and conversation.

And then you also want to choose one platform for volume, because even if you’re trying to get 10K months and you have no audience yet, you still eventually want to have an audience.

So, we also want to choose a platform that has the potential for volume. One way that I teach clients to get sales is by using their personal Facebook profile. And we’re following Facebook’s terms of service, we’re not being spammy.

But on your Facebook personal profile, we’re going to hit a limit of how many friends we could have. We can’t message a ton of people without being spammy. So your Facebook personal profile, even if you use that for your own business successfully, is not ultimately going to be a volume platform for you. It doesn’t have unlimited growth potential.

But what platforms do have unlimited growth potential? Well, a Facebook group or page does. Facebook pages don’t have great organic reach, but a Facebook page does have unlimited growth potential. Instagram has unlimited growth potential. Reels are even better for volume and growth potential. TikTok has great unlimited exponential growth potential. Pinterest, unlimited potential. SEO, Search Engine Optimization for a blog, unlimited potential.

Sales Strategies to Make 10k a Month

So, there’s lots of ways to sell. This is where, depending on the way that you’re selling, it’s going to diverge a lot.

For volume based sales, you’re either going to need a ton of traffic, or you’re going to need to do paid ads at some point.

For coaching/consulting based offers, you don’t need high volume, really ever. There’s a lot of coaches and consultants and service-based businesses that never run ads or have high volume.

The way that you’re going to sell is going to change a lot whether you’re doing volume based or coaching.

Here’s one example of how your sales paths are going to change.

If I’m doing a volume-based business, I do not want to have a conversation with every single person who buys a $20 product. That would not make it very scalable.

Whereas, when I’m selling something for a thousand dollars or more, I’m willing to talk to almost everybody who buys that product. So if you’re going to scale a volume-based business, you need a passive way to sell, an automated way to sell. If you’re going to scale a high-ticket-based business, you don’t necessarily have to have a passive funnel to sell it.

So, the three things you need to get to consistent five figure months are:

  1. a really good offer
  2. a way to get leads
  3. a way to get sales

How To Get Started

If you have any questions about this, I would recommend booking a call. We can have a conversation about this or anything else you need help with in your own business.


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