How To Find A Business Coach

How To Find A Business Coach

Thinking About How To Find A Business Coach? I recently spent some time asking people how their blogs were coming along, and it made me reflect on my experience on how to find a business coach.

It took me over 7 years to make money from my blog.

In 2017, I decided I wanted to start a profitable business. I had some stuff happen in my personal life that left me with some financial fear.

At the time I didn’t even realize that making money from your blog was something you could do…

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My First Business Coaches

I paid my first coach… a lot of money. I used to be embarrassed to talk about it.

They did build me a funnel, but I spent a TON on ads and barely made my money back.

That first coach offered me no support. They built the funnel and I spent a lot of time floundering, wondering why it wasn’t working out for me.

My second coach didn’t cost me as much. She was great and I made my money back on the investment back not too long after deciding to work with her. But her system was really hands off from her.

The structure of her coaching was that every week I would get a Google Doc from her ebook. It was great information and I learned a ton. But I had to beg to talk to her and ask questions. It was really hands off for her.

What I Really Needed

And I realized what I really needed. I wanted support. AND I wanted someone to answer my questions. I wanted coaching that was tailored to me and my current position and what I needed.

How many times did I spend my time spinning my wheels on something I knew was probably simple but simply didn’t have the right person to ask about it?

Courses are great, but what I really need to boost my success is engagement and person-ability. The best thing anyone can give you is their time, which is why I’m always so hands on with my clients.

Here are some tips below on how to find a business coach that best meets your needs.

How To Find A Business Coach

Join Facebook Groups

Getting involved within a community of peers is going to help you get a lot of free ifo. Facebook groups for loggers, entrepreneurs and coaches are great for finding free value and community. It’s also going to start giving you a peek at some potentials you might want to work with.

Ask Your Network

Once you start connecting with peers in your niche, start asking around. Ask people you admire who they worked with. Ask people you see succeeding how they got where they are.

See Who Is Providing Value

You can do this on different platforms. Quora is great for asking questions and getting thorough answers from industry experts. See who is placing themselves as an authority in their field.

Also check back with those Facebook groups. Look past the people who are simply selling themselves and see who is providing value. If they give away helpful nuggets, imagine what you might get by investing in their paid services. If someone only talks about themselves, it might be time to keep looking.

Read Reviews

Reviews are so critical to seeing who has created happy clients. You might even stalk them a it and see if you can directly reach out to past clients and hear it straight from them. I have totally done this in the past and it led me to legitimately successful coaches who were doing amazing things. Ad they had loyal customers who would promote them for free because they were truly valuable.

Set Up A Call

Most coaches will offer a free or super cheap consultation jist to get you on the phone. This phone call can reveal so much about who they are, What questions are they asking?

Are they asking about you? Are they trying to get to know you? Did they offer any value? How much are they talking about themselves? How soon did they throw their prices out for you? These things reveal a lot about where their head is at.

Make Sure You Mesh

Compatible personalities can really optimize successful relationships. What are their interests? How easily did your conversation go if you had one? Do you like them as a person? Do you admire what they did before coaching?

How to Find a Business Coach: Look For A Coach Who Believes In Coaches

Ask you potential coach if they have ever had coaching and what they had to say about it. See what their personal experience was and how it affected their approach in their own business.

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Summing Up How To Find A Business Coach

Finding a good business coach is about considering what you need in your current business. What kind of guidance are you looking for? I think that someone who is available to answer questions is critical. I like a hands on coach who keeps me accountable, remembers my name and tailors my experience to what they see my needs to be.

Let me know if you have ever worked with a coach and what you did or did not like about you experience.


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