How to Manifest in Your Business: Art of Belief

art if belief: How to Manifest in Your Business

If you’re a service provider or content creator, then you probably learned that success comes from working hard. But if you’ve been online long enough, you are probably starting to wonder How to Manifest in Your Business.

“The journey IS the destination.” This statement used to annoy me. I just so badly wanted the destination. But what I didn’t realize until years later is that the goal post was ALWAYS moving.

Example: for ages, I wanted $30k months. When I finally got there (or got close) I didn’t celebrate. I just changed the goal to $50k months. Then, when I had a $60k month, I made a lot of excuses as to why it wasn’t valid. And I changed my goal to $100k months 🙃


I never celebrated. Not only that, but I never let my nervous system adjust to each new level, which is why I couldn’t sustain some of those numbers consistently. This why chasing the FEELING of having what you want is so important. Because it not only helps you when figuring out the steps and the reasons why the goal is important, but it also helps your nervous system start adjusting to the new levels.

Going Against Our Design, So We Can Thrive

You are designed to survive, not thrive. So, your brain feels SAFE when things stay the same. And if things stay the same: sure, you get to feel safe. But you’re going to find it hard moving into your next level. If we practice the feeling, then we’re less likely to freak out and sabotage the next level subconsciously.

This is part of what I want to help you lean into on tomorrow’s ART OF BELIEF training. On this training, we are going to…

  • uncover learned beliefs you have about success and money that are no longer serving you
  • learn to chase the feeling of what you want and practice gratitude in more motivating ways (and how to embrace life when things totally suck)
  • integrate and align new beliefs with your nervous system, so you can collapse time and embody your new level of success NOW

Wondering how to manifest in your business? Keep reading! Need support in manifesting? Book a free Alignment Audit call.

How to Manifest in Your Business: 7 Steps

Step 1: Recognize that we are the creators of our reality.

Recognizing that we are the creators of our reality is an important step in understanding how we can take control of our own success. Taking responsibility for our actions and beliefs is a key part of this process, as it allows us to understand why we have the lives and realities that we do.

This doesn’t mean you’re responsible for bad things that happen to you. And it doesn’t mean that unfairness doesn’t exist. It does.

There’s evil in the world. And we also have choice. Both are true.

When you accept that our lives are a manifestation of our past, you’re empowered to change your future. Everything from our relationships, decisions, experiences, and thoughts all add up to create the present reality. It takes awareness and attentiveness to become aware of the ways in which we have been creating this reality. By getting curious about things like “did I create that?”, we can start to see how our actions have led us to where we are today.

You are in control.

When looking at negative situations or experiences in life, it’s important NOT to blame yourself for other people’s poor behavior. Instead, focus on the choices you do have around those behaviors. We may not be able to change some circumstances. But, there will always be alternative paths available which can lead us towards better results.

This form of self-reflection can be uncomfortable as it requires honest introspection. It can also be incredibly freeing. It gives us the power to understand what direction we want our lives to go in moving forward. Allowing ourselves the time and space for these reflections provides a deeper understanding into who we are.

What kind of future successes lie ahead for us if we choose them for ourselves?

Points in video:

  • It’s hard to take control over your success if you think you are powerless over it
  • But if you want that control, you also have to take responsibility for the things you want to change
  • This can suck if you have a reality you don’t want
  • This doesn’t mean we are responsible for bad behavior of others, but we often have choices on our actions and beliefs around those behaviors
  • Your life now is a manifestation of your past
  • Pay attention and get curious around: “did I create that?”

Step 2: Address limiting beliefs and give them space.

When learning how to manifest in your business, start by addressing limiting beliefs. Addressing limiting beliefs can be a daunting task, but it is an important step in creating a life filled with abundance and joy. Limiting beliefs are often rooted in fear, shame and insecurity, and they can prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. By giving them space, we can examine why they exist and how to overcome them.

One way to address limiting beliefs is to recognize the story behind them. This means identifying the source of the belief, whether it be a past experience, someone else’s opinion or a cultural norm that doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s essential to have compassion for yourself when examining these beliefs and allowing yourself time to process them fully through breath, sound, movement and emotional release.

Understand your Stories

By understanding the stories behind our limiting beliefs we can begin to challenge them with facts. When faced with a negative thought such as “I’m not good enough” we can remind ourselves “I have achieved X milestone recently so I do have something valuable to offer” or “I am working hard towards Y goal which shows how much I care about my success.” Through reframing our thoughts with positive affirmations it becomes easier to move past our limiting beliefs.

Learn From Other People

When we learn how to manifest in your business, we can also draw strength from other people. Consider connecting with friends who understand you and encourage you. Mentors, coaches or therapists can provide invaluable guidance in confronting the stories behind our limiting beliefs which helps us gain clarity on how those stories shape our current life experience. By building accountability structures alongside this support network it encourages us to stay on track with setting goals that align with our values and move us forward into action rather than staying stagnant in old patterns of behavior born from fear or doubt.

Ultimately, addressing limiting beliefs is an ongoing process as new ones come up all the time but by being mindful of their presence and giving them space for understanding we can start replacing them with empowering thoughts that help us continue on the path of personal growth towards becoming our best selves.

Points in Video

  • Your brain is software, not hardware (it can change!)
  • This takes commitment and devotion
  • Toxic agreements, resentments, learned behaviors
  • Allow yourself to process the feeling fully through breath, sound, movement and emotional release

Step 3: Learn how to change your frequency over time.

Learning how to change your frequency over time is an important part of creating a life full of joy, possibility, and peace. One way to do this is through raising the vibration of your physical and emotional body. Raising our vibration can be done in many ways, such as through mindful practices like yoga, meditation, exercise, breathing practices, and other mindfulness activities.

It’s important to note that raising the vibration is different from releasing tension or stress. When we raise the vibration it’s a about simply eliminating our negative thoughts and feelings, but rather about shifting into a higher frequency or energetic level. It’s about diving deep into the heart of our being to access a more peaceful and expansive space within us.

This Doesn’t Mean Emotional Bypassing

When we understand that all emotions are natural and have a role to play in life – even those considered “negative” emotions – we can approach them with greater compassion and understanding. The key is learning how to move through these states with an awareness of both their positive aspects as well as their limitations. Instead of becoming stuck in them, we learn how to come back into balance and experience more flow in our lives by consciously working with our energy field instead of against it.

Raising Vibration

What is raising your vibration? It involves learning how to tap into higher levels of consciousness. This is where new possibilities can open up for us. It’s about creating changes on an energetic level so that we can build new patterns and access higher states of harmony within ourselves. By doing this, we can create more alignment between our inner world (thoughts/emotions/beliefs/energy) and outer world (reality).

When raising our vibration becomes a regular practice – along with taking steps towards implementing that energy into actionable goals – then true transformation begins to take place in our lives. Not only does this help us connect more deeply with ourselves but it also helps us manifest healthier relationships with others, live more fulfilling lives, develop greater self-awareness and insight, create meaningful impact on the world around us, foster deeper inner peace…and much more!

Points in Video

  • we have both frequency and vibration
  • Frequency is more stable but can change over time
  • Vibration changes all the time with mood, emotions, environment and experiences
  • Raise frequency over time csn improve the quality of your life and experiences
  • It is possible to feel “high vibe” while also feeling sad and worried
  • Practicing this duality / mastering this duality is a trauma informed approach to manifesting

Step 4: use money as a mirror

How do you feel when you give gifts?

When I give gifts, it used to be out of obligation or expectation. I want the person receiving the gift to feel special and appreciated, and I’m hoping that this gesture will be reciprocated in kind. There’s a feeling of obligation and expectation that comes with giving someone a present, which can lead to disappointment if those expectations aren’t met.

These kind of experiences can be a great check for how you might see money.

How do you feel when you recieve gifts?

When it comes to receiving gifts or love, I am usually very appreciative and touched by the thoughtfulness behind them. It leaves me feeling supported, accepted, and cared for. Receiving money as a form of love or appreciation feels different though. While initially it may put me at ease knowing that I am financially taken care of in some way or another, its implications run deeper than that. Money has always been associated with power dynamics in relationships; whether it’s me being dependent on someone else for financial support or vice versa – both scenarios come with their own set of underlying issues such as insecurity, lack of trust and control over finances/relationships that can create tension between people involved in them.

This is one example of how money can mirror toxic relationships. Because money itself is often used to manipulate others into submission or compliance in order for one party to gain more control over the other individual(s).

In order for me to have healthier relationships with money and those around me, it’s important for me to recognize these underlying issues so that I can take steps towards resolving them rather than allowing them to continue having a negative impact on my life.

Points in Video

  • extension of limiting belief work
  • Money often mirrors your most toxic relationships
  • I am anxious-attached but can have avoidant tendencies. This shows up in my money
  • How do you feel when you give gifts? How do you feel when you pay money?
  • How do you feel when you receive love or gifts? What about money?

Step 5: Make the journey the destination.

Making the journey the destination involves appreciating every step of the way. Instead of focusing solely on the end goal, it’s important to recognize and savor each moment as you go through it. For example, if your ultimate goal is to achieve a certain income level, it’s important to appreciate learning new skills along the way, building relationships with people who can help you reach your goals, and taking pleasure in celebrating small victories.

Example: Adding Practical to Spiritual & Enjoyment

When aiming for a 50k/month goal, for instance, it’s crucial to stay focused on the current task at hand and enjoy working toward that end result. When embodying how to manifest in your business, this could mean learning about personal finance or investing principles.

Adding this practical strategy helps you can create a strategy for achieving your financial goals. It could also involve networking with people who are already successful in their fields or have achieved what you’re striving for. You may also find joy in exploring different resources available online or attending seminars related to your goal. All of these steps will help you gain new knowledge and skills that will not only give you confidence but also increase your chances of success in achieving your desired outcome.

Take Your time

In addition to enjoying each step along the way, take your time. It’s important to remember that no matter how much effort you put into reaching your goals, there is no guarantee that it will happen overnight or even within a certain timeline. This is so important for how to manifest in your business.

This means developing an attitude of patience and acceptance: understand that failure is just another part of the process, and be willing to adjust strategies as necessary when needed. Lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself for progress made – whether large or small – so that you can stay motivated throughout the process!

Points in Video

  • Chase the feeling
  • Your body has to learn what 50k months feels like before you can have AND keep it
  • This practice prepares your system AND changes your frequency and vibration
  • Goal post will always move, that’s why you must enjoy the journey
  • What is something you have that you thought you would never have?

Step 6: Focus on tiny changes and pattern disrupts.

To make the process of how to manifest in your business easier, focus on making tiny changes. One way to do this is with pattern interrupts. Make small pattern disrupts as much as possible! Here’s an article on the science of pattern interrupts.

A pattern interrupt is when you break out of a cycle or habit that has become a default for you. This could be anything from taking a different route to work each morning, having coffee at an unfamiliar cafe, or even wearing a different outfit than usual. Small, seemingly insignificant changes like these can have powerful ripple effects in your life – you may start to feel motivated and inspired by all the new sights and sounds around you, feel open to new ideas and opportunities, or simply gain an unexpected burst of energy from breaking out of your routine.


Another way to help you in how to manifest in your business? Make progress towards manifesting your goals is to practice love and gratitude. When we are feeling grateful for what we already have in our lives – whether it’s friends and family, good health, or simply having enough money for rent – we tap into an abundance mindset that can be incredibly helpful in opening us up to new possibilities. It’s important not to force yourself into feeling grateful though; instead take time each day to genuinely reflect on what you are thankful for and allow those thoughts to come naturally without judgement or pressure.

Breaking Cycles

If you want to manifest in your business, you have to break cycles.

When anxiety starts creeping in as part of this process it can often feel overwhelming; however there are some simple steps you can take right away that could begin breaking the anxious cycle. Taking deep breaths throughout the day can help bring your attention back into the present moment where anxiety cannot thrive; engaging in activities such as yoga or meditation can also provide grounding techniques; setting small daily goals that build towards larger objectives will help create momentum; lastly spending more quality time with yourself outdoors surrounded by nature is also known to reduce stress levels significantly.

As long as you love yourself enough and commit yourself fully with gratitude into what you want most out of life then anything becomes possible! Allowing your passion for something greater than yourself to fuel you forward through any challenges that arise will truly catapult your manifesting journey along its path quicker than ever before!

Points in Video

  • make the time to work on this, period
  • Make the smallest changes as a pattern interrupt
  • Don’t force gratitude. It’s ok to intentionally spend time with your limiting beliefs (key is intentionally)
  • Stopping anxiety cyclone: my first steps to manifesting
  • Love and gratitude catapult your manifesting

Step 7: How to Manifest in Your Business: Daily or weekly somatic meditations.

  • Do this meditation every day!


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