Blogging Name Ideas: How to Choose a Great Name for Your Blog

Blogging Name Ideas: How to Choose a Great Name for Your Blog

Blogging name ideas: how to come up with a blog name.

Choosing a name for your blog can be hard. It feels like such a big commitment!

You want to pick something that is catchy, memorable, and simple to spell. Catchy blog names can make you stand out from the crowd…or they can make it harder for people to connect. 😬

I’ve helped people name a lot of blogs, and this post will take you through what you need to know about choosing a blog name, what tools are available to help with this process, and what to do if you decide later on that your blog needs a new direction or focus.

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How to choose a blog name

A good blog name is one that is brief, distinctive, memorable, and (possibly) incorporates your most important keywords.

There are a few things you want to take into account when choosing a blog name:

  • how easy is it to spell?
  • what does the name mean? Is it catchy and memorable?
  • what domain names are available for your chosen blog name? (more on this below)
  • what other similar blog names are out there? Will you stand out from them? How?

There’s no right or wrong answer to what makes a great name.

For some people, it will be how easily they can come up with the name, while for others it might be about what brand recognition they can build with it.

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What are some good names for blogs?

Some of the most successful bloggers in the world have very simple blog names. For example, “The Pioneer Woman” or “One Good Thing by Jillee”.

Some other examples of great blogging names:

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere
  • Minimalist Baker
  • The Bloggess
  • A Cup of Jo
  • Oh Joy!

What makes these names great is that they are catchy and memorable.

Some of them also do a good job at what’s called “brand recognition”, where people immediately know what the blog will be about because of the name. For this reason, sometimes it can help to have a name that is an actual phrase or what people are already searching.

One way to really benefit from this tactic is to use what’s called a “long tail keyword”.

If you type in, for example, “blog names” into Google, there are thousands upon thousands of results to choose from. But what if instead you typed in “best vegan food blog names”? You’re now down to a list of only the best food blog names for vegan recipes. The long tail is what happens when you start drilling down into more specific search terms. When you do this, you are far more likely to be found by your best fans.

What makes a poor blog name?

It’s usually obvious what is wrong with a particular blog name – it might be too long or make no sense at all. If the only thing you can come up with for what your blog name could be is just a random string of words – welp, you’ve got some more work to do.

One good way to brainstorm what your name should be is by using a naming tool like

This blog name generator tool helps come up with lots and lots of different ideas for what your blog name can be… But it doesn’t really tell you if any of them are any good!

Tips on choosing the right domain name for your blog

When you’re brainstorming what your blog name should be, it’s important to remember that the domain name also needs to be available. The domain name is what people type into their web browser in order to get to your website – for example, “”.

You want to make sure the domain name is available for purchase and that it’s easy to remember. A lot of people use their own name as their blog name (e.g. “”.) This is what I do! But – it won’t be ideal if you have a very common name. There could be multiple other bloggers with the same or similar names out there.

You want your blog to stand out from the crowd! You can use this domain checker to see if the domain you want is still available:

If the domain name you want is already taken, what can you do?

If the domain name you want is already taken, don’t worry!

You can always purchase a different, but similar, domain name that’s related to your blog name.

For example, if my blog was called “The Everyday Home”, I could purchase the domain name “”.

Explore alternate domain extensions

A domain extension (or “top level domain”) just means what comes after the “dot” in your web address (for example, “.com”). Some domain extensions are more trusted and recognized than others. If your domain isn’t available in a .com, you can try alternates like .co or .net.

You should also try to avoid using hyphens or numbers when choosing your domain name, as they can be confusing for people.

Blogging Name Ideas: How to Choose a Great Name for Your Blog

Blogging Name Ideas for Common Niches

Fashion blogging name ideas:

If you’re interested in starting a fashion blog, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your name.

First, what’s your target audience? Are you trying to reach young girls or more mature women? You can usually tell what type of fashion blogger someone is by looking at their blog name.

One example would be “The Curvy Fashionista” versus “Style Me Pretty”. The former is for plus sized women who are interested in latest trends, while the latter is for women who want to see what the “in” style is.

Another thing you’ll want to consider when choosing your name is what type of fashion you’ll be blogging about. If you’re only interested in high-end fashion, then a blog called “The Modest Fashionista” wouldn’t make sense.

Some of the best fashion blog names incorporate the blogger’s name into the title – for example, “Alessandra Ambrosio Blog” or “Leandra Medine”.

You can also look up what other fashion bloggers are using for their name in order to get inspiration.

Skincare blogging name ideas:

If your blog is about skincare, you have a lot of different options when it comes to what your name could be. Some good ones include:

  • Skin and Tonics
  • Glow Recipe

What makes these names great is that they’re both specific to what the blog is about, but also easy for people to remember. They incorporate words like “skin”, “tonic” and “glow”. This way readers know what your blog will be about before even visiting it.

Travel blogging name ideas:

If you’re looking to start a travel blog, one thing to keep in mind is that your name should be catchy and easy to remember. Also, what type of travel will you be blogging about? You’ll want to include what your focus is in the name, so people know what they’re clicking on.

Some good examples of travel blog names are:

  • Adventurous Kate
  • Eternal Arrival
  • The Professional Hobo

These names all have a bit of an edge to them, and they make it clear what the blog is about. They’re also all short and memorable!

Food blogging name ideas

If you want to start a food blog, consider your target demographic. If the blog will mostly be for people over the age of 40, then using words like “comfort” or “recipes” or “busy” in your title would make sense. On the other hand, if you want to reach a young audience (18-25), using words like “healthy” and “budget” would be what works best.

Food blogs are some of the most popular types of blogs out there, so it’s extra important to come up with a catchy name that will stand out from the rest.

Some great examples are:

  • Pinch of Yum
  • Half Baked Harvest
  • Dishing Out Health

These names all incorporate words related to food and cooking, which makes it clear what the blog will be about.

Personal blog name ideas or lifestyle blog

Consider your passions, interests, or the unique perspective you bring to your writing. Play around with words, phrases, or combinations that resonate with you. Incorporating your name or a clever variation can add a personal touch. Make sure the name is easy to remember, spell, and pronounce to ensure it’s accessible to your audience.

Instagram blog name ideas

Coming up with the perfect Instagram blog name requires creativity and consideration of your unique style and content niche.

Start by brainstorming keywords or themes related to your content.

Think about your passions, hobbies, or the main focus of your blog. You can also consider your personality and what makes you stand out. Play with word combinations, puns, alliterations, or cultural references to make your name memorable.

Keep it concise and easy to spell. It’s essential to check the availability of your chosen name on Instagram to ensure it’s not already in use. Your Instagram blog name should reflect your brand, resonate with your audience, and leave a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get feedback from friends or followers before settling on the perfect name.

Making your website memorable with a catchy slogan or tagline

Once you’ve chosen a great name for your blog, you can also add a catchy slogan or tagline to make it even more memorable.

Some examples of good slogans are:

  • “A Whole New World” (Disney)
  • “Think Different” (Apple)
  • “We Try Harder” (Avis)

A tagline is helpful because it can sum up what your blog is about in a simple sentence. It’s important to make sure the tagline isn’t too long or complicated though, as people won’t remember it if it takes them more than a few seconds to read.

Think of what you want your tagline to be and have a friend try saying it out loud – how many syllables does it have? How easy is it to remember?

The most important thing is that you just get started!

It can be really daunting to come up with a great name for your blog, and even more challenging to find the perfect domain name. But don’t let this stop you from starting your blog – many people rebrand later on when their blog has grown in popularity. It’s better to just pick something and course correct later than to never start at all.


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