How Chrissie Pivoted Her Niche And Exploded Her Blogging Business

Blogging business: how Chrissie found success.

Chrissie’s blogging business, Joy Through Chaos, came out of a time in Chrissie’s life when she was a slightly stir crazy new stay at home mom. She was at home with her first sweet little baby and realized quickly that she would need *something* to help occupy her new at home position.

And she thought, “I’ll blog. Anybody can start a blog, right?” So she started a domain with a general intent to help struggling moms.

What Success Had Your Blogging Business Had And Where Were You Stuck?

I pivoted soon after and used my healthcare background to adjust my niche to talk about the health and safety of kids. Pivoting totally changed my blog and grew my audience quickly.

Even though things felt good, I hit a plateau at 15k page views and just got stuck.

How Did Other Programs Help Your Blogging Business?

I tried EBA as my first course ever. It was my first trip into blog education. As I went through that course I got frustrated very quickly. Now I know that EBA is not really great for new bloggers, but at the time I thought it would be the end all be all of blog knowledge,

I started supplementing a lot. Tons of other little courses. And a few months in I found a coach who I loved, Kim Anderson, for quite some time. But the things same things kept coming back up: the feeling that I did not know my people well enough to sell them things or make money.

What Was The Missing Piece For You?

It was a mindset piece. It had nothing to do with defining my niche and everything to do with my confidence in the direction I was going.

In short: EBA is a great road map, but falls short because of all the gaps and work that is involved. And it lacks accountability. And Kim filled those gaps for some time, but the mindset piece was still holding me back.

Why Did You Join The Accelerator Program?

I saw that you had a mindset forward approach, and I was very aware that my progress would rely solely on conquering those limiting beliefs. When you have the mentality that you don’t know your audience, putting out new content is a challenge. I needed confidence and a way to feel connected to my avatar in a meaningful way.

I saw what she did and I wanted to jump in. Because I knew changing my mindset would help my bottom line. I found a lot of success with Alison’s help. Did the mindset work and soared fast and early.

Then we got to the point where I needed to sell something, and I completely stalled out. Sell something? …Is there something else I can work on first?

At week 8 Alison pushed me to create something. Stop procrastinating and do the thing!

What Changed Everything For You?

Taking Direction

The biggest lesson for me after my block during the program was at some point I have to stop thinking about things. I had this idea that if I keep thinking about something and talking to a coach about it I will eventually gain clarity. But the truth is that action is the key to clarity, then we iron things out as we go.

Having my hand forced me to do the thing, because that is the kind of person that I am. I take direction. It’s why I like to hire coaches: I thrive on being told what to do.

Finding An Audience I’m Passionate About

The other thing that changed my blogging business for me was shifting my niche again. I was competing with huge health bloggers like WebMD. I was never going to rank significantly against them.

So I shifted to a consumer forward space that would allow us to grow and give us a better audience for what we have to offer. I pivoted from health and safety to our journey camping and RVing together.

I spent a lot of time trying to identify my niche. But I did not discover my niche until I actually started to launch.

Having my hand forced me to do the thing, because that is the kind of person that I am. I take direction and thrive on being told what to do.

I came into the Accelerator Program feeling watery and muddy and not knowing where I was headed or how to help my audience, who was actually quite large at the time. And I came out of it with clarity, passion for my mission and confident that I had the tools to help my audience.

Master your own mindset work so that you can make meaningful progress. It’s not just woo. It will change your life and change your business.

Learn More About Chrissie

To learn more about Chrissie and how she has pivoted her new business about child health and safety made easy, check her out at

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