Scarcity Vs. Abundance: The Scarcity #WealthWound

The Scarcity #WealthWound and its Antidote, Abundance

Scarcity vs. abundance: how to cultivate greater trust in the universe to provide opportunities to fulfill our needs and desires.

We all live with limiting beliefs, and most of us have had limiting beliefs around money and our ability to experience abundance. I refer to this as a #WealthWound, and you can take the #WealthWound quiz here to find out which of the five main beliefs are your current bottleneck.

Do you resonate with any of the following statements?

  • There’s not enough
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have the resources
  • I need to spend less to have more
  • Money is hard to get
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • If I have more someone else has less

These are all beliefs that stem from a scarcity vs. abundance #WealthWound.

What is Scarcity vs. Abundance?

When you believe that money and abundance in general are limited resources, it causes bottlenecks to believing you can have more. You can feel like you HAVE to have money to make money, or that you don’t have enough time to do what is required, or that because you have a busy job and a buncha kids, you’ll never be able to create overflow.

A scarcity vs. abundance mindset creates feelings of lack, insecurity and competition, regardless of how successful you are. People with this limiting belief view money and resources as finite. More for me creates less for you (and vice versa). This creates feelings of competition with others, which leads to feelings of stress, anxiety and even desperation when trying to manifest more.

The problem with feelings of scarcity are that it can cause us to become overly attached to the goal. Thinking that the success of someone else comes at the possible expense of your own means that you’re unable to celebrate someone else’s success, or use others for inspiration. It can also cause us to cling too tightly to the things you already DO have, which can prevent the flow of more coming in.

In worst case scenarios, scarcity can cause greed, envy, and fear, and ALL of these are bottlenecks to having MORE of what we want.

The Antidote: Abundance

The antidote for scarcity is cultivating abundance.

What would your life and business look like if you believed that money and resources were unlimited? Abundance mindset not only changes your view of the world, but the impact of shifting your beliefs to be abundant literally changes your life. This relates to the law of attraction, which has a surprising amount of science to back it up.

For example: the law of attraction states that we get what we focus on, and psychology says: that’s true!

Your brain has a mechanism that helps it focus, and this is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). In short, your brain is presented with literally millions of data points every second, but it can ONLY process a few hundred of those.

So, in order to help filter out the information your brain needs to process to help you survive, it utilizes the RAS to save time and be efficient (…and help you stay sane!) In other words, the role of the RAS is to selectively focus on ONLY the inputs that are important and relevant. The way it knows what data is important is either:

  • your survival depends on it or
  • it is a match for what your unconscious mind both believes and expects.

So when you believe that everything is possible and that resources are unlimited, you directly impact your reality.

With abundant mindset, you get to…

  • Celebrate others’ success, because its showing you what is possible
  • Hang on loosely, knowing there is always more
  • Experience neutrality and more peace
  • Have gratitude for what you have, and gratitude for what you know is coming

How to Start Trusting Abundance

Developing an abundance mentality requires cultivating greater trust in the universe to provide opportunities to fulfill our needs and desires. There’s lots of small things you can do to start building your abundance muscle.

Gratitude lists

I know I know, yawn. But what I want you to do here is get REALLY intentional about your gratitude. It’s easy to forget to be grateful for what we have now, when we are aiming for so much more. But attracting what you want requires massive gratitude for where you are. Are you grateful for where you are now?

I also like to spice up my gratitude by including unconventional lists. What are the ways I feel supported today? Are there things that made me feel safe today? What are some things that happened today that made me feel seen, heard, or understood? Where did I get to experience small luxuries today?

Meditation for manifesting

Another thing that has helped me feel more abundant is meditating daily, specifically for the purpose of manifesting. This is because the process of manifesting requires that I lean into how it will FEEL when I have the things I’m trying to manifest. And the outcome of my goals all feel a little different in my body, so I get to practice and feel into many types of gratitude and satisfaction as I meditate fr manifesting.

I did an epic training on that process. Watch and/or read the manifesting training here.

Next Steps

These are obviously just two ideas for how you might start building your abundance muscle to heal your scarcity vs. abundance #WealthWound.

To begin elevating your mindset, learning more about your #WealthWound and utilizing fun tools for creating more abundance in your life, check out the Abundance Mindset Bundle. Go here to learn more.

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