How to Make Money Online – ASAP

how to make money online ASAP for five-ish different industries

In this live video replay, I talk about how to make money online ASAP for five-ish different industries.

This is related to a lot of the mindset work I’ve been teaching lately. I thought, why don’t we connect the dots between mindset and actually making more money. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, then just keep reading.

How to make money ASAP Blogging

So for all of these things I’m going to cover if you are established already, or if you are newer in the entrepreneur journey.

So the first thing I wanna talk about is blogging. This is kind of where I started, so I’m gonna start here.

If you’re a blogger, then you likely have a volume based business. Meaning you’re gonna have to build a lot of traffic to have significant income because your payouts per item are lower. (Usually, not always.) I mean, there are some high ticket businesses that are leveraging blogs to get clients, but either way, a blog is not a quick win for getting sales and leads when you’re new.

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Newer Bloggers

So if you are newer to blogging and you wanna make money ASAP, you’re gonna have to leverage social media or social sales direct outreach to get more people to see you sooner rather than later.

I have a course on this called the Small Audience Sales System, but basically you’re gonna leverage a social media platform where conversation is welcome. That could be Facebook, that could be LinkedIn, or that could be Instagram, but you are going to depend on social selling in some capacity to grow your email list so that you can get sales faster.

Another way to get sales faster, and this actually can apply to a lot of these before you’re, before you’re well established, you can borrow other people’s audiences to grow your own audience a little bit faster. That could be participating in bundles, summits, maybe being a podcast guest. I haven’t personally had a lot of luck with growing my audience being a podcast guest. Although it is good for branding and I know some people just entirely rely on that to grow their audience, it hasn’t worked for me.

But audience borrowing is a great way to get more leads and sales before you have your own established audience.

Established Bloggers

If you are more established as a blogger, if you have an audience already, then the way to make sales a SAP is just to run some kind of flash sale. You can do this by creating your own low cost offer, but if you don’t wanna create your own offer, you can either do a flash sale for some kind of coaching offer, which doesn’t require you to build anything beforehand. Or you could even do a push for an affiliate product that you believe in.

A lot of people don’t think about this. They think about using affiliates, just pop a link here and there. But you can actually do a whole content campaign and like a launch just based on an affiliate. So let’s say I have an affiliate product on Amazon’s not my favorite affiliate platform, but let’s just say that cause most people are familiar with it.

Let’s say I, I had a client in the past who had a blog about  scooters. And so one of her highest paying affiliates was helmets for scooters, and she would write reviews for them. So if she wanted to make money, A S A P, I would say send out, you know, five emails over five or seven days to push the helmets. And you could even make it sexy by incentivizing people to forward you their receipts.

I’ll give you this guide on scooter safety for free if you forward me your receipt from buying the helmet. So that’s one way to make money as s aap. If you’re a blogger and you have an audience – similarly with creators. So I’m differentiating blogger from creator because a creator may or may not have what we think of as a traditional blog.

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How to make money ASAP for Creators

So when I say creator, I’m talking about podcasts, newsletter creators,  influencers that just are building an audience on a social platform. So to get sales a sap as a creator with no audience similar to a blog, you’re gonna have to rely on social selling and or audience borrowing.

When learning how to make money online ASAP, a lot of creators default mode for making money is sponsorships. Then waiting for the volume to come. A lot of creators forget that they can create their own offers as well. I feel like bloggers are more naturally inclined to to know about online education. Whereas influencers don’t always think about that as a default. But if you can think about something to sell that you can create as a creator, that’s a great way to make money.

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How to make money ASAP for Brick and Mortar

I don’t have a ton of brick and mortar businesses in my audience, but I do have some that have physical product in-person businesses. So I wanted to touch on this briefly.

Newer Brick and Mortar

If you are newer to having a brick and mortar and you wanna get sales, a s aap, again, similar to blogging and being a creator: audience borrowing is a great way to get visibility faster.

So how do you do audience borrowing as a brick and mortar?

You can partner with other local businesses to run promotions. You can even cross promote each other. So you can ask a related store that’s near to you to kind of have a sign or brochures about your store, and you can do the same for them where you’ll be promoting their store inside of your store.

There’s lots of other ways that you can do this – like having signage outside.

Established brick and Mortar

If you’re established already, consider hosting a sales event (similar to like doing a course launch). Sales events have timelines associated with them – and deadlines get people to move.

This is why if you subscribe to like Old Navy’s email list, you’ll pretty much always be getting a sale every week, right?

That’s how they get people to buy. Of course they also sell things all the time at full price. But they do sales often because deadlines get people to move who are on the fence about something. So you can apply that same tactic to really all of these. But in brick and mortar people often don’t think about creating some kind of deadline to get people to move who aren’t buying.

How to make money ASAP for Coaching

If you are a coach and you’re trying to get sales as soon as possible, if you are early in your coaching business, you are going to have to do social sales as well or some kind of connection with people.

Newer Coaches

What I like to do that’s different for coaches as opposed to creators and bloggers is really push strategy sessions (aka sales calls), but the sales calls have real value associated with them.

When you’re a coach, instead of focusing just on getting as many sales as possible, you really wanna focus on talking to as many people as possible. Especially when you’re new and your offer isn’t proven yet.

Hopefully some of those turn into sales. But more importantly, they’ll turn into clarity, which will make it a lot easier to get sales along the way. When you’re newer as a coach, you need to generate conversations as much as possible.

So rather than selling your coaching early on, you’re selling your call, you’re selling the value of the free call. Because again, you need to talk to as many people as possible, which will help you speed up your process to getting a full client roster.

Established Coaches

If you’re an established coach and you’re trying to get sales as soon as possible, my assumption is that you’re already putting out invitations for your coaching often.

What can happen for coaches and consultants is that you might have a lot of people who have seen your offer repeatedly and don’t take action. So if you’ve been communicating with your audience on a regular basis and you’re having a stall in getting more sales…

You might need to put something fresh in front of the people.

Mini Offers or Innovating

Now, I’m a huge fan in coaching and consulting and having a simple business and having, especially before five figure months. But if you have a stall in sales and you’re starting to build your audience,  a really great way to move people over the edge is to introduce a mini way to work with you.

This is not lowering your prices. It’s just a lower barrier way to work with you. Like an hour intensive, Voxer VIP day, etc.

Another tip that I like to do with this is that if I sell somebody in intensive, I like to roll what they paid into a bigger coaching offer. So for example, I have a mastermind that is a year that is a thousand dollars a month. But if somebody buys an intensive or another smaller coaching offer, I might apply that price to the whole year of coaching to reduce their payment plan.

So again, it’s just an incentive to try to get people to move and it tends to work really well for me.

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How to make money ASAP for Services

Lastly, I wanna talk about service providers, which have some similarities to coaches and consultants, but a little bit different service providers. I feel like as far as high ticket offers, it’s the easiest thing that sells itself.

When you’re a coach or consultant, you are selling a potential result. You have to also sell self-belief, right? Because ultimately with coaching and consulting, the client is responsible for the results.

Service-based offers more easily sell themselves because the person is getting a thing no matter what. You can promise assets. So if you work with me as a service provider, I’m gonna build you a website. There’s, there’s no chance of failure. You’re gonna have a website, period.

So I really like service-based offers, especially when you’re new.

Newer Service Providers

So when you’re a service provider and you’re new, you wanna message people and you wanna like, you can, several ways to get their attention would be to audit their assets,  give them a free tool.

But when you are newer as a service provider, I would direct a message people, give them some kind of value and then tell them what you do.

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More Established Service Providers

If you’re established as a service provider, you can use some of the incentives we talked about earlier with coaching and consulting. As a service provider, my assumption if you have an audience already is that you’ve been making offers on a regular basis. So if you wanna get more people to move over the edge that are on the fence? I would say give them a miniature way to work with you.

So in instead of saying: we’re gonna run your Facebook ads for three to six months. You can say: we’ll do a Facebook ads intensive with you and help you get your first ad live.

(Then your hope is that they would work with you eventually when they can in the future.) But either way, you’ve figured out how to make money online ASAP. AND you’ve built some trust with a prospect that is really qualified.


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