4 Ways To Launch Products Regardless Of Audience Size

There are tons of ways to launch a new product. You might not know what direction to take. Is your audience large enough?

I love helping people who have never used traditional methods or who have a small audience.

You don’t need an audience with thousands of people. I launched a product and had a five figure month with a very small audience, and you can do it too.

What’s important to remember is persistence.

You might have a small launch, but remember you are always prepping future buyers.

Not Sure How To Launch A New Product?

Make your launch entertaining and engaging even for people who may not buy.

This can help increase the know like and trust factor. It helps your audience get to know you. Your next launch might catch them at a different season in life. They might be more financially or mentally prepared. The next launch might be more relevant to their needs.

I am going to cover 4 types on ways to launch a new product, regardless of how large your audience is. If you are about to launch a new product or plan to launch a new product soon, this will be great info for you.

4 Ways To Launch Products Regardless Of Audience Size

4 Strategies To Launch A New Product

Beta Launch

A beta launch is a quick way to infuse cash into your business. In a beta launch you share your story on your personal Facebook, your Instagram or to your small list.

It will not be scaleable. You won’t be able to enroll unlimited people because it will be some kind of coaching or group where you need to be available to them. Beta launches are story driven. Bring your audience in with a transformation story.

Traditional Launch

I use this strategy to launch a new product the most. It uses a free offer up front to reel them into a bigger offer on the backend. I usually start off with free training and then offer a course or larger product.

What is great about this type of launch is that you are providing value to people who may or may not buy the launch. It also helps qualify people better for the paid program.

Make sure the free training is valuable but has a big enough gap to make the larger offer worth it.

Other traditional launch sequences include webinars or an email series or challenge.

Flash Sale

Flash sales are very short. Though other launches for new products are time driven, flash sales are super quick- think a couple of days. Black Friday is a great example. I also know people who have tied flash sales to birthdays or anniversaries.

Flash sales won’t have the free component in the beginning but offer a massive discount with the purchase.

Evergreen Sale

This is not exactly a launch because it’s not as time sensitive as these other launch strategies.

I do this by driving people through an email sequence on my blog that brought people to my course. The urgency comes in based off of their email sequence and access they had through the email.

A tripwire offer is another example of an evergreen sales funnel. The thank you page after your optin sells a product. The thank you page should always have something valuable on it.

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Additional Tips For How To Launch A New Product

Quickly Build Know Like And Trust

You want someone to know you are, you want to be likable and you want them to be able to trust you. You want to do this as quickly as possible.

Be clear on who you are, who you help and how you help them. Know what you are about and decide what kind of value you want to bring. People have to know what you are doing and what your goal is.

How To Provide People Even For Those Who Don’t Buy

The process should be enjoyable even for those who won’t purchase.

One way to do this is through value driven storytelling. Offer value in your post like tips, training or a personal story or testimonial.

You also want to segment your list. Cut down your list of recipients to those who have opened previous emails to increase the open rate when you launch a new product.

Use Launches To Prime Future Buyers

The great thing about a launch that may not go well is getting on phone calls and getting to know people. My job on sales calls is to be loving and kind but to challenge them.

Challenge their beliefs about money or why they are choosing not to buy. Get them thinking about their business.

Show them your value. Be loving and empathetic. If they want to buy something in the future they know where to find you.


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