How To Build Visibility With Your Online Audience

In order to increase sales you’re going to have to build visibility.

No one can buy from you if they can’t find you! If people don’t know you exist you’re not going to make money. This seems like common sense, but it’s so often overlooked that I think it’s an important lesson to cover. If you don’t know, you don’t know.

If you hear crickets when you post online, you need to build visibility. Being seen by your audience is simple. It’s just about being intentional with your engagement.

Below I’ve listed 4 simple tips on how you can build visibility with your audience.

How to Build Your Online Visibility

4 Steps To Build Visibility

Show Up

Do some research on where your ideal client is hanging out online to build visibility. You can follow mentors or people you wat to be like to see where they meet their clients.

Facebook groups are a common way to network. Use Facebook groups to market but avoid some common mistakes. Follow the group guidelines. Don’t join a group just to promote yourself… Be a part of the community!

Engage To Build Visibility

Don’t just post something and walk away. You want to build relationships with your audience. You can engage in a few ways. Again, be a part of the community and be your genuine self to build visibility.

  • Comment on posts.
  • Engage with relevant hashtags.
  • Like things
  • Follow relevant people and comment/like.
  • React to different things.
  • Provide Value

If you are scrolling through a group, a lot of people might be asking about how to do something or posting about something they are struggling with. Don’t just post emoji comments.

Comment with something valuable. Comments will also help boost their post. Be meaningful and intentional with comments.

Add Value

You can also create a “value post” that offers free information and insight to your audience without promoting a service. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Provide value with engagement.
  • Provide inspiration. Use a motivational post of quote.
  • Post before and after testimonials to tell a story (without including a call to action).

Make Connections (The Right Way!)

A lot of people realize this is important but may not be executing correctly to build visibility.

Start by identifying valuable relationships. Make sure people you connect with are people who can add to your community or someone whose community you add value to.

When should you make connections? When you can add value or when you have gotten value from a post. Be careful about messaging people who don’t want to hear from you. Message people who engage with you.

Be specific about the people you invite to events. Make sure you are offering value or engaging with people who engage with you or initiate connection.

Visibility Challenge

If you are interested in how to build visibility, the best way is to practice what I preach (haha!) Want to try these tactics in real time? You might really benefit from my 3 day visibility challenge.

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