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Blog Content Ideas / Blog Post Ideas For Beginners For Any Niche:

New to blogging and looking for blog post ideas for beginners? Both experienced and new bloggers all eventually experience writer’s block. If you write long enough…it’s bound to happen!

And I get it – as creatives, writing feels challenging when inspiration fails us. Whether you have been writing for a while, just started writing or even want to start writing, writer’s block gets us all.

That said, having a running list of topics will help you overcome writers block and keep moving forward.

I was researching blog topic ideas on Pinterest, and many of the 100+ lists you see are all over the place. But these lists of blog posts ideas to help you start writing are nit always super helpful. The topics might be too specific. Or it might be a huge list, but only 5 topics are really usable for your blog post writing process.

For example, on my business blog, I’d never post a list of my favorite recipes.

So…I wanted to create my OWN list – that can apply to any niche.

Below, I compiled a list of blog post ideas that work for anyone. These topics are versatile and will help any blogger, whether you just started writing or have been blogging for a while and looking for some new blog post inspiration.


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Blog Post Ideas For Beginners For Any Niche: Blog Content Ideas


Roundup & List Posts

Roundup and list posts are a great way to generate content when you need help brainstorming ideas.

Avoid creating lists that seem irrelevant to your audience, and instead focus on lists and topics with which your audience relates. Example: if your blog doesn’t revolve around food, home or health, it won’t be useful to write a post with a list of your favorite recipes. Similarly, I would probably never do a “favorite places to travel” blog post for my self care blog.

Be sure to add some organization and formatting into your list post. Just because it contains lists does not mean you can skip out on adding valuable content and page breaks to help the reader along. Be thoughtful, categorize and create an experience for your reader even if your post is a series of lists.

Here are some blog post ideas for beginners for any niche related to round ups and lists:

  1. Favorite products list
  2. Influencers to look out for
  3. Favorite podcasts
  4. Favorite Youtube channels
  5. Essentials list
  6. Online events list
  7. In-person events list
  8. Favorite articles on a topic
  9. Favorite apps
  10. Seasonal shopping list

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Case Studies

Another interesting area you can write about involves case studies.

I know this sounds fancy, but hear me about. Case studies are simply a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a particular case.

For example, a case study in medicine may examine a specific patient a doctor treated, and a case study in business might study a particular firm’s strategy. Generally, a case can be nearly any unit of analysis, including individuals, organizations, events, or actions.

A case study can be a great way to showcase your client’s success story. Or it could be an example of an extreme minimalist who wore the same clothes for 21 days, and you think your audience would be interested in hearing that story and analyzing the results.

For you and your blog, this can apply to any niche. Here are some examples of case study ideas for blog posts:

  1. An experiment you tested and tried
  2. Research showing an area that improved in your niche
  3. A testimonial from one of your own clients
  4. A case study involving one of your clients
  5. Reviewing a case study someone else has done in your niche
  6. Examining public reviews and discussing them for a product in your niche
  7. Using your own experience with something as a case study

Tours & Collections

Tours don’t have to be just traveling or even bedroom related. It can be a “tour” or any space, location or collection of resources that relates to your audience. Navigate a category of items in a way that tells a story ore reveals chronological history. When you think tours and collections, think outside the box of user experience.

You can take people on tours and display collections of others, or you can display your unique creations or lifestyle. I love this as a general niche suggestion, as well. It’s a really interactive way to give your audience new information if you are looking for new blog post ideas. Be mindful of content marketing, expecially with the last suggestion. (Make sure it is relevant to your niche!)

Here are some examples of tours and collections you may want to share in a blog post:

  1. Books you own related to your niche
  2. Specialized tools you use related to your niche
  3. An area of your home related to your niche
  4. A demonstration of a product you enjoy
  5. A “day in the life” post, involving the parts of your day that your audience relates to (outfits, food, work routine, self care, etc.)
  6. A subscription unboxing

General Ideas

There are many post ideas that apply to almost any niche, as long as you contextualize and optimize the post.

Here’s what I mean:

Below you’ll find ideas like “self care tips”.

But remember these ideas need to be contextualized and optimized for your audience. Here’s what this looks like with a few examples:

Self care for tips for moms / Self care tips for travel / Self care tips when you’re busy at work / Self care tips for entrepreneurs / Self care tips for newlyweds

Catch my drift? Think in this regard for all of the ideas below. Take the topic, and then think about how it applies to your niche specifically. These posts will differ drastically from audience to audience. Think about who is reading the post, what they use, what their day looks like, who they spend time with and what they really care about.

Categories Of Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche

Tips And Hacks

In any niche you will be able to offer some kind of advice on a topic or some specialty knowledge. Think about an area your audience is struggling that you have some up with a quick solution for.

Tips and hacks could include lists of your favorite things, product recommendations or product recommendations. It could also include affiliate links and partnerships.

How Tos

How tos are easy categories that you can find in any niche when you are trying to start writing and generating new blog post ideas. Explain a step by step process. This is a simple way to write a blog post with valuable content. They’re also easy to break up into sections for easy reading.

These kinds of articles are great to start establishing authority with your audience. When they can get instruction from you that makes an actionable difference they will start to see you as a resource. It is a great way to build trust with content marketing.

Beginner’s Guide

Similar to a how to, but with a greener audience. All of us have something to teach our audience, even if you blog about food or write about travel. For any niche there is a beginner’s guide for something you can provide to your auidience. A beginner’s guide will probably offer simpler or more generic infomation than other how tos.

A beginner’s guide will use different language than something you write that is more specialized. Be mindful of the words that someone who is new to something in your niche uses versus someone who is more experienced.

Shocking And Dissent

Commonly called click bait, any niche will have an outrageous story to tell. I had a post on my personal blog years ago about a mininmalist wardrobe. Which is not that uncommon of a topic with minimalism on the rise. But I took the topic to the extreme and wore the same outfit for three weeks, climaxing in a blog post with explosive traffic.

Anything unique, special, shocking or outrageous will obviously get more attention. So do dissenting opinnions. If everyone else is saying, “How To Have A Successful Daily Routine,” you can write a post abouty, “Why You Should Stay Far Away From Routines Forever.”

Current Events

Current events make perfect blog post topics. If you are trying to start writing and are having trouble brainstorming, use what is around you. What is going on in the news? Are there any holidays or local events coming up that might be relevant to your readers? Get inspiration from the world around you. It’s important to address current events with your readers to maintain trust with readers as well.

Generic Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche

  1. Self care tips
  2. Organization tips
  3. How to relax
  4. How to be grateful
  5. Cleaning hacks
  6. Self love ideas
  7. How to survive Mondays
  8. Bucket list (annually, seasonally, monthly)
  9. Ways to simplify
  10. Morning routine
  11. Evening routine
  12. Year in review
  13. Netflix shows
  14. Reading lists (monthly, annually)
  15. How to create new habits
  16. Self care tips
  17. Cleaning tips & hacks
  18. Organization tips
  19. Tips on overcoming rejection
  20. How to sleep better
  22. How to declutter
  23. Budgeting tips
  24. Motivational tips
  25. Tips on inspiration
  26. Monthly reflections
  27. 20 Mistakes I made
  28. Mindset tips
  29. Goal setting
  30. Productivity
  31. (#) Afirmations
  32. Ways to go outside your comfort zone
  33. How to increase your productivity
  34. How to stop procrastinating
  35. Guide to _____
  36. Habits for success
  37. Journal prompts
  38. How to achieve your goals  
  39. Products I regret buying
  40. Monthly favorites
  41. Monthly empties
  42. 10 Favorite products under $20
  43. Amazon product recommendations

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Blog Post Ideas For Beginners


Quick Tips When Writing Blogs For Any Niche

  • Make sure it’s specific
  • Lists still need content
  • Don’t forget current events
  • Offer value to your reader

When in doubt- do market research…

What is everyone else writing about? It won’t get you on the front page of Google yet, but it’s a really great place to start brainstorming when you are trying to start writing new blog post ideas. I have had many brainstorming sessions that started with social media research.

Follow your competitors and your peers. If you are writing, you should be reading what content marketing others are putting out there.

Get on Pinterest and see what other people are writing about to get ideas of what your audience is looking to read.


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