The Aligned Business: Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Potential

train track photo alignment: The Aligned Business: Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Hi, hello. Welcome to the world of the aligned businesses, where entrepreneurs are learning to tap into their innate feminine energy and embrace embodiment to create a business that is not only fulfilling but also profitable. 🙂

In this post, I want to delve into the concept of aligned businesses. What does that mean, and how can it impact profitability for you as an entrepreneur?

I’ll also be talking about importance of feminine energy and embodiment in entrepreneurship. And practical tips on how to harness these energies to create a thriving and successful business that resonates with your true self.

What is an Aligned Business?

An aligned business is one that is in harmony with your values, purpose, and goals as an entrepreneur. It’s a business that feels authentic and true to you, allowing you to tap into your full potential. The goal: create a fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable business venture.

Creating an aligned business involves striking the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energy, embracing embodiment, and cultivating a deep connection with your intuition and creativity.

By doing so, you can create a business that isn’t only successful, but also deeply fulfilling. (And what multi-passionate doesn’t want that?)

Signs Your Business is Out of Alignment

If you’re wondering whether your business is out of alignment, consider these telltale signs:

  1. Something feels “off,” but you can’t pinpoint what it is.
  2. You keep changing niches without finding one you’re passionate about.
  3. You’re constantly developing new packages, only to grow bored of them.
  4. You’re not attracting clients, or the clients you attract aren’t your ideal customers.
  5. You struggle when talking about your business, both in person and in your marketing.
  6. You don’t feel excited about your work or even dread it sometimes.
  7. You have major FOMO about what others are doing, which distracts you from your own work.
  8. You can’t seem to find your sweet spot, despite trying various approaches.
  9. Every aspect of your business feels like a struggle.
  10. You feel like you’re meant for more, but you don’t know what that is.

One of the first things to do when you want to get back IN to alignment is lean into your intuition, which is fueled by feminine energy. If any of these signs resonate with you, it’s time to start asking questions.

The Power of Feminine Energy in Business

Feminine energy is often overlooked and undervalued in the world of business, where masculine energy and achievement tend to take precedence.

(I wrote a whole heckin’ post about this.)

However, embracing feminine energy provides you with a wealth of benefits that can help them unlock their full potential and create thriving businesses. As a reminder if you’re new here, feminine energy has nothing to do with gender. I wish I had different language to describe these energies. If you have suggestions, comment below! These are the words used in my research, that are most common for people to grasp these energies.

Masculine and feminine refer to energy and ways of operating. You need both – but most of us operate overly masculine because that is the default M.O. of many cultures. (Most cultures?)

At its core, feminine energy is associated with qualities like intuition, empathy, nurturing, and creativity. These are traits that can help entrepreneurs build stronger relationships, tap into their innovative capabilities, and create solutions that serve their clients’ needs effectively.

So, when we talk about the aligned business, we inevitably talk about feminine energy because we need to talk about your intuition and your heart.

The Benefits of Embracing Feminine Energy

By embracing feminine energy in their businesses, entrepreneurs can:

  1. Build stronger relationships using empathy and intuition, which impacts your communication, marketing and sales.
  2. Leverage their creativity and innovation to develop unique solutions and offerings.
  3. Create businesses that feel authentic and aligned with their values and purpose, leading to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Embracing Feminine Energy in Entrepreneurship

Embracing feminine energy is crucial for entrepreneurs because it allows them to:

  1. Make decisions that are aligned with their purpose and values.
  2. Understand their clients’ needs and create impactful solutions.
  3. Live and work in a way that feels authentic and true to themselves.

The Important Connection Between Feminine Energy and Embodiment

Embodiment is the act of fully inhabiting and expressing our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves in the world. It’s about being present and connected with our body, mind, and soul, enabling us to show up fully in our work and lives.

In the context of aligned businesses, embodiment is about getting better and better at balancing our masculine and feminine energies. Embodiment, which involves truly trusting, accepting, and leaning into the highest version of ourselves, creates a business that is rooted in authenticity and enjoyment.

This is in contract to how people often learn to build their businesses initially, depending on external expectations or societal pressures.

Tapping into Feminine Energy: Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs

Now that you understand the power of feminine energy and embodiment, let’s explore some practical tips on how to integrate these qualities into your business and life.

1. Prioritize Self-Care and Compassion

Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally is essential for embracing feminine energy. By nurturing yourself and honoring your needs, you’ll be better equipped to show up fully.

A great first step to this is creating a routine to nurture yourself. This could be a morning mindset routine, a weekly or monthly massage, daily meditation, or something else.

2. Set Aside Time to Listen to Create an Aligned

Create space for stillness and reflection by meditating, journaling, or taking nature walks. I also love breathwork as a way to get out of my head, and into my body, which makes listening much easier. Use this time to listen to your inner voice and hone your intuition.

This is easier said than done, but trust me: this, along with #4, have been the most powerful tools for me to get into, and stay in, alignment in my business.

You can’t tune into alignment if you only ever force your way from action to action. You have to slow down, review, get quiet, and listen.

I also had MUCH more capacity to listen once I removed social media from my phone.

Even though I had notifications turned off, I found the “scroll” multiple times a day way too tempting. By removing social from my phone, I freed up at least an hour of time per day, and more importantly, a massive amount of emotional energy.

Read more about removing social media from my phone.

3. Create a Supportive Community for Aligned Business

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who value collaboration and connection. This really helps foster an abundance mindset and overcome biases against feminine energy.

I’m an introvert believe it or not, but I noticed the desire for connection grew a LOT when I took social media off my phone. Connecting with others is important for alignment because it provides support, inspiration and new energy to draw from. If you’re only ever around your clients and your family, it can start to be a little vacuum-y as far as energy is concerned.

Involvement in community gives you new energy, even as an introvert.

4. Strengthen Your Intuition and Creativity

Embrace your creativity and intuition by setting aside time for brainstorming, exploring new ideas, and trusting your gut when making decisions.

My favorite way to do this is journaling. But I also like to play with other tools to inspire my journaling. I started getting into oracle cards in 2022 as a way to find new things to journal about, and I’ve also been interested in astrology for a long time. If those are too woo woo for you, that’s ok. You can use other tools as ways to play with your intuition and creativity as well.

  • Other spiritual books (religions, 12-step, etc.)
  • Daily quotes and journaling
  • Drawing, coloring or other creative habits
  • Cooking, photography, organizing
  • Dancing, singing, music
  • Etc. I could go on!

Do these tasks for the purpose of getting inspiration in your business AND life, but don’t forget that we are doing this for the purpose of aligned business. I’ve done and still do all of the above. But journaling is the #1 most powerful tool. In my opinion.

I created a workbook, workshop training AND meditation series all about developing creative intuition. You can get it for $33 monthly (cancel anytime) in the Abundant Entrepreneur Experience.

5. Challenge Limiting Beliefs and Biases

Be mindful of any limiting beliefs or biases you may have about feminine energy, and actively work to challenge them. This will help you cultivate a more balanced and harmonious approach to your business.

Read more about mindset.

By integrating these practices into your daily routine, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an embodied entrepreneur and creating an aligned business that thrives.


The journey to creating an aligned business involves embracing feminine energy, cultivating embodiment, and tapping into your intuition and creativity. By striking the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies and fully inhabiting your physical, emotional, and spiritual self, you can unlock your full entrepreneurial potential and create a business that resonates with your true self.

So, take the first step towards building an aligned business today by prioritizing self-care, setting aside time for reflection, and surrounding yourself with a supportive community.

With these tools in hand, you’ll be well on your way to creating a thriving, fulfilling, and profitable venture that aligns with your values and purpose.

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