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What if you could Attract abundance And Heal Your Money Wounds By Using Your Business?

May 2023 Bonus: Free Physical Mindset Card Deck

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$33 Monthly Membership for Mindset and Nervous System Tools. Cancel anytime.

Are you tired That...

Your business feels chaotic. You started this business to work less and make more, but you feel unfocused and have a hard time delegating.

You keep hitting a ceiling. You make money – but have a hard time keeping it. Or you made great money – but can never seem to reach that next income level. 

You’re stuck on an income roller coaster. You’ve had some success, and even some big success, but are still stuck on an income roller coaster.

You never feel like you’re getting ahead. You’re making more money than you’ve ever made, but you periodically manifest massive expenses or low sales, and everything feels hard.

What if you...

Could learn to relax and receive in your business, instead of stressing over sales. Learn how to master both mindset and manifesting so you can reduce your effort.

Felt calm and fully in control of your business. Learn how to work less, make more, and structure your life to create the freedom that made you start your business. 

Created more consistency and flow with your income and your life. Learn not just how to make MORE sales and income, but also the mindset shift and energetics of keeping it so you can consistently reach new income levels. 

Created AND achieved bigger goals than you ever thought possible. Set goals you never thought you would set, and reach goals you never thought you would reach. 

Here's What You Get in The Experience...

The Intention of this Membership: Provide Tools For Creators And Experts to SCALE More easefully By learning how to manifest in their business, rather than just work Harder.

Rather than another set of business and marketing trainings, these tools are aimed at expanding your Belief at What is Possible, And thinking more creatively about how to make money whether you are a new entrepreneur, or already at 7-figures

Monthly Printable Workbook

$111 Value. Take action each month with journal prompts and action items

5+ journal prompts and/or action items

Monthly meditation OR Healing Exercise

$111 Value. Get a monthly meditation that relates to the workshop

7+ minute meditation every month


$111 Value. Get a monthly Business Recap Review, some pre-recorded and post, and some live with replay

Monthly Business Demonstration


$333 Value. Member led community



One Page Marketing Plan & Training

$444 Value. Mindset, Market Research, Lead Magnet and Launch Training

Marketing Training

Workshop Replays

$111 Value. Get The Monthly Replay of the Live Workshop

Get Access to the replay if you can't attend live

My Personal Workshop Notes

$77 Value. Get my Workshop outline after the live workshop, so you Can Be Fully Present and take less notes

2+ pages of my personal outline and notes

Plan on Some Surprises Too!

Here are some Past examples of Deliverables...

  • #WealthWound workbook
  • Gratitude meditation based on 7 repetitions
  • Community: first call in March
  • Workshop replay: Anxious to Abundant Entrepreneur
  • Workshop slides
  • Behind the Scenes: How I use workshops to sell things authentically and systematically
  • Aligned offer & mindful income stacking workbook
  • Manifesting meditation based on monthly goals
  • Community: #WealthWound workbook discussion led by a community member 
  • Workshop replay: Offers and Overflow: Aligned Income Stacking Workshop
  • Workshop notes (Google doc)
  • Behind the Scenes: My Abundance Mindset Bundle offer stack and conversion data 

$1,298 Value Start for $1

Then Just $33 per month x 11

  • Monthly workbook
  • Monthly meditation or somatic exercise
  • Monthly behind the scenes business demo
  • Member led community calls
  • Bonus: My personal workshop notes and/or outline
  • Bonus: Workshop gallery
  • Bonus: One page marketing plan and trainings
  • Month to month commitment, or annual prepay

Free Physical Card Deck BONUS Expiring Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the membership? The membership is month to month, and you can pay monthly or pay for the year in full to get 6 months free.

What does this membership include? A monthly workbook, a monthly meditation or healing exercise, a monthly “behind the scenes” of business video, and a community. Most months it will also include the bonuses of having the monthly Workshop replay easily available, and having my personal preparation notes for the Workshop.

What is covered in the workbooks? The workbooks will often be about mindset in some way, but some of them will be more focused on business or marketing exploration. The first workbook for example is 12+ pages and focused on the 5 #WealthWounds and their antidotes, with journaling opportunities throughout. The workbooks will always focus on journaling and self discovery.

How is the material delivered? All content will be emailed monthly on the 15th and the 30th, and the community and “behind the scenes” videos will be shared on Facebook. 

When will the material be delivered? The workbook and meditation will drop on the 15th of every month, and the Workshop replay and notes will drop by the 30th (or last day) of every month.

What is a “behind the scenes”? Rather than create more course content, which most of us have a heck-ton of sitting in a folder somewhere, I want to create practical content that will inspire ideas rather than create more tasks or FOMO. Every month, I’ll review something I did in my business or a clients’ business that I think is interesting. The first behind the scenes for example will focus on how I use Workshops for sales. 

What is includes in the “community”? My intention for the community is to have it be member-led. Initially, I’m going to help hold space for a monthly discussion call that focuses on the Workbooks. As the Experience continues, the community can iterate on what it WANTS for the community. Some ideas you might like are coworking sessions, accountability partners or groups, pen pals, etc. 

What is the refund policy: Sorry no refunds!

What is the cancellation policy? Email to cancel with at least 7 days notice before your billing date. (Annual doesn’t auto-renew. Should we do that?)

Earnings disclaimer: All the testimonials included on our websites, programs, products and/or services are real-world examples and stories of other people’s experiences with our programs, products and/or services. But they are not intended to serve as a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s performance is different and your results will vary accordingly. Learn more.