Unlocking Your Authentic Self with a Spiritual Mentor

Jenni Conn from the Medium Experience has been my coach for over a year now; she’s a psychic medium, spiritual coach, business coach, spiritual mentor, feminine energetics mentor, even a manifesting mentor.

Introducing Jenni Conn, psychic medium and spritual mentor

I like to say that I offer energetic advisory.

I do communicate to the other side, but that is not my body of work that I usually talk about. What I really found more interesting is connecting to the spirit or the soul within. And what the spirit world has sort of utilized me as is to help people with inner child work recovering from trauma and then organically when you work with people, whether it be around their childhood wounds or their trauma, usually everything else follows suit. So marital things, business things, work things, anything and everything that prevents us from being a hundred percent who we are and in our authenticity. That’s my bread and butter.

Getting Started in Personal Development

I do believe that it was a soul calling early on. I mean, I had interest in astrology probably around nine.

So there was definitely a nudge and anything that would help me understand the why, I think the way I think, why I feel the way I feel was of interest to me. But life sort of happened and that became more of a hobby and just an interest.

And then probably around the age of 30 is when things started to get a little bit louder, and I didn’t really have a choice. And usually I believe we’re all sensitive beings and I think we all can have great access to psychic and mediumship abilities. So first it was my psychic awareness got confirmed and that was just experiencing a lot of infidelity in my then marriage, having it come forth in everything that I had ever suspected was true and more.
And so that kind of confirmation, you just can’t bat away.

I mean, I was pretty much astral traveling.

So when and think, bless him for being honest with me, and I know he did some not so great things, but he did come forward and tell me in detail because I asked.

But what was interesting is I was able to know all the details, which most women probably wouldn’t want to, but where they were, what was going on, who was there. And so that type of stuff you just can’t ignore. So I started to lean more into like, wow, I’m really aware of what’s going outside or going on outside of me, but with that then also means that I’m affected by what’s going on outside of me.

Part of my work was really closing down my auric field and understanding energetic boundaries are one of the first steps to sharpening our tools and our gifts.

And so that was a couple years of practice of really understanding what is mine and what is others’, and then the rest is history. I dove into every training I possibly could think of and have gotten certified in many modalities, but have actually with all that curated my own approach to working with the world of spirit.

From Free Advice to a Business

I was getting exhausted by who I would surround myself with…getting resentful about always giving. The difference between always being the one people come to for life advice when it’s just us having a glass of wine and chatting and somebody paying you is the person that pays you actually wants to do the work.

I think that when you’re with friends, it just is an opinion and I don’t think they realize, you see their potential, you see their soul, you see their own evolution if they make the proper decisions to heal themselves.

I just was going round and round and round for years with so many people that refused to look in the mirror, refused to do the work I was doing, refused to help themselves. So I went through a very painful time of creating a lot of boundaries with family and friends and then opening myself up to doing this for payment for an energy exchange that brought in people that were like, okay, I’m ready. And then just I grew quite quickly. I grew really fast.

Manifesting from Youth

I feel like we all have pure divine hearts. I think some of us are just more guarded than others. And so I don’t think anyone has an evil heart or is less pure. I just think that somebody might be more armored and that is a block. And I think that there are also many ways of manifesting. And so a way that I have manifested quite well is in the material world, but I have much work to do when we talk about relationships and love and so that my biggest wounds are going to be around my deserving of intimacy, of being in a faithful marriage, things like that. I’m going to be conflicted. But when it comes to material things, travel, all of those, I do think that I manifest a lot of that quite easily because of my lack of attachment to what I think it means.

You might think I’m a materialistic person because I love nice things and I show up the way that I do.

But, it’s actually quite different. I don’t have the attachment to the material things that maybe somebody does that is living a different life than me, and that’s why they come. They also go with ease because I also give as much as I receive. That door is just open and it’s open for energy to come in and it’s open for energy to go out. I think I realized that again. I think I was around the age of 10. My mom promoted craft shows in the town that I grew up in.

I found out that my birthstone was Ruby. I was born in July and I really wanted a ruby ring. And my mom, just the way she was then, was just like, there’s no way, you’ll lose it. Maybe at 16. She wasn’t coming from a place of dream big, you can have whatever you want. And I just was so mad. I’m like, I have to wait six years to get a ruby ring. No, I want a ruby ring. And I knew that I was going to have a ruby ring, and it was one of the craft shows.

I went up to a jeweler and I just said, do you have a ruby ring? I just wanted to see a real ruby in real life.

He had this big ring that had, I don’t know, a hundred rings on it. And he filtered through and he found this really, really tiny gold ring that had four prongs and just held this chip of a ruby, tiniest ruby you’ve ever seen just darling. He handed it to me, I tried it on and I was just like, oh my gosh, how much is it? And he told me it was a hundred dollars. At this point I think that that was the discount, but I didn’t have a hundred dollars, so I gave it back and I said, thank you so much. He told me as I was walking away to wait, and he came back and he’s like, you know what? I want you to have this. And he gave it to me and I was beaming and I ran and told my mom and she was mad, what felt like she was mad at me.

She was like, we’re taking it back. She just really didn’t embrace that.

And I was crying and she handed it back and he’s like, I gave that to her. I want her to have it. And he stood firm and then she gave it to me. She was like, you better not lose it. And I ended up losing it, but whatever. I think that that’s the thing: her story and her belief came true, but my story and my belief came true. And I then later ended up buying myself when I was probably 17, a ruby and diamond ring with the money I made because I knew that that was important to me. And nothing, nobody, no belief was going to get in the way of me having something I desired. It just didn’t make sense.

Taking off the Armor

One of the biggest things is you have to be very aware of your unconscious mind. And so there’s lots of things going on at any given time within yourself. I like to say that I teach schizophrenia because we get really familiar with all the different voices.

And if the voice is at all being ripping you down, coming from a place of fear, scarcity, it’s not your authentic self. It’s not your soul self. It’s that your soul is all love and light and pure, and it’s going to guide you in a very peaceful, comforting way. But typically what we’re listening to is our ego. I mean it’s normal, but we have to take back control at some point. But I would say is to understand why you want what you want. And so when I desire something, let’s say materialistic, let’s just say like a Louis Vuitton bag. In my mind, don’t think, well, why do I need that?

I already have a few. Well, that’s ridiculous. The price is so high. I could put that in college fund for my kid and I could go down all these reasons why it is not okay for me to desire a Louis Vuitton bag.

That is coming from a place of scarcity.

Probably from family, friends or other people outside of me that they could judge me by how I choose to spend my money. And what I realized is all the areas that I know what I desire, if I replace that then with why not, then it opens the door. And so if you desire something, if you desire anything in the material world or the relationship world, whatever it is, energetics, physical, it doesn’t matter. You do have to understand that you desire it because it’s already an energetic match for your soul.

So the only thing that is getting in the way of you and being in that space or obtaining that dream vacation or that car is your limiting beliefs and what you think it means if you get it. And you can’t do that without going back and looking at ancestral trauma, looking at your own childhood trauma, understanding that we have a lot of our unconscious mind that’s calling the shots. 80% of us is our unconscious. So if you’re not willing to look deeper into yourself and why you do the things you do, think what you think and feel the way that you feel, you’re going to be going in circles and you’re not going to make any movement.

What we Desire is Possible

I feel like we’re opening Pandora’s box here, but I’m just going to roll with it.

So we have over evolution of just being in the human experience, masculine energy had to go first. It had to, or we probably wouldn’t have survived. So the masculine energy needs to know: how do we survive here? How do we build railways? How do we do all the things to be able to survive?

We are shifting drastically into feminine energetics, which is about thriving and having our soul come forward. And this whole experience is about a combination between the soul and the body. We’ve learned how to be in the body, we’ve learned how to survive, and now we’re learning how to thrive. And that is the genius of us, the soul, and the soul is energy. The soul is psychic, all knowing. The soul is part of the universe, the one, the collective, the God, everything.

There’s a God within you. It’s the soul within you. And so that is your superpower.

And the more that you can tap into possibility, that is the answer: possibility. Because the minute you say, I can’t have that, how is that going to happen? The unconscious isn’t going to work in your favor. The unconscious actually isn’t always working against you. It is working for you too. It is keeping you in survival. So if you give the unconscious a task and you decide with all of your being that that is what is in alignment for you and you surrender the how, then your unconscious will start to work in your favor.

Now, does this happen overnight? No, but what it does do is I heard this recently, I’m not going to say the exact way I heard it, I don’t quite remember, but I hear things and sometimes I see them in my head differently.
And if I have a nudge to open a door and I go through that door, I then am in a different environment. I’m in a different energy. And so within that energy and that new environment, I walk through the door.

Now I’m going to be guided to a new door.

Then I’m going to open that door and then that energy is going to be different and that expansion’s going to feel bigger and clearer, and then I’m going to go to another door. But if I never went through that first door, there’s no way that I would be able to look and be like, where are all the doors that I’m going to go through? Show me now. So I know how to do this with comfort. It doesn’t work that way. I mean it can, but I, it’s just slow-mo you trying to be in control when you let your body communicate to you, your soul, to communicate to you, I like to say experience over evidence.

So just shelve the evidence, shelve everything that everyone’s done before you and tap into the genius within and say, what is going to serve me for my own expansion, my own evolution and me to be the best I can be for myself and the world?

What direction do I need to go into? What is going to can expand me or contract me? And when you feel contraction in your body, you don’t want to go that way. You want to back up, back up, back up until you sense clarity again. So I think that to answer your question, I don’t have an easy answer, but I do know, and I practice my life this way, that I tap into my experience, I ask for guidance and I continue to focus on what door is next.

The next door. I love that so much. What’s so funny about this, and I just said this to you the other day, is I feel like people who talk about manifesting, even if they don’t use the word manifesting, it’s like everyone is saying the same thing in a different language.

Responsible Decisions Without an Energy of Lack

So what I’m feeling with this question is that spending gives you an instant gratification of power.

So I’m wondering if your mom maybe hid money, or we would go shopping and keep the bags in the trunk until dad was not around. Or if there were things in childhood where you were conditioned to think money is a little bit of a power move, but that’s not authentic with who you are.

And so it feels like it’s more of a unconscious learned behavior, but I think the shame around not having control of your finances is making it a sticky situation first. I would try to go back and find the root cause of this relationship to money and what money means and how it might make you feel powerful to be able to, I had this client once and I was like, when you swipe the credit card or you make the purchase, do you have something in you that says, eff you, I do what I want?

It’s common sometimes with women, because money has always been such a strong manipulator.

So we need to realize when we have wounds, they can be collective, they can be ancestral. There’s a lot of stuff that happens with money and women that’s coming up right now. I would invite you to ask yourself what would make you feel powerful when it comes to money.

And so if it’s going to make you feel more powerful in the longterm to start a savings account or to give yourself a budget, then that’s just about discipline.

My relationship with my body is more difficult. I will sit and I will journal and I will meditate and I’ll channel for days – like a monk. That’s not good for me. And so I need to make sure that I move my body, I need to set timers to eat, I forget to eat. And it’s about discipline, and there are some other things that come into play with that.

But this specific question, it feels like there’s just a lack of discipline because of a need for power or control.
When you find a wound, you just have to ask, is this mine? Is this mine? And then you go through stages of releasing it.

Growing a Business

I would spend a lot of time envisioning what I wanted my day to consist of. So I really did curate who I wanted to work with, what I wanted my days to look like, how much time I wanted to give to one-on-ones. I started to paint the picture, and then it would happen. And I’m not kidding you, I will say, well, now I feel like I have enough ongoing mentorships that I can’t say this anymore.

But there was a time where I’d be like, I am really taxed this week. I don’t want any clients. And nobody would book or I’d be like, okay, universe, I’m ready to serve. I have a lot of energy and a lot of downloads. Please bring me clients.

And I know this sounds like so woo, but it’s just once you start really communicating with the world of spirit or the universe or whatever words you’re comfortable with and you start getting results, it’s like, why would you do it any other way?

I think one thing that’s super important is what I’ve found is that I know that I can serve all the past versions of me, and I’ve been many versions. Who do you want to work with? And you’re like, well, I could work with all kinds of people. We all know so much. And so the best way to look at it is anyone that is an energy match. You will be able to assist. And that kind of takes a lot of the weight off because, you know how to talk to you, you will get your humor, you will get your obsession with detail or whatever it is about you.

And that authenticity attracts obviously more than just past versions of you.

The goal is to get into your authenticity when you’re trying to sell to make rent.

When you say, I really have something that is so special that I want to share because it’s helped me, and then you use your social media or whatever to be proof of concept of what you’re selling by whatever it is you’re doing, like make sure that there’s imagery and you’re living the life that you’re trying to then sell them that modality, it seems to be quite easy. But I think a lot of people don’t think of it that way. They make it so much harder on themselves.

Let’s say if I was in a financial spot where I needed to get a bill paid, I would say, you guys, I’m not going to lie. I am a little tight this month. I need rent.

And so I’m going to offer this for 50% off, and it is my favorite thing to teach. That’s why I want to fill my week with it and just sort of be a little bit more human, a little bit more transparent. But there’s all this sneakiness and people can see through that. It’s to be the human that you are and talk to the audience as if it’s your best friends listening to you.

I came from more of a cynical family. You have these cynical friends or family or whatever that’s going to criticize what you’re doing or make fun of you the way that you’re appearing online.

So you’re already showing up on the defense; we need to go back and we need to breathe, and then we need to show up as, hey, all my best friends are here, and I’m just going to let ’em know what’s going on.

Big Lessons

I recently did a couple of programs, one called Currency, and now I’m in one called Impact Academy.

Currency was all about money. That one was interesting because I feel like I’m quite seasoned in that, and it seems to be okay, but anytime you lean into anything, something’s going to come up because you’re saying, I’m ready to be dismantled in some way, shape or form, so then I can expand or grow. Then I started having some marriage stuff come up and my husband, bless him, is the most level guy ever. When I say stuff came up in my marriage, stuff came up with me and I tried to project it onto him, and he stays level, and then I have to then do my work.

So what was funny about that program is I had it, but in my body of work, money and love are very similar frequencies. I think probably what I’m learning the most in the current program, Impact Academy, is just how much I still have some very negative voices in my head and about the expansion of my business.

And so I know it’s happening.

It’s happening. I’m almost trying to hold it here, and it’s going, it’s happening. It’s happening. And I do just think it’s from life, just having people not supportive of anything. I mean, this could go back to middle school or whatever. And so that’s just so sad to me that we all have this deep rooted wound of not being good enough. Thinking that people are going to think that we’re not genuine or not honest or all the things. And being a psychic medium, I mean, of course I’m going to think those things.

The last thing I want is the person to come up and just completely tear me apart. That would hurt me so much. But I have to just overcome the fact that if I can help 10 people, I really can put my big girl panties on and deal with this one person, which hasn’t even happened yet. So this is all hypothetical.

What Jenni is Working on Now

The biggest expression of what I do is my spiritual retreats. The next one is called Je Cree, “I Create.”

I just absolutely love bringing women together and diving in. My retreats are at a vineyard; I love the balance. There is such a balance between masculine and feminine energy, between luxury and deep soul work. And so I really curate that well, in my opinion. This is a container where I bring 16 women together and we really just go deep into whatever that retreat is about. The next one is in June. It’s going to be on a full moon in Sagittarius. We are going to really talk about expansion. We’re going to do some rage release, and that sort of is my favorite thing to do.

I went on that retreat last year, it was transformative. It was the most nourishing, connected, supportive retreat I’d ever been on. There was just this energy of support and love. And it was really healing for me to have that experience on the tail end of having experiences that were less like that. And it’s also luxury. So if you guys are into Jenni’s vibe, I would recommend this retreat, even if you’re not so sure about all the spiritual stuff, the retreats are definitely for that person. But you can just go and have an amazing, beautiful time with wine and amazing food and the most amazing view. Just go look at our Instagram and you’ll see the view.

You can find Jenni on Instagram, and on her website, The Medium Experience.


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