Lead Magnets: Are you Making these Common Mistakes?

Are you making these mistakes with your lead magnets?

Struggling with lead magnets? You’re in the right place!

If you’re here right now, it means you love creating content, have an entrepreneurial spirit and have some great ideas on how to help people. Being here also probably means you don’t know how to build an audience.

Do you feel lost when it comes to monetizing your ideas? Have you tried reading other blogs or buying courses and still feel stuck? No matter where you are in your online entrepreneurial journey, I’m here to help you have a bigger impact.

How many opt-ins do you need on your site before you start building your email list?

Golden answer:

You only need one lead magnet (also known as an opt-in or free offer) in order to collect your avatar’s email and build your email list. Of course this is not to discourage you from having multiple! Having many lead magnets is worth your time as long as they are done strategically!

If you have a lead magnet on your site that’s related to what you’re selling and it’s converting really well, then you don’t need to keep reading. If you would like some additional tips on how to audit your lead magnets, stay tuned.

Are you making these mistakes with your lead magnets?

Mistakes people make with their lead magnets

The biggest mistake is to not have one at all!

People will often delay creating a lead magnet because they are waiting for their traffic to pick up. This is a mistake because it often takes time to find a lead magnet that is successful on your blog. If you don’t have anything up, it will take that much longer to build your audience.

In my program, I like to make sure my clients are using lead magnets to build up their leads right from the beginning so that they aren’t wasting any opportunities to build up leads.

Aside from the obvious of not having an opt-in, a huge mistake people make is not doing any market research before creating a lead magnet. The lead magnet you create for your site needs to be related to your business and appeal to your avatar.

Having a lead magnet that is related to your future offer is very important because you are building a list of potential buyers for those future offers!

If you are struggling to find opt-in ideas that appeal to your avatar you start market research with any of these tasks:

  • Ask open ended questions to your avatar
  • Have conversations with your potential clients
  • Create or Join Facebook groups in your niche
  • Create polls and surveys
  • Read related community threads
  • Do a Google or Pinterest search

How to know when you need a new lead magnet? And when is it ok to have multiple lead magnets?

It is more than ok to have multiple lead magnets as long as all of your lead magnets relate to something you are going to sell.

Say, for example: you already have a lead magnet that is doing very well and has an amazing conversion rate, but you are about to launch a new offer that does not relate to that original lead magnet.

What do you do?

Create a second lead magnet that relates directly to your future offer! Ideally, you should have lead magnets as pop-ups or little links on the side of each of your site’s pages.

A special promotion or event lends a great opportunity for a new lead magnet.

On Alison’s Notebook, I do a packaged discounted deal for a bundle of courses for a really great price. This offer sells really well, so I create opt-ins to promote it. If you are doing a lead magnet for a special event, make sure it relates to any future offers you may also have.

Another time you will know to create a new lead magnet is if the first one just doesn’t have a very good conversion rate. Even though we do the market research, sometimes we can miss the mark, which is completely fine! Sometimes it is about trial and error. Put out a second lead magnet and test it against the first one!

It is normal with some niches to want to release a ton of different lead magnets.

A really popular way to house multiple lead magnets is to use what is called a “resource library” where you put all the lead magnets on a password protected page. This way, your potential clients can opt-in to one thing and receive many other offers.

The reason a resource library is helpful, is so you don’t have to create a new landing page every time you add a new free offer. However, a resource library is very anonymous, and it can be difficult to track who is in it.

I like to house everything in a Facebook Group, where people can really get to know you.

Sales is a transfer of confidence.

When people feel confident in you and feel they know you very well, you can build your trust factor faster. This will then lead to more sales! A Facebook Group makes it a lot easier to get to know your audience, and for them to get to know you, in comparison to an anonymous resource library.

There you have it, we covered:

  • how many opt-ins you actually need
  • the biggest mistakes people make with their lead magnets
  • how to know when you need a new lead magnet
  • what systems to use if you create a ton of lead magnets.


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