How To Use A Quiz To Grow Your Email List

Are you struggling to grow your email list? Is coming up with a free offer or a lead magnet stressing you out?

You need to grow your list, but you’re having a hard time coming up with a way to get people to engage.

I love social media engagement. Getting people to engage is my superpower.

And when I discovered Interact, I was super excited to create a quiz for my audience. Quizzes are fun and can be really revealing for your audience. It’s a great way to offer value.

And it’s a pretty fun, unique way to grow your email list.

Grow your email list with ease using Interact. Here are my tips for building a quiz to grow your list.

Use A Quiz To Grow Your Audience

Tips To Grow Your Email List With A Quiz

Consider Your Audience’s Needs

What is your audience struggling with? Think about their pain point.

What problem do they have? How can you help fix this problem?

These are foundational questions to ask anytime you are creating anything for your audience, whether it’s a free offer, a lead magnet, a product, course… whatever.

Decide On Your Quiz Topic

If you are using this in preparation for a launch, or even if you just have a new product coming out- consider making the quiz relevant to your newest offer.

If you are using a quiz as a pop up, you want it to be relevant to as many site visitors as possible to increase opt ins.

What are people coming t your site for? Which blogs are getting the most traffic?

Make the quiz pop up as relevant to popular traffic as possible.

Use Interact To Build

You are going to need a tool to build your quiz. I found that Interact is super simple and it has visibly pleasing templates that are very customizable.

Choose a template that speaks to your aesthetic. Colors and details like that can be edited, so really focus on the layout when choosing a template.

Customize The Heck Out Of It

Change everything you can and make it your own! Again, Interact is so easy to use. I just uploaded my own cover photo and start changing text.

Add your own questions, titles, images, everything. I know it may seem like a lot to edit, but I think editing a template is much simpler than just starting from scratch.

Don’t Forget To Ask For Their Email!

The whole point here is to grow your email list and find a way to interact with your audience. So this tip may seem silly but…

Don’t forget to require their email address to take the quiz or get results.

This way they go right to their inbox and see you there for the first time. It introduces them to you being in their inbox.

Create A Welcome Email Sequence

People’s inboxes are bust, so if you want people to remember you, you will have to keep showing up for them. Don’t just deliver quiz results and then drop out of their lives.

Create a simple welcome sequence. Welcome them to your email list.

If you want to add onto the welcome sequence you can direct them to popular blog posts, invite them to your Facebook group, introduce them to another free offer or find other ways to keep them engaged and offer continued value.

Grow Your Email List With Interact

I love using Interact.

I really enjoy creating the quizzes. It’s fun and creative but doesn’t take so much brain space or tech knowledge that I feel exhausted or burned out. It’s a fun way to get to know your audience and can give real insight into what their needs are. I also love that:

  • It’s super user friendly and great for non techy people
  • The templates are easy to customize and get you started fast
  • You could literally create your lead magnet in 30 minutes
  • Their customer service is amazing
  • The analytics give me insight into my audience I never would have been able to see

Using Interact to grow your email list will help you learn information about your audience.

Use the quiz as a lead magnet, welcome them to your list and then use their needs to create the best products and services that help solve their problems.

This post uses affiliate links for Interact. If you signup, I may get a referral fee at no cost to you.

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