Great Sales Copy: 4 Tips

Four tips to write sales copy that sells.

How do you write good sales copy?

Ever put a lot of work into a sales page and it just doesn’t get the sales you want?

The solution is probably better copy.

I have 4 great tips for writing great sales copy, one being probably the most forgotten in your process!

Four tips to write sales copy that sells.

1. Identify what your customers’ problem is.

If you are creating a product or service but don’t actually know how your customer is struggling, then it’s going to be difficult to really get into your customers’ heads to figure out how to provide unique solutions for them.

It’s vital to identify what problems your service/product will be providing solutions for. You will be able to really dig deep into hitting every point of struggle your avatar may be having, within your creation and within the marketing for your offer.

2. Know your customers’ pain point.

When someone is struggling with something they need a solution to, they have their problem and then, their pain-point where they actually decide to make a change.

The problem will persist until the customer finally reaches a pain-point and says, “oh! I don’t have to live my life this way anymore.”

3. Use you sales copy to present a unique solution to your customers’ problem.

You have to dive deeper than what your service, product or course is.

Creating a unique solution involves understanding why your solution is different from other similar solutions that are out there. Why does your solution need to exist among all of the others that are out there on the market already?

If you come up with mindset blocks, understand that although there are similar solutions on the market, there have never been ones from YOUR perspective, which makes the solution unique.

The more you have an understanding of how your process, story and overall solution is unique, the more confidence you will have in selling your product.

And when you are confident in your product, the confidence will be transferred to your customers who will then be confident in you and your solution, which will lead to sales! The confidence transferred will not only be confidence your avatar has in you, but confidence that your program or solution will work for them.

Pro tip: your unique solution on your sales copy should not provide all of the exact steps of your process.

Whether it be a low or high-ticket offer, oftentimes when you give people too much information about your solution, it gets them into a cycle of questioning whether your course or program will work.

All your copy should include is a clear sense of understanding your avatar. Position yourself as an authority. You can outline pillars of your process but should leave out details of your work. Ultimately you’re going to sell them what they want and give them what they need.

For example, I sell to people wanting online programs to make more money, which I do but I start with mindset and accountability, which is what they need.

4. In your sales copy, use your customers’ language, not your own.

This is probably the most challenging tip in this post, because your customers don’t write your sales page, you do!

You have to really get out of your head to appeal to your target audience.

This is why market research is so important before you sell something, and this goes for your lead magnets/opt-ins as well.

If you were to explain the problem, pain-point and solution in your own language, this will not appeal to your target audience, and whatever you’re selling will not sell.

Do the market research, have conversations in different communities, do whatever you need to do to get into your customers’ heads to be able to speak to them with their language.

Whether you’re writing on a sales page, social media post or blog post, be sure to understand your customers’ pain-points, problems, and your unique solution (expressed without too much detail), all in your customer’s language.

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