How to Use Different Types of Facebook Ads

How to use different types of Facebook ads to grow your business.

Today we are discussing the different types of Facebook ads that you can use to grow your business and boost sales.

The most commonly known ad method is the Boost button, because Facebook is pretty aggressive with suggesting the Boost button to business pages. The Boost button is great for a little boost in engagement on your posts, but it can get pricey!

Ultimately when you’re running Facebook Ads, though, you’re going to want to use the Ads Manager by going to to create an account.

When you create your ads this way, you will have much more sophisticated options – which is important if you’re looking to have your money work for you more efficiently.

How to use different types of Facebook ads to grow your business.

Different Types of Facebook Ads

In Ads Manager, there are three different types of ads you can create: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Awareness ads will aim to boost your reach and engagement.

Consideration ads will be more targeted to attract clicks or video views.

And a conversion ad will bring lead conversions, webinar conversions, book a call conversions, etc.

I generally recommend conversion ads (lead conversions) if you are trying to grow your email list. And growing your email list should always be a priority!

You can also create an ad that is a lead magnet to a tripwire.

A tripwire is a low-cost offer. Usually with this ad, your goal would be to break even or profit a small amount of money, as it’s difficult to profit off a low-cost offer.

Video Ads

Another type of ad I’m a big fan of is video ads.

Instead of doing a conversion type of ad, for video I would do a consideration ad where I would optimize using video views and/or engagement. I would do as many of these ads as possible, for as cheap as possible, to create different audiences from the views and then retarget to an opt-in.

The great thing about this option, is if you are trying to build an audience and your traffic, it is cheaper to pay for views than it is for clicks.

In a video ad, you can also retarget to another video.

This tactic is good for when you are trying to build trust between yourself and your audience. I would use this strategy if I wanted to push people to a sales call, but didn’t want to do so until they knew who I was.

I would create an ad where I’m optimizing video views by directing the viewers to a second video after the first, and then to a sales call after the second. This way, before the prospect is presented with the opportunity for a sales call, they already know a few things about me. This is really good for higher ticket offers.

Direct to Sales Page

Something I have not tried until recently is going directly from an ad to a sales page. I never thought this would work for Alison’s Notebook, my self care and simple living blog.

So, once a viewer visits the sales page, they will see a retargeting ad. If they buy that product, they go into an email nurturing campaign where they receive information about other offers and get upsold to bigger programs.

This isn’t providing an amazing ROI – but it’s receiving more sales than my old strategy was. Changing my strategy means my email list will grow slower, but it allows more opportunity for purchases on the sales page!

Webinar Funnels

Another of the different types of Facebook ads is to direct to a webinar funnel.

I’ve tried warming my audience by directing ads to a lead magnet, and then retargeting the lead magnet to watching the webinar.

Then, I transitioned to an ad that went directly to a webinar. This still didn’t receive sales, but it was getting better results. I think this can only work when you already have an established audience, as things can get pricey before you see results if you are reaching out to a cold audience.

There are countless variations you can use for your Facebook ads.

Which strategy should you choose? It all depends on your audience size, how much you’re willing to spend and the cost of your offer.

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