10 Ways to Build Your Email List

10 ways to build your email list

How do you build your email list and keep people engaged?

I recently addressed the issue of how to build your email list with a 3 day challenge in my Facebook group.

Bloggers and influencers spend a lot of time building audiences and relationships via social media.⁣

So what happens if Facebook goes away or the algorithm changes?⁣ You don’t own Facebook, Instagram or YouTube…⁣

But you do own your email list. ⁣

There’s two problems you will face when trying to build your email list:⁣

  1. Getting people on it⁣
  2. Getting those people engaged

This article is going to cover 10 major tips for how to build your email list. Building your list and engagement really go hand in hand. Engagement encourages people to get added to the list, and being on the list encourages engagement.

10 Ways to Build Your Email List

1. If You Bill or Ship, Get Email Address

Include Email Request at Checkout

If someone is purchasing something from you this is a great opportunity to utilize simply add onto a form they are already filling out. How easy is it to plug in their email when they are already typing with personal info in mind?


Include Email Request in Package on a Card

You can also include business cards or a simple card requesting the customer get added to your list. Make sure to mention any value or free offers you currently have as incentive.

Include a Field for Email Address on Receipts

This is also simple to add when checking out a customer and an easy step to help build your email list. If someone has purchased, they are already engaged with you and interested.

2. Utilize in Person Interactions

Host an Event

Utilize your community and get to know people in your local network. Use the sign up sheet or simply as people for their email addresses.

Have a Sign Up Sheet at Events

If you are hosting an event, try and keep a record of people who are in attendance!

Business Cards

Business cards are compact and easy to keep on hand. Include an opt in link or a place where they can easily join your email list.

Utilize Public Events

Make sure you are engaged with your local community. Attend events with peers or potential clients.

3. Leverage Testimonials

Reward Referrals

Offer gifts or incentives to past clients for forwarding contact info to you of people you might be able to help, or for having friends join your list.

Use Word of Mouth

Any happy customer usually does not need much push to offer you a referral. If you are honestly helping people and offering value, customers will mention you without you having to ask. Make sure your contact info is easily available to help build your email list.

4. Encourage Forwarding

Include an Opt In Form with Anything You Send

Emails you send should typically offer value to clients or list subscribers to keep them engaged and opening your emails. You can build your email list by encouraging readers to forward the email to a friend who might benefit from the info you’ve included in your message. Make sure to include opt in forms in the emails so everyone who gets the email has the option to subscribe.

5. Organize a Giveaway

Reward People for Joining the List

You could hold weekly or monthly drawings or simply offer a free incentive like an Ebook.

Use Birthdays or Holidays to Offer Rewards

Holidays and birthdays are great for keeping people engaged and offering value. They are festive and exciting. Have an event or special giveaway and offer entries for people who have joined the email list or referred friends.

6. Reward People on the List

Email Only Rewards

If you have a Facebook group, Instagram or other social media you use, make sure to offer incentives that are email exclusive. This will encourage people who already follow you to help build your email list.

Offer Free Downloads for People Who Join the List

This is just another example of a giveaway you can offer to people who opt in.

7. Oldies but Goodies

Direct Mail

If you have someone’s address who is not on the list, be sure to reach out and encourage them to get added to your email list for more consistent contact. You can even push the eco-friendly benefit of going paper free.

Chase Bounced Emails

Make sure to follow any leads to the bitter end! If the email bounces, try and reach out to them to update their contact info via any other info you have. Many times, bounced emails are obvious typos you can fix.

Talk To People

Two great ways to reach people are voice and video messages, and calling them (depending on your industry and where your audience is.) I know I get tired of strangers calling me, but this does not have to be cold calling. Reach out to people that have engaged with you on business posts, joined your group, or followed you.

8. Optimize Website for Opt Ins

Include Email Registration Forms on All Pages

It won’t take up a lot of space. Add it to the bottom of the page, include a call to action at the end of your blogs… you get the idea.

Build a Blog

Do this if you haven’t done so already. It’s going to help create traffic and add value. Make sure to create a call to action in your blogs to help get people added to the list.

9. Give Opt In Options

Frequency Options

Allow people to choose how often they receive emails. It might make them more willing to opt in. Have daily, weekly and monthly options available.

Offer Different Types of Emails- Promo, Education, Etc.

You can categories by type of email in addition to frequency. Maybe they only want to receive promos, special offers or simply education.

10. Social Media


If you want people to engage with you… engage with them first! Be active in groups, comment, like, respond to messages quickly

Create Online Community

Start your own Facebook group and build a community around your own vision where you create the rules and can advertise freely id you wish. Offer value and camaraderie.

Be Active on Blogs and Forums

Meet your potential clients where they are at. See and be seen, let people see your value before you even introduce yourself.

There is more you can do, but this is a fairly comprehensive start to building your email list and getting your clients to engage with you. Remember if you are truly offering value the leads will flow.

People will find you. But persistence and following through with leads is also key. Don’t leave people behind, and once you have your list… use it! Don’t let the list get stale. Keep people engaged with consistency and getting people excited.

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