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20 Ways To Get Free Traffic + Training Video

Everyone wants more traffic, and what traffic is better than how to get free traffic!

If you are looking to get free traffic, just know first off that there is no magic bullet here. You have to add value. These tips include avenues for you to offer your value to potential customers.

There are a ton of ways to get free traffic and there is a lot I want to cover here. Ultimately if you see someone who has what you want, do what they do!

Below are suggestions on how to get free traffic.

All of these tips won’t cost you a thing and are easy and simple to implement right away.

How To Get Free Traffic | Increasing Leads To Make More Money

Before You Read About How To Get Free Traffic…

Before we go through the tips to get free traffic, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you get overwhelmed with all the blogging info out there?
  • Are you struggling to build an email list?
  • Have you ever attended a training or webinar but did not come away with any actionable steps?
  • Does online marketing feeling intimidating and you’re not sure where to start?

These tips will be perfect for you.

They are immediately actionable, simple and don’t require training or investment funds. They simply require time and some personal value.

20 Get Free Traffic Tips

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps people find your content. It involves using searchable keywords relevant to your niche. You can SEO optimize all your social media platforms, your pins on Pinterest, and your blogs and website titles.

2. Online Directories

Online directories are only helpful to people who have business in a physical location. Directories don’t benefit web based companies.

3. Quora

Quora is a forum where people post questions and you have the ability to answer. It provides an opportunity for you to show off your value and knowledge.

Looking for more ways to increase your traffic? Check out our resource library below!


4. Reddit Forums

Reddit forums provide the same opportunity- a place for you to offer value and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

5. Comment On Blogs

Commenting helps to create referral links and referral traffic. Comment on other blogs to put yourself out there and increase name recognition.

6. YouTube

YouTube establishes your brand and a lot of personality. It is a great way to increase the like-know-trust factor. People love the personability of video, and it is a great way to get free traffic.

7. Instagram

Instagram generates great free referral traffic as well. Like other social media it is free and familiarizes potential clients with your brand. Instagram provides a great avenue for showing off your value.

8. Facebook Page

Facebook is a great way to create a community around you. It is also a place for people to be able to share your content.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing generates buzz and activity. You can use email marketing to get free traffic by boosting your social media account or referring to blog posts tat offer value to readers.

Email is also extremely important for following up with leads once you do have traffic.

Tired of dropping leads through email cracks? Download my templates below!

10. Contest

Contests excite people and are a great way to encourage activity as well. You can require people to click links, like accounts and submit email addresses for your list.

11. Cross promotion with other bloggers

Cross promotion encourages traffic from a new audience who may have never seen your platforms before. Collaborating with industry peers is a great way to get free traffic.

12. Posting On LinkedIn

Success with LinkedIn really depends on your market. Some markets with do better than others, so consider your profession and niche.

13. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are not the best for boosting traffic, but it is a way to get free traffic. It is best for sales and new leads.

14. Social Media Scheduler

Social media schedulers can be free or cost money. But even the ones that are not totally free have free trials available. Contact me for an affiliate link if you want to try what I use!

15. Internal Linking Strategies

Link to your own blogs within your own blogs! You can get free traffic simply by promoting your own posts on your site.

16. Interview Market Leads

Network with other market leads to generate traffic from peers.

17. In Person Networking

Business cards are perfect for in person networking. Use business cards at events to hand out to people or use them conversationally in your day to day to promote your site and get more traffic to your site.

18. Utilize Media And Other Syndication Platforms

This can include podcasts ad guest appearances, which is a great way to both build trust and get your name out there.

Not only that, but podcasts and guest speaking have both been great ways for me to build my email list for free!

19. Twitter

Twitter is best for short form content.

20. Pinterest

And Pinterest is one of the best ways to get free traffic.

Facebook will help generate more sales…

But Pinterest will get people moving to your site. If you are looking for more tips on growing your Pinterest traffic, check out my blog here.

Conclusion For Getting Free Traffic

There you have it! 20 quick, simple and actionable ways you can generate interest and get free traffic right away. Getting traffic and marketing does not have to be costly, complicated and confusing. Tons of opportunities exist for budding bloggers and entrepreneurs and a lot of them don’t cost a dime.


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