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5 Blogging Goals For Beginners: How To Set Goals For Your Blog

I am a very goal oriented person, so if you are like me and trying to push yourself when you start something new you might appreciate some blogging goals for beginners.

When I started blogging I used my blog to share music, thoughts, relationship epiphanies, mental health tips and videos. I had a ton of fun doing it, and I think I built a little bit of a following. After all I did make $46 in 7 years.

But I just didn’t know how to get people to see my stuff, and I had no idea what kinds of goals I should be setting to get there. It took me seeeeeveeeeen yeeeears to start generating real income on my blog.

So now I have some experience. I know the milestones your blog needs to be hitting to get it to where you want to be. And I have a great list of blogging goals for beginners that’s really going to help push you to success in an efficient way.

blogging goals for beginners

5 Blogging Goals For Beginners: How To Set Goals For Your Blog

Publish Some High Quality Content: Aim For 10+ Posts

You do not have to publish 100 blogs to launch your site.

If you are writing as fast as you can just to create some quantity on your blog, you are not doing yourself any favors (most of the time).

Aim for 10 high quality, optimized posts to start with. I would aim for 800-1200 words with at least one pillar post that’s over 2,000 words to stand as a good authoritative piece.

Your goal is to have posts that are well optimized, but ideal post length will vary. Your main goal is to write more thorough answers to questions people are asking. So, if there is a 3,000 word blog post that is ranking well for the problem you are solving, you may want to adjust what you’re writing about.

When I did research for the post for example, I stumbled on many articles on how to create blogging goals for beginners.

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However…most of them were full of affiliate links and not a lot of information. So, I suspected that even though this is a popular blog topic, I could write a more thorough answer for beginning bloggers.

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Start Getting Some Traffic: Market Your Blog

Now that you have some content on your site, next on your list of blogging goals for beginners is going to be to start getting people to read what you created!

You have to start generating some traffic.

This is a mistake a lot of blog beginners run into. They write, and write and write and write…

…And write some more…

And never get to marketing their blog posts for traffic.

This is really at the top of the list. Nothing else can be set into motion if people are not visiting your blog. There are 2 major ways to get traffic to your blog.

  • Google Search: Google SEO is a long term strategy. This does not mean that you should not start implementing strategies to optimize for Google searches now, but it will not be a quick result.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is the king of traffic and the blogging world’s giant secret. If you are not using Pinterest, you can implement it to immediately generate real clicks to your site.
  • Extra credit: Social networking can also be a great way to get traffic to your blog if you are networking in groups or platforms online where people ask questions you can answer.

Additionally, especially when you’re new, your immediate network will be interested in your blog. This won’t always be the case, but new bloggers should NOT be shy about sharing their blog on their personal social media accounts. This gives you a opportunity to scoop up traffic from people on your friends list that are interested in your content.

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Build Your List: Create An Opt-in

Getting subscribers is the next priority on our list of blogging goals for beginners. Algorithms change, but your list is your forever. It is invaluable.

You need to find a way to optimize the traffic coming to your site by capturing the email addresses of as many visitors as possible. Most people do this with an email opt in form. I like to offer something for free. Most people won’t give up their email address unless they know exactly what they are going to be getting out of it.

There’s lots of options for creating an email opt-in and delivering the free offer, but generally speaking here is what you’ll need:

  • An email marketing tool
  • A graphic design tool like Canva (free)
  • A form for collecting email addresses

Cultivate Community: Start Connecting With Others

You should be starting to cultivate community as a blogger in 2 ways.

Among Your Peers

Find some peer bloggers in your niche. People whose personality you mesh with, who interest you, who you connect with. Get to know other bloggers and befriend potential competitors. The blogging community is powerful, and there are so many ways to support each other. So start getting plugged in.

Join Facebook groups, offer value and be engaged. Answer questions from your peers and think about partnering projects in the future.

Within Your Audience

It is important to start building a sense of community between yourself and your clients, and even more to create community amongst the members of your audience. I love Facebook groups for this as well, but there are other opportunities to create community for your audience.

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Bonus: Creating this community for your audience is also a great way to establish solid authority and build trust.

Make Money (If That Is Your Jam)

Some people never want an income. You might be elated that you have traffic and people are reading your content and that is all that you need.

But a good thing to put on the list of blogging goals for beginners is an income goal.

Maybe you want to start with advertising and maximize that traffic you are generating with some passive ad revenue.

Or perhaps you want to sell some worksheets, a course or other products to your email list.

Are you looking to replace your full time income, or do you just want to pay your blogging expenses? Think about your goal and then aim high.

A Note On Goals: Be Ambitious

You may have heard the suggestions that you should set attainable goals and shoot for small wins. And I agree with this to an extent. Small wins are motivating and produce success because the progress keeps us going.

But a suggestion I make to my clients, whether for seasoned vets or people looking for blogging goals for beginners, is to set huge, really big goals for yourself. Scary goals. Goals that make you shake a little, make you nervous…

Goals that excite you.

When I started aiming for $20k months, the number seemed completely unattainable, and I had hardly matched my previous income from my full time job…

But I set the goal based on my coach’s suggestion.

And I didn’t get it.

But I had my first 5 figure month in my life ever, and have continued to thrive since then. I rarely hit my goals, but I aim high. I aim really high, and push myself further than I would have had I not set an intimidating goal.

Here’s some more info on why you should aim for $20k months as a coach or blogger…


blogging goals for beginners

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