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Helping entrepreneurs grow, monetize or leverage a blog to get more traffic, leads, authority and sales – authentically, while thinking outside the box.

About Us

Blogging since 2011, managing marketing since 2012, and coaching since 2017, I have extensive experience in helping content creators like you get visible so they can get paid. 

It’s not about google’ing all the strategies and throwing spaghetti at the wall. It’s about choosing the strategy that is aligned to YOU, keeping it simple, and being relentless about your goals and what you want.

Our Services

Elevating your business and your blog with a holistic blog coaching approach.

Blogging About Mental Health: How to Start And Get Paid

Done With You Website

Haven't started yet?

Work directly with me to start and launch your entire blog and website from scratch in four weeks or less (in as little as two days - yes, really!)

Blogging for a Business: Tips From a Business Coach & Marketing Expert

Income Strategy

Before growing your blog, there's one really important decision you have to make...How you primarily want to monetize! Ads, affiliates, brand deals, courses, programs - they ALL work. But what's the best method for YOU? Let's find out.

Blogging on Facebook: how to use Facebook to grow your blog.

Content Submissions

I don't just want to give you a course and wish you well. I want to walk WITH you as you accelerate your blog growth and make the blog work for you and your business. That's why my coaching offers a hands on approach and content submissions.


Blogging Coaching

Blogging coaching isn't simply about teaching you how to write a post and perform SEO. Content is JUST the beginning of leveraging your blog. Next, we want to make sure your blog is an ACTUAL business, that works for you.

Why Choose Us

Hands On Done With You Vibe

I am a boutique company and take on a small number of clients. This means that as your blogging coach, you will truly have support.

Holistic Approach To Business

Our coaching strategy doesn't just take into account blogging best practices. We personalize our approach to your personality and business goals.

Sophisticated Background

As a full stack marketer, long time business coach and former marketing manager for multiple startups, blog coaching clients reap the benefits of having many perspectives and experiences.

Multiple Applications

Because of an experiences background, we are able to contextualize our blogging coaching for your business goals.

Client Testimonials

Desiree overcame her limiting mindset beliefs, increased her income 411% month over month, and has gone on to earn consistent 4-figure months, significantly increasing her household income in a family with nine children (yes, really!)
Desiree H.
Attaliah had a following of 5,000 on Instagram, but didn't know how to monetize it besides the occasional offer or brand deal. We helped her decide on her niche an aligned program to sell, then helped her leverage her following to grow her email list and scale her income. She was able to replace her full time nursing income in 12 weeks.
Attaliah S.
Andrea had a blog that was built by a developer, which worked...until it didn't. We empowered her to move to a beautiful but simple theme she had full control over. She qualified for Mediavine, had her first $1,000 month, and continues to grow and scale her marketing membership.
Andrea B.

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Whether you’re a traditional blogger, influencer, Youtube’r or maybe even a coach or service provider, I can help you get more visibility, leads and sales by leveraging a blog.

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