Goal Setting For Coaches // Why You Should Aim For $20k Months

Even if you’re not making money yet, when goal setting for coaches you should be aiming high and constantly challenged.

I’ve talked to multiple bloggers lately whose only goal is to make $1000 a month. And I get it: starting at zero, an extra $1k is going to mean big things for the quality of your life.

But in order to get to where you’re going, I’m going to challenge you. Goal setting for coaches should push you to reach your full potential.

Because you’re going to get stuck if you don’t think bigger than you’ve ever thought before. A few months ago I had my first 5-figure month (while still working a full time job.) Wanna know what my goal was?


I did not end up meeting my goal. But I wasn’t bummed at all. There’s no way I would have hit 5-figures if I didn’t set a BIG goal. I had to really challenge myself.

I personally don’t love talking numbers, but here’s the point:

A lot of people think that their problem is traffic. Tech. Email marketing. Facebook ads. Time management. The list goes on.

But sometimes? It’s just mindset.

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Think about the bigger picture. Look at your long term goal and work backwards.

You’re not going to be able to quit your job if your only goal is to make $1000. So, here’s what to do instead:

Goal Setting For Coaches

#1: Set Really Big, Life Changing Goals

They Have To Scare You

Your goals have to scare you a little bit. If your goals are not intimidating then you probably need to reach a little further.

This does not mean that you don’t celebrate all the small wins along the way. But if your goal seems to easy, then you probably aren’t pushing yourself to your maximum potential. If there is no fear, there may not be real growth or challenge.

The truth is that big goals come with sacrifice. Consider the sacrifices that come with what it takes to reach your goals and be willing to be open minded. Change isn’t our first choice.

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And sacrifice is going to be uncomfortable.

Get Uncomfortable

If you’re not uncomfortable, you probably aren’t growing. Your goals might even seem out of reach. They have to inspire you and be meaningful to you. They have to have a heart-centered purpose. Goal setting for coaches should start with the end in mind. Think about the end goal and work backwards.

Maybe $1k sounds insanely high and that’s a good starting point. But I’m wondering if you can push that to $5k. And if you’ve hit $5k, maybe $10k or $20k is a better goal.

Whatever makes you shift a little in your seat. What’s the number that sounds impossible? What sounds just out of reach to you? Then aim higher.

Push Further

Not everyone needs to set a goal of having $20k months. The point is to not think of an attainable goal. If you are meeting goals, then you are not pushing hard enough. If you think $1 would be nice, set a goal of $5k and really work hard.

Point is, I’m not saying that you necessarily need to start with $20k months as a goal.

But you DO need to set a goal that challenges you. Push past your comfort level when goal setting for coaches.

There is no right or wrong answer. This is not about doing what everyone else is doing. This about measuring yourself against yourself and going as hard as you can.

#2: Choose A Path And Do Not Waiver

Results Are Lag Indicators

The results you see today are from what you did yesterday, last week or maybe even months ago.

To keep momentum goal setting for coaches, you must keep putting work in today to see results tomorrow. It is easy to rest on our laurels when we experience results. That’s thew downfall of a newly busy online entrepreneur. Now that I have the clients, I put so much time and energy into nurturing those relationships that I neglect my marketing strategies.

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And in 3 months my contracts are up and the sales calls have stopped.

Regardless of how busy you get, don’t fail to nurture potential relationships. Continue networking and showing up where your audience is. Leverage every success story as a testimony moving forward. Don’t stop building and increasing your goals. 

If You Don’t Quit, You Can’t Fail

Start taking action, choose a path, and remain persistent in your willingness no matter what. And you will eventually win.

Hard work is rewarded. Every action is a new experience, new skill and something to add to your resume.

Even if you make mistakes, you will learn. You will grow, and you will become who you are supposed to be. With every unmet goal or failed launch, you will show up for your audience more. Your audience will continue to get to now you better.

If you don’t quit, you can’t fail.

#3: Remain Grateful For What Happens

Celebrate Yourself

No matter what, it is imperative that you celebrate every win.

What you focus on will increase. With so many big goals in mind, it can be easy to lose track or the truly incredible things we are accomplishing. But it is important to regularly celebrate the wins you are smashing, and often.

If you have a mindset routine or a morning ritual, celebrating your wins would be a great regular addition.

  • Record high traffic day? YES.
  • Made your first sale? HECK YES.
  • Fall short of a launch goal, but still made some money? WOOT.
  • Didn’t sell anything but helped a ton of people today? HAAAYY.
  • Having a good hair day? HECKIN’ MODEL STATUS UNLOCKED

Celebrate Others

Don’t ever be envious of someone else’s success. Celebrate other people.

Celebrate their success, even if it is your competitor.

When you celebrate others you express gratitude for what has happened to them. What you focus on will multiply. So focus on the positive.

If it can happen for them, it can happen for us. Celebrate for their happiness and for the example that they set for others. Get excited that as people around you succeed, it is increasingly more encouraging that your break through is just around the corner.

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#4: Remain Grateful For What Hasn’t Happened

Write Gratitude Lists

I write my affirmations as gratitude lists.

Instead of being hopeful that something might happen, I act grateful that the thing has already happened. I act as if I have already met my goal. I think and feel myself as the person who has accomplished my to do list.

It’s similar to the idea of dressing for the job you want. The universe will respond to the intention that you put present to it.

“I’m so grateful that selling is so easy for me.” “I’m so grateful I pay off debt so quickly.” “It makes me feel good to exceed my goals.”

I know your goal is big and scary, but you have to remain grateful and excited for it. Gratitude attracts success, even if you’re not woo 🙂

Visualize Success

Even if your goal has not come to fruition, act and think like it already has. Visualize yourself as that successful, authoritative, $20k making online entrepreneur. Visualize yourself as the top food blogger in your niche.

Put your intention into the universe and it will be drawn to you.

And I don’t mean just vaguely picturing yourself with a chef apron and a YouTube channel. Really put yourself in the position of the person you want to be. Picture the way your face feels before you record your next video, that tension before you post your next viral blog. The feeling of relief paying off your debt. The heart race of having another record breaking month.

Turn it into a meditation exercise and practice it with your mindset or self care routine.

What are your BIG goals?

Comment below with your goal setting for coaches tips and let’s all show each other some support.

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