Traffic & Funnels ClientKit review

Traffic & Funnels ClientKit Review: Coaching Program Review

My previous review of Marketing Funnel Academy has been so popular, I thought I would review another program I purchased: ClientKit by Traffic & Funnels.

I’ve purchased a lot of programs in the past few years, and many of them are massive, high-ticket programs.

People often contact me and ask me to hop on a call to answer questions for them about the program (which I decline), so I think this video will be a great reference. ClientKit is a high-ticket coaching program for coaches, consultants and service providers.

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2021 Update

In March of 2021, I was invited back to ClientKit to experience some of their updates first-hand. I was honored and excited to be invited back to ClientKit, and I can see they made improvements for structured support (even though I still thought it was good, it’s even better now).

Those updates are noted below!

How did you find Traffic & Funnels’ ClientKit?

From time to time, I do research to find new programs, but like this one, most programs I find are through advertising.

Traffic & Funnels’ advertising has SUCH personality.

And that was definitely part of what caught my eye – but I’m also definitely their avatar. A coach who was struggling to increase my income more consistently and needed a BETTER WAY.

I started out by joining their free group (Traffic and Funnels) and downloaded a lead magnet (maybe several…) after receiving a message from one of their group admins. The messaging they used in their group, copy and content really resonated with me, and the free content reiterated that I wanted what they were selling.

At some point in the free group, I commented on a post asking for more information. Through messenger, one of the advisors (Nick) asked to get on a quick call to ask me a couple questions to make sure I was a good fit.

We discussed where I was at, what I was doing and what I might need. We had that quick intro call that was followed by a formal sales call.

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What appealed to you most about Traffic & Funnels?

During the sales call, they helped me think bigger. This requires context:

After working one-on-one with another coach, I combined her organic strategies with my knowledge of ads and funnels to have my first $14K month with an audience of about 300 people.

That was pretty impressive.

Then, the next month? I made exactly $0.

The problem was that the coach I was working with ONLY relied on organic launch strategies. It took a ton of effort and energy to do that live launch, and I couldn’t imagine doing it again.

How could I get consistent $10k months without launching? I knew I’d outgrown that coach, but didn’t know a better way.

Engaging with Traffic & Funnels helped me realize that by live launching multiple offers – I was spreading my energy way too thin.

Focus on one offer. One sales strategy. And do that over and over until you get to $30k months. Then scale. I couldn’t imagine doing $30k months. All I wanted at that time was to be more consistent so I could leave my job ASAP. I knew I wasn’t willing to have the next $14K month to be that hard on me.

Many of ClientKit’s clients were doing $30K months within a couple of months. This helped me aim higher for myself and I started thinking bigger.

Traffic & Funnels ClientKit Review

How was the sales process?

I got on a call with another Advisor a day or two later after chatting with Nick for what I knew would be a sales call. The Advisor asked me a ton of questions about what was working, not working, what I’d done, what I wanted, why it was important. We talked for an hour.

At the end when I finally asked the price – I felt sick to my stomach.

I’d made hasty decisions in the past, so I had a commitment to myself to give myself time to think about things. I ended our call with “I have to think about it.”

The Advisor challenged me on this.

He pointed out that my waffling, indecision and hesitation to buy something I knew I wanted / needed was showing up with my own prospects and clients – the law of mirrors.

I was…so incredibly annoyed.

(It turns out he was right, but more on that later.)

I put down a refundable deposit, but sent an email the next morning that I thought the call was pushy and I wasn’t interested. (OOF. More on this later too.)

A few weeks later, a different, gentler rep reached out and I then joined the program. His approach was intentional, based on my previous reaction. And I knew that, but it didn’t matter.

Everything that was said in the first call really resonated with me, and I was terrified but finally decided to jump in.

I knew I needed to make a major change in how I was doing things.

What is the pricing of the program?

It’s not crazy, but it’s definitely a high-ticket program and for most people who join, it’s the most they’ve ever spent on a program by a lot.

The pricing is strategic – it’s meant for you to take it seriously, and work hard to actually trust the process and implement, and it works. This is not a program that most people will half-ass.

What’s your take on the course content?

The sales person told me what to expect on the sales call, and that all happened just as I was told. A bunch of emails with clear instructions.

There is a LOT of material that’s provided. After a day of initial anxiety – fearing that I might beg for my money back – I jumped in with both feet.

And holy heckin’ heck – from the first 5 minutes of course content I knew I’d made the right decision.

The first few things you do are jump into the course content and get on a specific type of call for feedback and direction.

** 2021 Update: After getting re-invited to join the program and experience the updates, I could tell they overhauled a lot of the course content. I only watched a couple videos and the teachings are the same (that I’ve seen) but the production quality is improved. 

Funny thing…

After starting to dive into the course content, I realized early on that the original Advisor was right.
I had used old, stale excuses to avoid investing in the program initially.
Not because I didn’t want it – but because my brain was terrified of the change.

I actually ended up reaching out to the original Traffic & Funnels sales rep to tell him he was right about everything he said – even if I didn’t like it. And the training in the program became the foundation of a lot of mindset work I’ve done since then. Re-framing situations, getting honest with myself, and thinking with my CEO brain.

I’m usually hesitant with programs that have course-content because I will tend not to watch through, but the content for this program was super compelling.

How was the structure of the program?

There is the course content, coaching calls, and a really active community. I feel like you get most of your support in the community setting, where you get support with the coaches of the program and people who are further along in the program.

I have always received a response from whatever I posted in the group. It’s a very active community, and people were always willing to help others that weren’t as far as they were in the program. It was a place to share wins, challenges and questions.

There were also various coaching calls throughout the week. There are opportunities to submit some work and have it reviewed. I remember there being about 3 calls a week.

** 2021 Update: ClientKit recently introduced more coaching support, and most notably: 1:1 calls with coaches at certain points in the program for various touch points. This was something I kind of wanted when I first did the program, but at the end of the day, I got results without it. With this added support however, I think even more people will get results.

What were your results from Traffic & Funnels ClientKit?

I ROI’d within the course of the program, so that was fabulous.

Then, I ran into some major personal-life things near the end, which really impacted my consistency and mindset. In hindsight, I could have gotten some support around that. But that, along with a few other things, led me not to go into their higher program.

2021 Update: After averaging $20k months for quite a while, then being invited back to ClientKit for a few weeks, I realized that I was ready for their higher level program and joined Elite. I start 5/1/21, and I’ll be sure to update this post or write a new post.

About More Than Just “Money”

Although I did ROI, some of the biggest transformations I experienced weren’t about money.

One thing Traffic & Funnels’ ClientKit does differently is challenging you to change your being.

I have always avoided the mindset portion of programs because I just want to take action.

This was the first program that really showed me that the more you take care of your mindset, the more results you will see. In fact, during the program, I hired a health coach.

I still use many of the tools with what I’ve learned in this program.

Because of the organic strategies I learned in ClientKit, my highest month of about $38K resulted from just $300 in ads.

They teach what they teach the best.

Would I Recommend ClientKit from Traffic and Funnels?

If you asked me a year ago if I would recommend ClientKit, I would say YES. It’s the #1 group program I’ve done as far as business and life transformation, and the people really care. That said, if you’re someone who needs 1:1 support, I would have cautioned you that this might not be the best.

However, with the added support, I feel like you’d be silly not to join.

Book a call with the Traffic and Funnels team and find out whether they might be just what you need to move to the next level.

13 thoughts on “Traffic & Funnels ClientKit Review: Coaching Program Review”

  1. Your first line about not being good fit if you’re needing 1:1 help is very true … and I wish I done more research into review before investing. The sales call was deliberately vague and misleading in regards to what exactly was involved. In fact, I explicitly said I wasn’t interested in a group program. Now, they won’t return me any money and they’ve blocked me from the group. They have full payment from me for 10-week access, but have removed that access for the remaining five weeks I am owed – because I’m complaining and requesting a refund.

    1. Here is my last email I sent to this company it explains everything about how they have treated me and how they use manipulated tactics…..

      “I have been emailing back and forth with Lindsay E. since October 15th, 2020 about my purchase with T & F.

      I have made it clear to her that I was sold on false pretenses about what Client Kit offers by Ben P. I was VERY hesitant to purchase. The manipulative script that Ben did with me on our call was pretty convincing that I was going to get everything I asked for with this course.

      I made it clear I did not want a course especially for this price that is module base. He said this isn’t this type of course. When in fact it is module-based. I think it’s around 9-10 modules loaded with videos.

      Also, when joined I was sent a list after a list of other videos to watch. There was no clear order on how to watch the modules. And if you had questions you were told to search in a Facebook group for more videos. THIS IS EXACTLY what I told Ben that I did not want and this is what’s offered.

      I made it clear I was looking for one on one coaching. He said we have that and we will hold your hand all the way. Well, this was a lie too. It’s all group-style coaching with no one-on-one mentoring. In fact, all the live group coaching is during the day and I work during the day. So I have to watch replays and hope my question gets answered. THIS IS EXACTLY what I told Ben that I did not want and this is what’s offered again.

      I was so skeptical to sign up and I remember Ben saying how it’s up to me if I didn’t want to make $10k a month. A guilt tactic in sales. As I said I want to think about it, he said I could just put down $1k to “hold my spot” I was fooled and went on for the bait. I was concerned about how this company kept my credit card on file from a small purchase I made for $70 weeks ago for a funnel outline or something like that. I made this clear to Ben. I didn’t sign anything saying T & F could have access to my credit card and keeping it on file.

      I repeatedly asked Ben can I get refunded if this isn’t for me. He went around telling me under certain situations people can get their money back. He referenced people with cancer or some other cases were able to. You would think this company would have a 30-day window like all the other big players in this game. But things are getting pretty clear about T & F. But he did say if this isn’t for you we can work something out. Whatever the heck that meant.

      So I was fooled and sold on false information. This course is module-based with no one-on-one and all grouped base. It’s poorly run and is not what I was told.

      On October 18, 2020, Lindsay stopped my account and payments. I was removed from the FB group and my logins were blocked. This is fine because I do not want anything to do with this company! I just want my $5400 back.

      So, since October 18th I have been strong-armed by Lindsay and her “team” about the contract. When indeed she voided the contract by removing me from the FB group and the login to the module base course that I didn’t sign up for.

      I had to get my lawyer involved and he sent Lindsay a letter to explain how we will be pressing charges if I do not get my money back. How I was lied to about Client Kit and want my $5400 that was stolen from me. I do not want to be a part of this course and I do not want to be logged back in.

      Lindsay claims I was never blocked from logging into the course which is a lie. I was blocked and through all the emails I made that clear. She receives the attorney’s letter and emails me she will give me back access which I replied, “No I don’t want access Pease to return the money you stole “and then goes on to tell me in another email she never took away access.

      Can you just stop playing games?

      Can we just move on? My money was stolen from me and I demand it back. This is a “Situation” according to Ben so I would like my money back.

      My lawyer and I will file a claim in small claims court in the state of TN if I do not get refunded immediately.”

      1. I had a similar experience. I was sold a lie with a very manipulative sales script. I haven’t asked for my money back because I figure it would be a similar scenario that you describe. I would never recommend Traffic and Funnels to anyone. There videos are horrible! Not consistent at all, and the course content combined with the never ending barrage of e-mails that weren’t in any particular order just made this program super frustrating. I kept getting e-mails the first week to submit my avatar sheet, but no information on how to do that. Found it in module 2, three weeks in. It was a confusing program with low quality videos. One video was just a low quality unedited and unmic’ed camcorder video of a Q and A at a live event. Taylor’s hand writing in some trainings is just awful and completely unreadable! Fodder to make you think there was content to justify the outrageous price. I’ve since joined James Wedmore’s Business by Design. It is 1/4 the price of T&F and far and away a better produced, better organized program, with far better content. T&F isn’t even in the same league as James.

  2. I had my sales call tonight and discovery call with the second level person. They quoted me $9800 for the 10 week course and told me it is very different from the elite course which was $30k. Are these the prices you guys were quoted?

    1. I had a sales call yesterday and was quoted $10,800. I’m really interested, I believe client kit will be a smart investment for growing my new coaching biz however I’ll be putting it on a credit card with I don’t love. I asked specifically about 1:1 support but didn’t get a clear answer so hearing that it’s more group coaching is causing me to reconsider. Thanks Allison and everyone for your input.

      1. I think the group is part of the power of it. Feel free to message me on Facebook if you have specific questions

        1. Thank you Allison!! SO appreciate your review here. It’s too bad they feel the need to use the “bro code” to sell. I came from that male-dominated career path, and can handle it. But here’s the thing: I don’t want to!

          If the program is so great why the pushy sales tactics.

    2. Robyn, I just got off a sales call with them and declined to put down a deposit because I noticed the enrollment advisor was vague on support (even after circling back on questions several times), though he did say it was “super hands on”. He also changed (by a $10k range) the amount of revenue they’d like to see clients make before suggesting paid traffic, which made me think he pulled it out of his back pocket. I also asked what type of 1:1 support and access to course material was available after graduation. He said access to content library (now we’re back to DIY), and I believe the FB group, unless I upgrade to Elite.

      I didn’t care for a one call enrollment nor did I like the pushy/lack of interest in me as soon as I said no to a deposit today. And, having been in sales in the past, his tactics of “scarcity” seemed not believable. I get urgency, but this felt beyond uncomfortable – and I’ve invested.

      Thing is, it does look like a good program.

      1. As far as revenue / access to the ads content: I was approved for the ads content and didn’t end up utilizing it. People are often drawn to the program bc they want to use ads, and then join the program and see that they’ve been overly reliant on them or don’t need them at all. Ads can be an attempted bandaid for bad messaging or a bad offer, and CK fixes that.

        I was turned off by the enrollment tactics too, but I think it’s important to remember that people get turned down and aren’t a good fit. The vibe is really harsh in the sales process and then you get into the program and you realize: how freakin’ much these guys care.

        That said, it’s still not for everyone. But I would challenge the discomfort you feel on the sales process. Not to change your mind but just to make sure your brain isn’t trying to keep you from doing what you need to in order to level up

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