Timeline Shifting in Business for 7 Figures

Timeline Shifting in Business for 7 Figures

I’m here with Jenna, Jenna Madden, and if you guys even just go to her website, you’ll see why I’m so excited to talk to her today. Among other things, today we’re going to talk about her top tips for timeline shifting in your business, and what the turning point was for her to get to seven figures, which is a milestone that many of us are aiming for in entrepreneurship. And then how she runs a soul nourishing, sustainable business nomadically. (Which I’m interested in hearing more about.)

So if you guys want to learn about any of those or more, then just keep watching.

I’d love for you to kind of introduce yourself

Absolutely. Thanks so much for having me here today, Alison. I can already feel this is going to be a powerful conversation.

My name is Jennifer Madden. I run a brand, a business, a movement. I like to think of it as, and it’s called Soul Meet Strategy. So my business started off really, I think as many of us where it was just an evolution. It started with my own personal journey that morphed into the online business space and really was at the point when I started traveling. So it’s something that has been beautiful and many initiations that has evolved to where it is today, where what I res specialize in is helping women conscious female entrepreneurs with expanding themselves in their leadership, but also their business in a really sustainable way.

I am a big believer that there’s so much possible in this industry, but also there’s a lot of fake promises. There’s a lot of confusion that tends to happen, and I really believe that business can be simple and it can be a really great vehicle as well for us as women to feel creatively expressed and financially safe and supported. So that’s a big part of my mission.

So did you start out in your business with this focus or did it morph from something else?

Starting in corporate

It morphed. I’ll give you the quick and dirty that in corporate, I worked in human resources and safety, so definitely not coaching and healing, and it was my own personal evolution. I’d lost a bunch of weight. I had gone to the gym, I’d been working with coaches that I left my corporate job, became a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and a reiki master set off in digital nomad land.

Started traveling, and pretty quickly women were like, how did you quit your job? How did you start a business?

And I realized, especially in the personal training side of things, that although I was really good at helping women get results, I’m not a pro at biology and anatomy. I was really good at the coaching women coming in saying, I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, and me realizing they actually just needed a lot of mindset and confidence in self-leadership.

Moving into coaching

So I was way more passionate from the get go about that kind of stuff. So I realized I was good at coaching and supporting women. And then the business piece really, I kind of fell into it because women were asking me how I did it. So it was kind of a hybrid for a while where I was doing healing session and personal training and nutrition coaching, and I built a large network marketing business with a company.

So that really sparked the coaching side of things as well, and kind of brought in the business piece where now I feel like the business part always came so naturally to me, plus my experience in the industry that I just get really jazzed up helping other women get their stuff out there way more than, to be honest, I was excited about doing say one-on-one personal training sessions.

I’m like, I’d rather empower the women who do want to do those things to actually have success doing it. So it really has been an evolution of nine lives condensed into five or 10 years,

Helping people do the inner work, to get the outer results they want

Usually the inner work is not the sexy part I have found. However, I do find the awareness of women has really expanded, especially in the last year or so, where even if it still isn’t sexy, I feel like more of us are becoming aware that it’s still such a key piece. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve found even on my own personal journey, there’s been a lot of moments where I thought, oh, I thought I healed that.

I thought I did the work. And sometimes I feel we want to think we’ve checked the box, we’ve done the personal development, we’ve done the inner work, the mindset stuff, so we should be good now when actually it just becomes more and more and more relevant. I find the more we want to make more money or do the things that we want to do because there’s always this expanding capacity that’s required, or else we’ll just kind of keep running the same script, keep living the same timeline, so to speak.

Read more about mindset.

What was the biggest turning point in getting to seven figures?

The journey

Yeah, good important question. I feel that not enough people are really sharing about because it hasn’t been the easiest of journeys, or I’ll say it hasn’t been the simplest of journeys. I do feel that there has been energy of ease, at least as a predominant energy.

But I really feel like when I reflect on how the key things that come to mind for one has been grit and consistency to keep going and to keep doing that expansion that I was talking about, because it’s actually, I find not that hard if we can get out of our own way to get to, let’s say six figures or multiple, six figures in our business, but usually those programs kick in pretty hard if we’re even able to be the 3% or the 5% of women getting to that point, which is a huge milestone itself in our business that it almost feels wrong sometimes to ask for more or to keep going and keep having success.

Grit and consistency

So I feel it’s a lot of regulation of really seeing myself as the kind of woman who can operate and hold and run this kind of business for the long haul. It’s kind of moving away from those quick fix band-aid energies that a lot of us kind of get into, me included in entrepreneurship of the next thing, the next client. How do I do this when I’ve actually really just stripped my business back more than ever, the more success I’ve had, the more simple my business has come where I just do the same things. Yes, I’m learning and adapting, maybe approaching them, coming at it with different angles, but I have less offers than ever before.

In my business, I do less launching than ever before, and this isn’t because of how much money I’ve made. It’s actually the thing that’s contributing to making more money because I’m not doing 200 things.

Avoiding burnout

I’ve gone into major burnout in the past doing all the things. And I also don’t have a huge audience too, for anyone listening to this. My audience is, I don’t know, maybe combined like 10 to 15,000, but I don’t have crazy followers on one specific platform. I have chunks in different places, but I’ve always really been all in on building actual community, never doing weird bro marketing tactics and just connecting.

So many of my clients have then come to me from feeling connected to me. So many clients have then sent more clients to me, which has led to a pretty referral based business, which I always think is a really good sign of a healthy, thriving business as lots of referrals, and to actually have a business model that can scale into those kinds of numbers. I realized a while back when I was kind of stuck at the six figures that the numbers didn’t really match the goals.

Getting real with myself

If I wanted to expand, it didn’t actually translate. I would’ve had to have a huge influx in my audience or sign crazy amounts of high ticket clients and then have a lot of pressure to deliver. So there was leaks and gaps there. So I had to really get real with myself, and it can be a really confronting process I find to look at, okay, what’s working? Let’s do more of that and what’s not working? Let’s eliminate or shift or adapt that. So it’s been a huge process, I would say, of refinement as well in order to grow to that level.

The. main key

If there was one key thing, which might sound kind of cliche, but was to give myself full permission to do things unconventionally and really just stay in my own lane. I know my personal business model of what allowed me to grow into that next phase was a membership and a mastermind. And in between there I do some private coaching, but it’s really minimal at this point.

And coming into the seven figures, I was moving away from doing it, so it wasn’t really a key contributor. It was definitely the one to many offers. And having clear differences, actually, I think this is a really key point between my offers because up until I had gotten more clarity, it was almost like a lot of my offers were competing with each other, so I had to refine.

Less offer, but clearer offers

And the still, and that was a big piece too, was actually having less offers, but really clear offers that I felt really good about because I was someone who had created a lot of programs. I’m such a creator, I’m a generator in human design. I am always just naturally creating, but it wasn’t really working for me. It was kind of working against me. So I found a way to create an outlet for myself that works for my creativity style that makes sense in a business as well, so I can create new stuff in my existing business instead of just new offers that I then need to promote, validate, sell all the time.

So for people listening who don’t know about the idea of timeline shifting, can you just tell us what that means?

Conception of time and space

Yeah, totally. So this is my perception of it that we have, let’s start with the concept of time. What is time and space? I feel like it’s one of the least understood concepts, even though we live in a society, in a world that’s hyper fixated at the same time on the concept of time. So I feel like we have linear time. This is the measurement of distance, time that happens with our clock, with our calendar, just driving from here to there.

So we have our everyday concept of time, and then we also have the physical time, which really to me, it only exists when there’s movement in respect to something else. And we have psychological time, which is our sense of time and what time feels like, which I actually feel like is one of the biggest pieces when it comes to timelines and timeline shifting is our actual sense of time I feel is really shifting.

Expanding consciousness

And I feel that that’s happening partly as we all get older, so to speak, but also our consciousness continues to expand. So the way we perceive things starts to be expanded from our usual blinders that we have on when it comes to how we experience things, how long things can take. Just to give a tangible example of this is, and how we can play with this is the energy of, let’s say someone listening to this is making $5,000 a month on average in their business. So they have a relation of that to time 5,000 per month. And the way I found that we can play with these kinds of things in our own dynamic is to think about, okay, well, what if $5,000 a week became our new normal?

So instead of focusing on say, $20,000 a month, we can play with that relationship that we have to time of a month or a week, and we’re just collapsing it and we’re making it so it’s actually happening same amount, but in a shorter amount of time because we’ve already hit that milestone, let’s say a $5,000 a month. This is the way where I feel like we can practically tangibly start to work with that concept of time in our actual day-to-day business, if that makes sense.

How can we do timeline shifting faster?

Picturing the next step

This is something I love to play with and to the point that you mentioned too that you don’t get super connected into the number goals of things. I’m actually kind of the same.

And even when I go through that process of, oh, how would it feel to do this amount in a month or in a week or whatever, I really feel just on that point too, that it’s important, and this is for most of us different strokes for different folks, but I feel like for a lot of us, it’s more just about connecting into it and actually moving away. I find for so many of us too, attaching to the timeline and the number and the goal, and I really love to approach things, and I found my business grew when I did this, when I just got curious, oh, well, how would it feel to do what I’ve been doing in a month in a week?

How does it feel

Or how would it feel to add a zero behind that for followers, or how would it feel if this happened? Because that to me was always illuminating. Where was I actually uncomfortable with whatever the next thing could look like, but simultaneously really detaching from the outcome as well, which I know can sound a little hyper or counterintuitive to things, but I find if we fixate on it, we’re trying to control it and then we’re actually limiting ourselves.

So I ask a lot of rhetorical questions. For one, I’m always saying this or something better. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible more for myself to just keep the options and the timeline, so to speak, open? Because I feel we’re all experiencing a dominant timeline. So I feel we’re all connected into the dominant collective timeline where there’s this bigger global experience of things going on in the world that we can’t deny.

Embracing limitless possibilities

It’s like we look around, we see there’s things that are happening, and so regardless if we choose to be on that ship or not, there’s still this dominant timeline that’s playing out. And I feel we can all affect it with our own individual dominant experiences that we’re having and enough people change that it’s going to have an effect on the dominant, I feel like it already is.

But in terms of a business and on an individual level, like you mentioned, there’s limitless possibilities out there that are available. So that in itself can be kind of overwhelming and a little daunting to be like, well, how it goes beyond, I feel like some of the basics that we’ve all seen of manifestation where it’s like be it to receive it, but it’s like first we have to even tap into it and clarify what other timeline would we want to be on?

Highest self meditations

And I feel like this could happen by doing a highest self meditation, taking ourselves into more of the universal energy of what else is there to just remove ourselves from our little box that we put ourselves in, which ends up with all of our limitations and things of it’s going to be like this and this is going to happen. Just zoom out for a minute.

And the way I like to do this that I feel like has a direct correlation to manifestation, but also to timelines shifting is what I call the vision beyond the vision. So let’s just use that $5,000 example. And so if somebody wants to, they’re making 5,000 and they want it to be more, they want 10 K or 20 K or whatever in their business, then we end up fixating on something that we probably have never experienced before that feels kind of foreign.

Visualize the other side

And on the other side of that, we don’t really know what’s there. And I feel this is where the timeline stuff gets really cool is if we take ourselves through this could be in journaling, it could be in meditation, but we ask ourselves, what’s on the other side of that? If Jenna just handed me everything I need and now, okay, 20 K months is now my reality. It’s like, now what does your life look like? What does it feel like? So we’re just taking a look around of what that actually looks and feels like, but then asking ourselves, okay, well what next? And a lot of us don’t actually do that.

Look for limiters

So on a somatic and a subconscious and a primal level, we’re feeling like literally it’s going to be death. We’re going to get to 10 K or 20 K, and we’re like, I’m going to burn out so much responsibility.

Everyone’s going to leave me. My family’s going to hate me for not sharing my money with whatever is there for us. It’s kind of like the witch wound stuff too. And so I found so much opened up for me when I just started looking at that timeline. It’s not about knowing all the timeline shifting opportunities that are available, but I’m like, okay, well, this is what I’m feeling called to and excited about.

I’m just following the alignment and the activation.

Okay, well, if I have this sold out launch, or if I have this thing happen, what could my reality on the highest timeline potentially look like? And then it always shows me what do I need to look at? And usually I get there in my mind and it’s like, oh, things are really good over here. Things are better. I have more support, more freedom, more resources, and we can kind of relax into it.

Summary: the vision beyond the vision

So that’s kind of one of my biggest mottos is what’s the vision beyond the vision? It could change, it can evolve. We’re not holding and grasping and obsessing with it, but it’s like a regular exercise and tool that can help us tune into what is our highest timeline. And also to be in the energy of I don’t need to make things happen. And this happens so often in business where it’s like, okay, well I’m just going to do this. I’m going to make it happen.

Even if we don’t call it hustle, we’re still hustling. But I feel like a lot of the pressure goes away if we start to ask ourself things like, well, if it’s already done and I believe it’s possible for me, there is a timeline out there where it exists. Who do I need to be and what do I need to do to support the inevitable? How am I supporting the process of what’s obviously already available? And this is how I think we get those little micro steps of what do we actually need to do in our business or our lives.

How do you go from vision into action?

If you already have enough direction for that, if that makes you feel excited, if you feel awesome, then go for it. But for me, when I start getting really specific like that, it introduces constraints where I’ll start getting, if I think about a hundred K months especially, and I’m like, okay, I’ve got to have this many people in this offer and this many people on my email list and this, but if I just think about how can it be? What if it were just easy? What if I didn’t care about the timeline? It just starts releasing and shedding all this weight.

And then I love what you said about, because one thing I talk about too is I think sometimes when you have a bigger income month that you’ve never had before or when you hit a new number, if we’re not careful, then your nervous system can get dysregulated.

How can I picture myself and then move forward in the vision?

It really has changed so much for me on my journey because truth be told, the first couple of years of my business really weren’t that fun. They weren’t, I had results, but I was burnt out and I was traveling the world, but I was literally on my phone. People could book in with me literally 24 7. There was some deep scarcity and people pleasing that was really present there.

And I know not everyone moves through that, but I feel like a lot of us do, and a lot of us haven’t had someone who’s trained us in entrepreneurship, let alone conscious leadership in these things. So most of us kind of fail forward, and I think that’s why a lot of people don’t keep going with their business because it doesn’t actually feel safe. It doesn’t feel sustainable. And like you said, most of us are who are actually doing the thing, are pretty high achievers, so that goalpost is always moving.

So if we want to feel empowered, then we’ve got to find systems and approaches and things that we can actually keep doing so that we’re not always feeling like we’re trying to catch up or get to some sort of destination as kind of cheesy as that might sound.

How can we connect with Jenna?

I hang out online mostly on Facebook and on Instagram. So you can look me up at Jennifer Madden is Facebook Soul Meet strategy. My brand is on Instagram and TikTok, it’s my website. So if you feel a resonance, I love to make new friends, new connections, and definitely feel free to reach out and connect if this was connecting for you today.


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