Business coaching client Samantha replaced her day-job income in 30 days - during a pandemic!

Business Coaching Client: Samantha Replaced Her Income In 30 Days During a Pandemic

Samantha is a productivity and marketing coach, an automator for marketing and lead nurture, and a blogger at

Samantha has lived a very impressive story for her time in quarantine, where she was able to exceed her day-time job’s income in less than 30 days.

If you are interested in how she did this, the struggle and triumph to optimize her offer, her goals and what she’s doing now, keep reading!

What were your struggles before hiring Alison Reeves as a business coach?

I had been blogging on and off for about 4 years, right before I had my son. I was on a mission to make an income from home. Something in me just knew that a 9-5 traditional lifestyle just wasn’t for me.

During these on and off blogging years, I had also taken a few blogging courses. I kept seeing Alison Reeve’s content in one of those Facebook Blogging Groups, which then led me here.

Before reaching out for business coaching, I tried so many things and I wasn’t receiving any monetary results from it. I struggled with the confidence in my offer, and even just knowing what my offer was! I just knew I wanted to help people make their lives easier.

Although I have been an entrepreneur for the last 7 years and had the basic knowledge of writing blogs and posting them on WordPress, I feel I didn’t know how to fit everything together or really strategize for faster solutions. I spent a lot of time YouTube tutorialing-it and I was super over it.

What was your business goal?

I was in a direct-sales position before pushing my blogging. My goal from then has always been to step away from the business entirely and still be able to provide for my family, with a more passive income.

In terms of specific numbers, the goal was to have 10k+ months, in an energetic, individual way, where I am still who I am doing what I want to.

Business coaching client Samantha replaced her income in 30 days - during a pandemic.

How did you come up with your first offer?

My first offer was created when I started receiving business coaching from Alison. We were able to create my first offer, which was productivity and mindset coaching.

I absolutely loved the mindset piece to it! Mindset affects more than just your business, it affects the entire foundation of your life. If you don’t have this in place then it will jumble with your sales and marketing.

I was really passionate about this, so I created a program to help people simplify their businesses, to assess their marketing and how they talk to clients, their mindset and how to be a CEO. I made this offer scalable by making it a group program so there was a community going week-to-week.

I had also created a marketing research offer, charged at $7600 which provided mind-blowing results! I made more money than I did in the last 6 months at my last job!

What struggles did you face following your first successful month? What helped with these struggles?

I like to think of this as the “Success Hangover.”

I had sold to 3 clients and made the most money in a month than I have EVER made.

Then, I went through a period where I was just thinking, “how am I going to do this again? Is it possible to do it again?”

I didn’t really trust myself a whole lot and just didn’t know where to go from there. Like what comes next?

I was in a weird in-between limbo. There just this growth plate that needed a little bit of time to catch up to itself. It was an interesting transition but for that second month, I hardly sold anything for the first 3 weeks.

To deal with these struggles, I had to be true to myself in what was good for my business and me personally. My mindset needed work – it’s as if all the habits I originally had in place were just brushed to the side.

I really just had to tell myself and accept that abundance is great, good things were coming and just because I didn’t sell anything didn’t mean I will never be able to. I had to rework the part of my brain that was lying to me.

The second piece of it was to do a lot of deep digging by asking myself:

Do I like what I’m doing? What is it about this energy or feeling that doesn’t quite feel right?

I kind of had to just give myself an audit and assess whether the business was good and true for me. Should I keep doing this, and is it the best way to do this?

Did you look at other options for business coaching or programs?

I have. Before doing this full-time online, in my direct-sales position, I had a business coach.

I have always had a coach because I fully believe having business coaching will get me from where I am to where I want to be that much faster. Having a coach shortens that time dramatically and has helped me grow better in a more holistic way.

I knew when I wanted to quit my job and do this full force, that I needed a coach to help keep me on track. Courses just seemed like too much work, I wanted more feedback. Other coaches just didn’t feel like a fit.

I needed someone to keep me accountable, be a cheerleader but to be real with me.

I guess I knew what kind of business coaching style I liked.

Also, what Alison was preaching and selling is how she runs her own business. I watched Alison’s growth for a year and knew I wanted her pouring into me just as much as she poured into her own business. I knew that’s what I wanted.

Alison is goals, haha.

Did you achieve your goals?

So far we are on track and headed in the right direction.

It has been so fun working with Alison as a business coach. I am on track with getting my first 10k month ever, and it’s only my third month working with her. Mind boggling, especially during a pandemic where people are losing their jobs and a ton of craziness is happening.

I’m able to have fun and build a career the way I want to.

What advice would you give? What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

This biggest piece of advice, and it’s the biggest cliche: show up as yourself and be true to yourself.

Until I showed up entirely as myself, and started being in tune with what I was feeling and what I wanted my business to look like, I stopped being interested.

The advice and coaching was great, but if it was ever not aligned with who I was, I would stop caring. I wish I knew to show up as my true self a year ago, I probably would’ve quit my job a lot earlier.

All of the things you have already learned and experienced are a part of your growth story. Take that knowledge and apply it to what you’re doing now. Your authenticity will come out in your marketing, how you show up in your business and in the kind of business you run.

Ultimately that’s the one thing you can control in the business world: yourself and how you react to things and show up.

Samantha has a handful of one-on-one done-for-you spots open for her October program.

She helps people simplify, automate and market their businesses in a simple way. In Samantha’s program, she takes a look at your social media to simplify and repurpose your business’ focus points, bring leads in with attraction marketing then automate as much as possible!

Stress less and free up some brain space with Samantha:

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