Productivity When Working From Home // Anxiety Crushing Routine

Faced with the pandemic, many of you may be faced with the struggle to find productivity when working from home.

I wanted to talk about some mindset and business stuff today which are key to productivity when working from home.

If you don’t already have an online business, it might be a good time to start integrating some online elements to your business.

Even if you work from home already, I want to give you guys some tips on dealing with fear and anxiety. This is something we all deal with as humans, as entrepreneurs and because of current events.

High Level Business Tips

These are some pretty generic tips so that this can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

This is geared towards people who have an online business or are partially online.

But as this is something that the world is facing right now, working from home is going to be a new endeavor for a lot of entrepreneurs. And having an online component is critical for your audience to have access to you.

Add A Platform

I would experiment with adding a platform to your marketing strategy.

In the short term, I think what you are using now is going to continue to work. Your audience is still watching you, still on this journey with you. What you have been putting into your business and your energy invested is not wasted.

That being said, I never like putting all my eggs in one basket. I like to use more than one platform.

If you currently focus only on Facebook, it might be a good time to start playing around with Instagram.

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Now is a really great time to play around and experiment with your social media platforms.

Facebook Ads

It’s also a great time to do some really low retargeting ads on Facebook.

Right now, online is just… noisy. Everyone is online needing that connection.

So a low budget retargeting ad will help people see your ad who might miss it in the noise. It will only be boosted to people who have engaged with your content before.

Belief And Actions

When you put your belief into something, usually inspired action will follow.

So, if I believe that this opportunity will hurt my career my actions might unintentionally reinforce that belief. If I believe I’m headed towards success, I am going to have inspired action to support a positive mindset. I will seek supportive peers and work towards my goal.

Productivity When Working From Home Tips

I already had a pretty decent routine working from home. But some of these things have become much more important. I can’t tell you how much a little bit of structure can help you immensely, whether this is temporary or permanent for you.

Have A Morning Routine

You want a morning routine that promotes productivity and positivity. It’s going to take a little bit of self discipline and accountability. It’s simple but easy to get off track.

Because mindset in the first step in everything that we do, starting off right in the morning is important to maintaining productivity when working from home.

Get Dressed Like A Human Being

When I first started working from home, I thought it was amazing that I could roll out of bed and start working on my computer with pjs and bed head.

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Then if I had a client meeting, I had to disrupt my day to put real clothes on or take a shower and look like a human being.

Now, instead of slumming around I get ready for the day when I wake up. I get dressed before I have my coffee, whether or not I have client meetings.

Then instead of thinking, “Oh, now I have to get dressed to workout,” I’m ready for the day. It feels refreshing.

Leave My Phone

It’s easy to just wake up in the morning and immediately get on my phone.

And I do a lot of productive stuff on my phone, so it’s not like I am necessarily wasting time. But when I get on my phone right away I don’t end up doing my morning routine. And I know from personal experience how critical this is to my mindset and manifesting success in my life.

So I leave my phone out of my hands in the morning. After getting dressed I enjoy my coffee while doing my morning mindset ritual.

Take A Break For Lunch

Don’t sit in front of your computer when you eat lunch!

My husband sits in front of the computer, but we both work from home. So lunchtime is usually us watching entertaining videos together while we enjoy our meal. Something lighthearted and some social connection.

Ordering Food Online

When working from home, constantly preparing meals all day can be tedious and repetitive.

Right now we can’t go eat out right now and most places are closed in our area. But delivery is still available, and it’s a great way to switch things up.

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I love eating out, so this is something that I really enjoy for now. It gives me a break from cooking and my pantry. And it’s great for the local economy!

Calendar Management

I have a really organized, color coded calendar with personal and business plans all in one place.

My husband and I have also established a date night. And even being home all day together, we want to create some kind of fun special activity.

My husband and I shut everything work-related down by 6 pm. Even if we don’t go out. We are committed to being highly present to each other.

Online Workouts

I had a health coach for a while who provided workouts for me, but now I use They have so many great workouts. The app is $5 a month, but I like it because it suggests well rounded workouts that I can track my checking off accomplished tasks.

Definitely get some activity in even if you are not leaving your house.

Getting that energy will make you feel better and alleviate anxiety.

If You’re New, Play Around

If working from home is new for you, play around with your routine and schedule and see what works best for you. You probably already have an idea of when you are most productive or the busiest.

See what works best for you.

If you feel like your business has hit a wall, it might be time to step out of yourself and see the big picture with these tips.

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  1. Building success enforcing habits is a must. I’m much more productive if I leave interesting tasks (writing, code, whatever) open to distract me the moment I reactive my screen. I’m a messy worker to I have adjusted to make that work for me.

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