Business Strategy: 10 Tips On What To Do When You Hit A Wall

As an entrepreneur, you probably hit a plateau at least once where you decided it was time to change your business strategy.

It can be immensely frustrating when what you have been doing stops working.


What do you do when your business hits a wall?

When you get stuck and stop accelerating your growth, how do you push over the hill to more success?

Part of the solution is simply stepping out of yourself and seeing the big picture. And a huge part of that can simply be getting another set of eyes on what is going on for a new perspective.

If you are stuck and need help seeing things from a different point of view, you can always schedule a strategy session with me. Let’s talk about what’s really going on and see if I can be helpful!

I came up with 10 ways you can change up your business strategy when your business hits a wall…

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10 Ways To Change Your Business Strategy

1. Slow Down

Especially in the beginning, I wanted success. And I wanted it NOW.

So I worked a lot, and I was motivated to do this. But sometimes I get into this go-go-go mindset and I’m just going through the motions. If what I was doing to grow stops working, then implementing my old strategy faster is not going to make big changes for myself.

Business breakthroughs do not come from pushing. Take time, slow down and rediscover being intentional in your business. Make every action count and be in the moment.

2. Get Out More

Getting out more can mean a couple of different things.

First off, maybe it’s time to reach out your arms for more networking opportunities. Join some new Facebook groups, find some local entrepreneurs to meet up with.

Getting out more can also mean just stepping away from your computer more.

Frequent walks and breaks can increase productivity. Maybe it’s time to take a short vacation or get out in nature for a few days.

3. Zoom Out

While you’ve stepped away from your computer, zoom out from your business. Take your eyes off the day to day details and try to get an idea of the big picture again.

I have experienced this before: I do something for a long time, and I keep doing it a certain way without asking why I am doing it this way.

Break old habits, take a fresh perspective and look at the whole picture again. Maybe it is time to do some avatar work.

4. Control The Controllable

You can’t control how many clients are converting, but there are a lot of things that you can control. Maintain your content strategy, keep up with that social media schedule, be consistent with Pinterest.

What has already been working that you can maintain with confidence? How can you survey your audience and get reliable feedback?

5. Let Go Of Guilt

Success is a mindset game.

People who succeed are the ones who are confident that they will.

If you are filled with fear, guilt and anxiety about your business that energy is not going to convert into positive results.

Let go of the guilt for a bad choice. Free yourself from remorse for a decision that could have gone another way on. Shake it off and move forward with good vibes and confidence.

6. Do It Different

Maybe it’s time to sink the ship and do things differently.

In my first coaching business, I implemented a lot of Facebook ads. It was what I was taught was successful in a business I had previously worked for, so it’s what I knew to use.

And they did not convert, not well at least. For the $8k I made, I spent about $7k in ads.

No bueno.

Then my next coach told me to turn the ads off, and that I was “too new for ads.”

In my new coaching business, all of my clients were achieved with organic traffic and genuine connections initiated outside of ads.

So, maybe it’s time to switch things up and do something completely different than what you’ve been taught.

7. Practice Self Care

Entrepreneur tip 101: Take care of yourself!

If you want to function at optimum capacity, then you need to be filled from the inside out. Your brain works best when it is rested. If you’re burning the midnight oil, you might be missing out on a ton of brain space you lose by not getting enough sleep.

The same goes for eating, and I don’t mean hitting the drive through a couple of times a day.

Music is inspirational and can help change my mindset. If you are getting in a funk about hitting a wall, turn up the music and get inspired. Allow music to change the way you feel, motivate you, energize you.

Fuel your body and your brain. Get rest and eat nutritious meals 3 times a day. Taking care of yourself, your mind and body are going to help you be the best that you can be.

8. Be Patient

It might not look like much is happening right now. But on those posts that aren’t getting comments… people are still watching. Sometimes it looks like things have stopped, but I can assure you if you are being consistent people still see you.

Business might look like this sometimes: nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing… ALL THE THINGS.

So be patient because your time is coming. Like ducks on the water, the surface looks calm but underneath things are seriously happening.

9. Hire A Mentor

If you have taken a step back and can’t see clearly how you need to change up your business strategy, it might be time to get a new set of eyes on what is going on.

My first coach changed my life. I went from spending thousands on ads that didn’t convert to having my first 5 figure month with an audience of 300 people.

It might be intimidating to invest in a mentor or coach when you are not making money… But can you really afford *not* to?

How much money are you losing by not changing your business strategy now?

10. Cross Train Your Brain

Don’t stop learning. I have taken all kinds of courses and hired all kinds of coaches. Additionally, I am taking care of my body, mind and spirit.

I currently have a fitness coach and a life coach. Before this I was in an Entrepreneur Mastermind.

Be open to learning new things, even if they aren’t 100% business related.

Broaden your horizons. You’ll be surprised how cross training your brain can make you more relatable and flexible.

Ultimately, even if you are not currently stagnant in your business, why not get a fresh perspective on your business before it hits a wall? These are all great tips for getting our of an entrepreneurial rut, but they can also be good habits to follow whether or not your business is struggling.

And in general, it’s a lot easier to take someone else’s inventory than our own. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I should take my own advice?” But we can’t. We need someone else to guide us and to help provide an objective peek into what is really going on in our lives and business.

If you decide you’d like some guidance into the next phase of your business, I’d love to offer some fresh eyes.

Initial strategy sessions with me are always free.

You can schedule a simple call any time.

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