How To Make Money Without A Product

Hey there, lovely souls! In this ever-evolving digital age, the possibilities for making money online are endless. The best part? You don’t always have to sell products to carve out a successful online income. If you’re a woman looking to explore diverse opportunities that align with your passions and skills, you’re in the right place! Let’s delve into 15 creative ways to make money online without selling or having a product.

You have something you are good at and know a lot about, but how do you make money without a product?

If I don’t have a product, how can I make $5k in a short period of time?

It is going to be challenging. But it is possible to make money without a product. Here is what I would do if I was going to try to make $5k in a month.

A Story Before We Begin

With a blog often times people focus on the content. Then they will collect email subscribers and survey the list to figure out what kind of product their audience is looking for.

So, I did this. I surveyed my list and created a product based off of what they said they wanted.

And I didn’t have a lot of sales.

I discovered that my clients weren’t sure exactly what they needed. Sure, it’s easy to say, “I want a low cost product that is going to x-y-and z.” But they may not know what they need, and it’s really my job to help people by identifying that need and targeting my audience. Small courses or products require a lot of numbers to get good feedback and make the money you are looking for.

Beta Programs Make Money Without A Product

Beta programs or entry level coaching spots give you immediate feedback and better up front income. Announce that you have coaching spots available. Advertise to your niche and create opportunities to meet one on one with potential buyers.

People buy inspiration, transformation and relationship.

Transformation stories are critical to hooking your audience in with storytelling.

When I did a beta launch, and it helped me get closer to people and identify what they really needed in a reliable way. This enabled me to create a course that actually sold based off of real life information I had gathered from my audience in an intimate, specific way.

I made more money with fewer sales and gained more opportunities to educate and warm up future buyers. I was able to identify needs, and then scale in the future.


Coaching Is An Amazing Way To Make Money Without A Product. It is not very scalable. It is a high end service and enables you to make money without a product. You can manage your own time.

The biggest value you have is your story. Your transformation.

You are an expert in that and are uniquely you in getting over the hump of your struggle.

As someone who is on the other side of a struggle, you are qualified to identify suggestions for how someone can succeed in the same way that you did.

Freelance Writing and Blogging

If you have a way with words, freelance writing and blogging can be lucrative avenues. Write captivating articles, guest posts, or content for websites, and watch your writing prowess turn into a steady income stream. Read more about making money as a freelance writer.

Virtual Assistance

Offer your administrative, social media, or customer service skills to businesses in need of remote support. Virtual assisting can cover a wide range of tasks and industries.

Online Tutoring or Coaching

Share your expertise in a subject, whether it’s academics, fitness, art, or even life coaching. Connecting with students or clients over video calls can be both rewarding and profitable.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote products or services you love through affiliate programs. When people make purchases through your unique link, you earn a commission without having to handle sales or products. Read more about affiliate marketing. 

Content Creation on YouTube or Podcasts

Express yourself through videos or podcasts. As your audience grows, you can monetize your content through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise.

Online Courses or Workshops

Host online courses or workshops that teach valuable skills. Your knowledge can help others, and participants pay for the insights you share. Read more about creating courses.

Dropshipping Without Inventory

Curate a store and partner with suppliers who handle inventory and shipping. You’ll earn a percentage of sales while bypassing the complexities of product management.

Begin by researching trending products within a specific niche. Make sure they have demand and reasonable profit margins (at least 50%). Then you’ll need to build an online store, write product descriptions and get product images. And lastly and most importantly, figure out your marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales. With physical products, it’s especially important to stay adaptable to market changes and continuously optimize your store.

Influencer Marketing

Build an online presence and become an influencer in your niche. Brands might approach you for collaborations and sponsored posts.

The downside to this approach is that it takes time to grow a following, and your income relies a LOT on the size of your audience and their engagement. Start by identifying your niche of expertise and passion, then creating authentic content. Cultivate genuine connections, interactions and eventually collaborations with brands that align with your values to organically monetize your influence.

Social Media Management

Help businesses manage their social media presence by creating content, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers.

To start, focus on becoming your first case study by growing your presence on one or two platforms, sharing your wins as you go along. This will help build your brand, and also authority for what you’re trying to do. Then, start offering your services to local businesses or start-ups by doing direct outreach and personalized audits to show how you can help.

Online Event Planning

Use your organizational skills to plan and coordinate virtual events, such as webinars, summits, bundles, workshops, or online conferences. Online event planning involves a LOT of administrative tasks and “kitten chasing” (tracking speakers down for information and follow up, and putting together the pages and email campaigns for the event pre, during and post).


Remember, the key to success in any online venture is consistency, and a willingness to adapt.

Choose a path that resonates most with you, and don’t be afraid to combine multiple strategies for a diversified income stream. The digital world is yours to conquer, and these ideas are just the beginning. Stay true to yourself, embrace your strengths, and watch the magic unfold!

Here’s to your thriving online journey, trailblazer! 🚀💪

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