Mindset Issues for Bloggers – The Top 3

Mindset is critically important to your success as an entrepreneur. So, I’ve decided to share the 3 most common mindset issues, so you can recognize these self-restricting thoughts and conquer them, before they can cause problems in your business.

Other entrepreneurs may also encounter some form of these same issues, but bloggers experience them in a unique way.

As bloggers, we enter a volume-based business, and this can easily lead to self-sabotage. Take a moment and try to recognize the following mindset issues that may be keeping you small.

Mindset Issue #1: Not Creating Your Own Offers

A successful and common way to monetize blogs is through affiliates and joint ventures. Finding good affiliates is crucial if your business solely depends on their offers.

Working with affiliates makes it hard to track and predict your income. Even if you make massive amounts of money with affiliates, to be sure the rug isn’t pulled out from under you, consider creating your own offers so you have your own offers to depend on. Relying more on yourself and your own offers will make for a more predictable income.

Mindset issues for bloggers.

Mindset Issue #2: Undercharging

When you are creating something to sell, you have to validate your offer by doing the market research and understanding whether this is something people would actually want to purchase. Then you can build it and sell.

A lot of bloggers spend too much time creating tripwires that just don’t sell. This will discourage you and stop you from creating other offers and most importantly: charging more for those offers!

I am a huge fan of doing a “low energy launch” strategy, where I sell something within the $20-$50 range then repurpose that or a piece of it for a tripwire.

Another thing that may be discouraging you is assuming your knowledge is not worth charging for. As long as you are confident in the result that people can get from purchasing your offer, then know you can charge more! What you do and what you teach is worth charging for.

Mindset Issue #3: Not Planning for Growth

There are free tools – and then there are tools that you can invest in.

You need to invest before you can make real money.

By thinking “I will invest after I make some money,” you are assuming you’re going to fail, thus setting you up for another self-sabotage.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.

Use that tool you’ve been thinking about, but have been putting off because of its $10 fee. Own it.

Think about making back a good ROI and what a small portion this fee will be in comparison. That $10 tool could change your entire life.

When you invest in yourself, you say “no” to playing it small.

I hope you can recognize these mind blocks you put on yourself, in order to overcome them. Shut off that discouraging part of your brain and invest in yourself. The power and knowledge within you is a lot more than you think it is.


Mindset work is absolutely critical to successful entrepreneurship.

If you’d like some help growing your business, including upleveling your mindset, let’s chat: AlisonReeves.Co/strategy-call

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