Online market research: top 4 tips

Online Market Research: 4 Tips to Expedite the Process

Online market research: How can you test an offer before putting it out there on the market?

This is a very common question, because we are all trying to avoid a failed launch. In my Monetization Accelerator Program we discuss this topic quite a lot, but I wanted to be able to provide a post filled with some tips for those who are just getting started!

Online Market Research: “If you build it, they will come?”

This might work in the movies, but it won’t work for your courses or blog. Instead of the spaghetti approach – throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks – try these 4 tips to expedite the process of online market research.

How to do online market research to validate your offer and have a successful launch.

1. Ask your audience what they want.

Even if you don’t have a community, or have a small community, you can still ask questions on your personal social media platforms. Also consider talking to potential avatars in other communities, like other Facebook groups, with an open-ended question. It’s important to talk to and write to your audience. Have conversations.

2. Do market research on search engines and Pinterest.

Using search on Pinterest or Google is a great tactic for market research. Typing in a partial search will give you suggestions and show you what is the most popular search.

3. Sell things as a beta.

This is something I tell my clients to do all the time.

Sell something before you build it.

Don’t spend hours or months building something that you won’t be able to sell! You can sell it as unfinished or not-yet-started.

4. Have an Option To Work One-On-One.

Talking to people one-on-one can really provide some great insight as to what your audience is looking for. These offers can be provided at discounted prices.

I had focused my business on helping women entrepreneurs a few years ago, where I tried out a couple of group programs, but the one thing people always bought from me were my one-on-one offers. Working with people one-on-one, 8 out of 10 of my clients happened to be bloggers and that’s how my business has formed into what it is today.

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So, these 4 tips are an ideal, low-effort way to do essential online market research. I hope you find them helpful!

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