How To Handle A Failed Launch

A failed launch…

No one likes to talk about this but…

You know what stinks? Doing a super intense launch…

And not selling ONE heckin’ thing.

That’s exactly what happened to one of my blogging clients

And this person knows what they’re doing. Their blog looks great, they’ve invested in other programs, and…they still weren’t making money.

I’ll be honest with you: Failed launches happen.

I’ve had launches with ZERO sales.

Felt awesome.

So, what if there was a solution to avoiding a failed launch? The person I’m talking about above? Sold her $127 course for the first time ever in her first week of my program.

(After a failed launch where she assumed it would never sell.)

So, what was different? How can you avoid the low of a failed launch?

Here is my advice:


The first step is to minimize. Stop trying to create an epic 1,000 page course for $17.

The hardest part of a failed launch is the amount of work you put into something that doesn’t move. So minimize the work and split up the content.

Focus on 3 high value assets and the end result you want people to have. Don’t waste 6 months creating something your first time. As much as you know your niche and your audience, sometimes things still go sour.

Also, minimize your launch. Don’t do an epic webinar funnel your first time that might leave you feeling drained. Keep it simple and do the fancy stuff later when you know exactly what your audience wants and what is selling.

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Let’s say you have a product launch that doesn’t go very well. Bummer. No worries though. Put that stuff at the end of your welcome sequence and sell it on autopilot! My first course only sold one unit in my launch. Then I made it evergreen and made $100 or $200 a month.

You created it already – might as well do-the-thing. And swap it with a better performing product later if you want.

I also love using low end offers as giveaways or bonuses for other things down the line. You can add it to your welcome sequence to sell, or offer it in parts as a freebie.

For example, one of my clients had a simple course that she built with a video, workbook and meditation. Sometimes she will give away the workbook as a bonus or reward for some type of engagement challenge.

Practice Gratitude

Most importantly, remain grateful. Another client is in a launch was SUPER bummed to have zero sales on day 1.

…Then she got 4 sales on the second day.

But I’ve had launches that sold $0 until the Very. Last. Day.

It’s not over until it’s over. Don’t sweat it.

Everything you do is going to increase your skills and experience. Sometimes a failed launch is the cost of education, and as a business coach who has pivoted multiple times and serial entrepreneur I have had my fair share.

But I learned something with every launch and increased my skills and experience. Today, a launch comes second nature to me. And with the experience comes a little more ease and less devastation with a failed launch because I didn’t put as much energy into it as I needed to a few years ago.

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Thinking Ahead

And if no one buys?

Don’t worry – they will next time.

With every launch and every social media engagement that you do, your audience is getting to know you better. Every launch primes your audience. They are getting to know you, and you are continually building know-like-trust with your audience.

So if they didn’t go for this launch… they might go for the next one.

Or they might watch you for a year, and know exactly where to go when they need something that you offer.

Trust that no energy is wasted.

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