Growing Your Blog: How To Get Over The Hump

If you are stuck and looking for tips on growing your blog, I wanted to share some things that worked for me to start moving the needle.

I made $47 in 7 years from my blog.

That’s $0.55 monthly for 7 years.

That’s pretty…not fantastic.

But it’s also better than nothing! I tried for years to become a YouTube sensation, and I had no clue how to get traffic to my blog or my videos.

The Frustration Of Growing Your Blog

I spent a lot of money on different coaches, funnel building courses… all the things. And still nothing made a huge difference in my traffic or profit. I felt stuck and I wanted to succeed with my personal business so much.

I finally found some things that really started working for me, and I now I spend my free time helping other bloggers build traffic and monetize their blogs.

Here are some simple tips you can try as a new blogger to start growing your blog and monetizing your passion.

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Quick Tips For Growing Your Blog And Monetizing

Create A Free Opt In

Building your list is really important for building an audience for future promotions and consistent viewership. And the best way to motivate people to join your list is by giving something away from free.

Create something free to provide to your readers. Make it something that would be valuable to your avatar. Then create an email form and use your opt in as an incentive.

Use A Pop Up

People tend to complain about popups, but the truth is that they work. I tried a popup and removed it after someone told me they did not like it. I replaced my Popup with what’s called a Hello Bar, and it just did not convert the same. It was less intrusive.

So the lesson was that even though some people may qualify popups as annoying, they utilize them. They are engaging and they convert really well.

One of my clients has 75 subscribers to her email list on her new month old blog. She has a form to subscribe added to the footer of her pages, and a popup.

100% of her subscribers have come from the popup. 100%.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales can be tricky. It has to be the right product, something you support and something that is relevant to your avatar and blog.

On my self care blog, I had a pin that kept going viral about wearing the same outfit everyday. Then I created a nurture campaign for an affiliate product about creating a capsule wardrobe and saw income from that pretty quickly.

Build trust with your audience first. And always be up front that what you are promoting is an affiliate product, but that you wouldn’t promote something you did not support.

Get Some Ads Turned On

Having ads on your blog is a great way to make passive income from your blog. It’s easy and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get setup.

There are tons of options out there. I recommend Google AdSense because it’s easy to find and setup. Feel free to shop around. You might find something that has larger initial payout, but for the most part to get paid more you need to hit a threshold with your traffic. AdSense dos not have a traffic requirement for approval.

Once you get more traffic you can qualify for higher paying ads. I use Media Vine now after hitting 25k site visitors. It pays significantly more, but it took some time to meet their requirements.

Create Your Own Product

Ads are an awesome source of passive income as are affiliates. But the best way to get consistent income from your blog is to create a product that resonates with your audience.

You can create a course, offer coaching, create workbooks or printouts, sell your art… It could be a lot of different things depending on what your audience is.

Pinterest Is THE Way To Get Traffic

I saved the best tip for last: Pinterest is the best way to get traffic when growing your blog.

First off, a lot of people have a misunderstanding that Pinterest is a social media platform. But it’s not. It’s actually a search engine. This understanding is the beginning of understanding how Pinterest is so effective at building traffic.

I spent years trying to get traffic to my blog, and when I started using Pinterest it blew up. I got it up to over a million viewers per month and then kept growing. I was shocked.

Every single client I have taught my Pinterest strategy to has gotten immediate results. So it was not just me. It’s not a fluke. Pinterest consistently gets traffic, and my strategy consistently gets immediate results.

Quick Tip Summary To Growing Your Blog

Growing your blog quickly and making money relies on a couple of consistent factors.

You want to grow your traffic and then figure out how to get them on your list to keep them around. Then to monetize quickly you can turn on ads for passive income, try your hand at affiliate products and create a product of your own to sell.

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