Blogging Memes: Memes Content Creators Can Appreciate

I love the blogging community, and our common struggles create the perfect storm for blogging memes.

There are so many things that we all struggle with. I had no idea until I really started getting involved with bloggers outside myself how much opportunity there is for networking, sharing information, growing together…

Laughing together, trash talking algorithm changes together and opting into each other’s free offers to make sure things run smoothly.

So in a world where we grow, struggle, laugh and grow some more, there are bound to be some inside jokes.

Or at least some things we all look at and go, “Yup.”

So without further ado, we did a little search and here are the first 10 blogging memes that made me say, “Hold on a sec!”

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Blogging Memes That Made Me Go Hmmmmm

I mean, really, would you even want to be my friend still if I did not include this meme in my blogging memes list?

Read my blog, fellow blogger.

To Plan Or Not To Plan

I used to write and write and write and write.

Sometimes I would write 100 words about my feelings for the day, or post a song I wrote, or write a 1,000 word how to that went viral. It was inconsistent to say the least, but not entirely unsuccessful.

Which probably delayed my committing to some kind of planning.

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If you want consistency in your income and growth, you’re going to have to start planning and coming up with a content strategy. 

I’ll be honest, I picked this blogging meme 90% because I love Ron Burgundy. Don’t @ me

And as bloggers learning how to brand, we can really take a lot out of Ron’s book.

Be 100% you and people will be drawn to it. But this meme is related to content strategy, too.

There is a difference between blogging about current events in the world and current events in Alison’s world. Quality is more important than quality, especially when you are looking for long term success.

Seeing The Trends

I have never done multi-level marketing before.

And honestly, I have a couple of friends who are wildly successful. But, don’t show up in my inbox after never reaching out since high school and try to sell me eye lashes please.

I have come to terms with my lashes.

Current events or new trends, we all see it coming.

Here is the trick.

How do you know when you have become a more advanced blogger?

You blog about something new and relevant before you see someone else blog about it.

Be relevant and stay on top of your audience and their pain points and lives.

How am I doing so far?

Are you completely bored to death?

Hopefully we’re adding a little bit of value in between these ridiculous memes…

Not Always Fun


I think this is an easy trap to fall into in any profession: when it goes from fun to sleeping at your desk.

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You probably started blogging because you really love writing, know a lot about a topic and wanted to share your vast knowledge. It’s a fun creative outlet and very gratifying when people read what you created.

But over time you have to started planning, content creating, scheduling.

It can be a lot of work, and planning and professionalism can suck the joy out of things. Don’t lose the joy in your blogging.

One of the ways to stand out as a blogger in a sea of bloggers is to have a drastic or dissenting opinion.

And sometimes this attention grabbing drama for the sake of views can get you into trouble.

Maybe you broke a rule you didn’t know about and got banned from Pinterest. Now you’re scared that you’ll get blocked, so you stop posting.

Can’t get in trouble if you don’t post!

But I want to encourage you to push through any negativity or challenges and learn how to work past them.

Getting blocked or flagged is a blogging milestone!

Why We Do It All


More times than not I have poured my heart and soul into a 3,000 word blog post.

I could see the words dripping with value I knew my readers would rink up… and then it flopped.

So on those days when the plan comes together, and the epic planned blog post gets its moment in the spotlight, it really reminds me of why I started blogging in the first place.

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