Blog Content Strategy: Why More is NOT Better

Your obsession with MORE in your blog content strategy might be keeping you from your goals.

I’ve talked to a ton of people lately who are focused on writing 3+ blogs weekly.

And having new fresh content is helpful. For Pinterest, for Google, for creating solutions for people who will eventually buy from you.

BUT, *quality*, viral content is much more important than quantity.

In other words, MORE does not equal better…

Some Examples:

On Alison’s Notebook, I have about 200 blog posts.

Want to know how many of them get consistent significant organic Google traffic? Maybe 10.

Want to know how many I consistently recycle and re-post for Pinterest? Maybe 20.

Another great example is a blog I worked for in 2013, that still ranks on page 1 of Google for 50+ keyword terms on page 1 all these years later.

They have 300+ blog posts and depend on Google SEO for 80% of their traffic. But just a handful of those posts account for MOST of the organic traffic. (and customers)

All of the content you have on your blog is important and amazing, but the bottom line is that the obsession with MORE might be stopping you from other money-making activities.

One person in my group launched her blog with 16 blog posts in a semi-broad niche.

Within weeks, she is now getting 500+ views daily and is making $5 to $10 a day in ads. That’s enough to cover all of the costs of her blog AND enough to make extra payments on credit card debt.

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The Best Part?

That is all income before 1) having affiliates, 2) selling products, 3) creating partnerships. (In other words, the tip of the iceberg.)

By focusing on quality weekly or biweekly posts, instead of high quantities of posts, you’re giving yourself time for the things that matter.

No one will see your content if you don’t market it.

If you build it…they still may not come.

So, here are my tips for a minimum effort and maximum impact blog content strategy when it comes to content creation. This is especially relevant if you’re making less than $1,000 monthly.


Focus on quality, not quantity.
Having 200 blogs on your site sounds nice, but if your blogs are 300 words long expressing your thoughts and feelings without any value driven content, you’re not going to rank well. And your traffic is going to stink.

Instead of focusing on more, adjust your blog content strategy to optimize existing posts. Use an SEO tool like Yoast to optimize your previous posts that perform the best or that are the most relevant to your current goals.


If you’re a blogger, consider optimizing for Pinterest first, then Google.
With a few exceptions. If you’re a coach or service provider, focus on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. That is where your ideal client is going to be.

But for most other blogs and websites, Pinterest is the number one way to get traffic quickly in the beginning. Google ranking is a long term strategy. Pinterest can get traffic to your blog for free in the beginning, and it does not take a ton of time, money or a ton of content.

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For more tips on SEO, check out my previous article.


If people don’t see you, they can’t buy from you. Focus on marketing.

Pick the social media platform that you want to focus on. Show up where you know your audience is.

When you post on social media, show up to respond. Be available and responsive.

Answer questions your ideal client is asking on social media, join groups and be engaged offering real value to people in your online communities.


Communicate with your list early and often. Don’t overthink it – just be you.

When someone opts in to your email list, say hi often in the beginning. Get them used to being in your inbox. Be yourself, offer lots of value in the beginning.

Being your true self is going to help you find the perfect clients for you.

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea for example. I joke frequently that typos are a part of my brand, and I’m not as polished as other coaches out there might be.

But I’m a full stack marketer who knows her stuff, and by being myself I find the exact people who need me, and I find the exact people that I mesh best with.

Prioritizing The Above Will Lead To

getting traffic faster

and then,

building your email list faster.

And the sooner you do that, the sooner you can test ideas and introduce more income earning components to your blog.

(P.S. If you have time to write 3+ blogs per week, and also move forward with tasks that grow traffic and income consistently, then go for it.)

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To Sum Up

In summary, of course having more content can be helpful for visibility. But its not the end-all-be-all. As a solo-preneur, you need to balance content with marketing to get the best results.

How many blog posts do you write a week and why?

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