When Is a Blog Ready to Launch?

blog ready to launch

A common question clients ask me is: “How do I know when my blog is ready to launch?”

I know it can be difficult to gauge when a new blog is ready to launch, as there are many hidden steps to creating an efficiently run blog.

Many of my clients are so close to launching but just aren’t sure when the best time is. I have put together a little checklist to help anyone struggling with the same issue.

How much content do you need before going live?

If you Google “How much content should you have before launching your blog”, you will come up with a wide range of answers, from 4 – 16 blog posts. Although more content is better, it is not absolutely necessary. And, more is NOT better if your content is not highly focused and of solid quality.

I have had clients with 15 pieces of content go live, and start making money within the first month of their launch!

I would recommend 5 blog posts at a minimum before launching.

You will be creating content forever, but this is not to say you should post 10 times a week. Posting content once a week is standard, but with the 5 ready posts, you can begin driving in traffic through other platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram.

Check these five items off your “Things to get done before going live” list

  1. A clear value proposition needs to be developed.

If you aren’t familiar with a value proposition (or, in other words, a tagline), this is where you tell people right off the bat what they will get out of reading your blog.

Don’t overthink this. You can change your tagline at anytime. Your blog may change over time, and may touch on different branching topics, which means your tagline may eventually also be different one day.

  1. Have a simple menu on your site: Home, About, and Blog, also possibly a Contact page.
  1. Incorporate a lead magnet

The biggest mistake bloggers make when launching is not having a lead magnet before going live. A lead magnet, also known as a freebie or opt-in, entices your viewers to share their email address. People know if you get in their email, you will send newsletters and try to sell them something, so usually simply asking viewers to email subscribe is not a very compelling way for them to join your email list.

  1. Have an email that will deliver your lead magnet

Following the creation of the email, mock up a welcome sequence. Here are 3 FREE email templates you can use: Free Email Templates

  1. Claim a Pinterest account and a Facebook page.

You may not use these right away.

Eventually, though, you will want to use Pinterest to gain visibility, and Facebook to build your community and use Facebook ads.

How to gain instant visibility for your new blog

  • Unpopular opinion: tell your friends and family! I know this can feel cheesy, but your friends and family want to support you!
  • Put your URL on your personal Facebook profile. People may not be able to view your blog right when you announce it. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to find it at a later date. Your first likes and views will come from your immediate audience, your friends, and your family.

Hopefully, these tips will help you feel more confident that you really know when your blog is ready to launch.

This simple checklist takes the mystery out of knowing which steps are really needed before you go live – so you can gauge the perfect time for you.

If you feel you may want more support on all of this, I teach an entire course on how to turn your blog into a business: AlisonReeves.co/free-blog-biz-plan.

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